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  1. altereDad

    Want to Buy 4 Gig Of RAM Please:)

    4GB for this board will cost you $100 on average. http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX41429 This isn't even DDR2, or DDR3 Kijiji: Acer desk top - Saint John Computers For Sale - Kijiji Saint John Canada. And yes, it's a few years older, but much faster. You can probably replace the MB...
  2. altereDad

    Power Color HD 7870 MYST Version vs GIGABYTE Radeon 7870

    The one thing you''ll notice out of the box, based on what I've read is that the Gigabyte device can evenly cool the board, and since you have tri-fans the work load to cool isn't as great. You won't have the fan processing faster. Water-cooling is pricy, but if your PC is intended for years of...
  3. altereDad

    People who bought Windows 8

    Most times Microsoft brings out an OS, it gets better after the first major Service Pack. Usually though, requirements go up with that Service Pack. Honestly I had a bad experience. The hardest thing is change, but it's not very intuitive for multiple users (as I experienced with it). But that...
  4. altereDad

    HD 7870, Which Brand to Go With?

    Or, know someone that knows how to modify stock "properly". Like the GFX 690 I am waiting on. Overkill, yes, but large dual fan modification on the original ASUS design. =) Looks rather nice. Now I just need a new board, CPU and PSU to handle the damned graphics card. I wouldn't suggest getting...
  5. altereDad

    Can I boot windows off a USB flash disk?

    Portability.... ASUS Eee PC X101CH-EU17-BK N2600 1GB 320G 10.1IN WSVGA 802.11N Win7 Starter Netbook Matte White Sure it'll cost you, but at what cost by attempting what you intend on. Typically USB and Optical are restricted from start-up. Data is usually logged if someone bypasses this in some...
  6. altereDad

    MB to replace ASUS P8Z68D

    Temp replacement??? Check the RAM specs to confirm. Should handle it Gigabyte B75M-D3H mATX LGA1155 B75 DDR3 2PCI-E16 2PCI HDMI CrossFireX SATA3 USB3.0 Motherboard
  7. altereDad

    Which one will be the best

    Never really tested out MSE in a long time. It wasn't decent. I try to avoid AV where possible, but there are sometimes reasons for it. Small foot print and easily disabled when need to be. I'm not one for running Malwarebytes frequently. One thing I've noticed is that if you maintain a clean...
  8. altereDad

    Seagate Backup Plus 1TB or WD Elements 1TB with pouch?

    You seem happy with WD based on your content. I have an older gen WD passport and would probably drop it for a HD + enclosure. Honestly, if you're looking for alternative back-up options and intend on using some 3rd party software WD does not come with any software. Seagate comes with its own...
  9. altereDad

    A New 3-TB Seagate Barracuda

    GPT allows for hdds in excess of 2.2TB, which your MB supports. You need to ensure you're using an OS that also works with it, and the 64-bit Win 7 should be fine.
  10. altereDad

    Windows 8 Default Theme

    Probably driver related? Check the manufacturers for the latest drivers. Could be an issue where they do not properly match up. Else, revert back to the old desktop option and reboot and reset to the version you have created.
  11. altereDad

    Patriot's New Ultra-Port​able Autobahn USB 2.0 Drive

    I like the size of this for something like a laptop. I prefer something with a little more bulk if I'm lugging it around. I have the Datatraveler SE9, and it's small but nice enough for my hands.
  12. altereDad

    Matte Black mSATA

    Kingston has blue System Builders | SSDNow | Kingston Playing around doing searching I came across this site. I haven't nor am I going to do the research, but they apparently have black PCB mSATAs Kingspec Kingspec SSD - KingSpec SSD SATA Now if someone else knows of the company they might be...
  13. altereDad

    I need help with a decision.

    Probably batches. Only difference is the second last character in what you typed out. SSDSC2CT are 330 series SSDSC2CW are 520 series
  14. altereDad

    Mushkin Announces World’s First 480GB mSATA Solid-State Drive

    For the price, if someone WANTS that much power they'll spend it. In all honesty, it's a great price at the moment. I would have expected a higher introductory price.
  15. altereDad

    P.C Suddenly Turning Off and can't turn it back on until P.C. is unplugged

    Have you just tried to stop the overclocking??? One of the above errors indicates possible "thermal" issues. Heat. Your system overclocked is probably a bit much. Check this thread: Major Issue Sabertooth R1 FX8350
  16. altereDad

    Was Windows RT the Downfall of Microsoft’s Sinofsky?

    I don't want to waste money on the the interface or have to use another program to eliminate it. It'll make it take longer to boot than Win7. =P Another omission is POP from its mail client. Many installs of alternate clients have I done because of this omission.
  17. altereDad

    Can USB 3.0 & Thunderbolt Co-Exist? COMMENT THREAD

    Much like Firewire it will be somewhat of a novelty. Firewire was never really integrated properly into Windows based systems. Thunderbolt seems to be something many might consider these days for enthusiasts and those not schooled in the uses. Big props for the salesmen at Futureshop that'll...
  18. altereDad

    OCZ Vector 256GB SSD Review Comment Thread

    They needed to start their reinvention somewhere. Good for them. I was leery as to see how the company would end up going. They probably have other R&D items they'll bring to market, eventually. Don't want to tarnish anything since they're already walking on eggshells and susceptible to failure...
  19. altereDad

    Update on SSD?

    Certainly wouldn't harm the speed of the PC. I haven't heard any issues with multi OS on one SSD. The SSD and the HDD are very similar in how they can operate so it's not an issue with configuration as long as you have enough for what you want ON it. That being said, you can still use an...
  20. altereDad

    Western Digital Launches Massive 4TB Black Edition Hard Drive

    Overkill to some. I don't need this, and honestly for video editing, I wouldn't press my luck into a black. I could get a commercial drive for storage far cheaper in a WD Red.