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    Want to Sell Ottawa-Gatineau: Computer combos for sale

    Combo 1 - $400: Gigabyte GA-70A-UD3 (AM3+) motherboard AMD Thuban 1055t (6 core CPU) + Corsair H50 watercooler 16gb G.Skill Ripjawz DDR3-1600 ram (4x4gb sticks) XFX HD5830 1gb video card (ATI GPU) XFX 850 watt power suppy (modular) + Bonus Azza Solano 1000 case (as-is) - Used as a video...
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    Price check

    What's the going price for an XFX HD5850 1gb video card? I want to sell it, and switch for a CUDA capable card. Cheers!
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    The Social Network (spoiler alert warning)

    I saw The Social Network last night and I have to say it was very interesting (and almost informative). I had no clue M. Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) had been sued by close friends/business partners, and that Sean Parker (creator of Napster) had been involved with the startup. It's...
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    iPhone resiliency ...!

    So I dropped my iPhone 3GS in a toilet, by mistake, for about 15 seconds - don't ask how. Immediately after fishing it out, I wiped it down and tried to turn it off. The thing just wouldn't respond. I was in a rush - we were going out to the movie theater - so I left it "on" and put it on the...
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    XFX RMA - Opinions wanted

    Hey guys, I sent my GTX275 core edition to XFX for an RMA, and they just got back to me saying they don't have any stock on that particular card anymore. They are offering me an HD5830 1gb card, or an HD5850 for $100. Should I take the HD5830? Is it a worthy trade? I don't plan on folding -...
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    Advice needed on a budget video card

    Hey guys, I've been out of the gaming scene for a while, and I need advice. The build is for a client that will mostly use the PC for surfing and productivity, but there are kids in the equation... And they like to play "The Sims" and games of that caliber. I need a ~$75-100 recommendation -...
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    A question to HWC reviewers...

    I watched some of the reviews posted on Youtube, and I was curious as to what kind of equipment was used to make them (camera, editing software, etc...)?
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    Work in progress Introduction: Mini-ITX N.A.S.

    Hey guys, I thought I should document this build because it will touch on many different aspects of system building, and might prove valuable for other members with similar projects down the road. The Goals : 1. Small footprint, silent (fanless, if possible), low power consumption 2...
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    iOS4 jailbreak + unlock user impressions

    Hey guys, As you may well know, a recently discovered flaw in MobileSafari enables iPhone 4 users to jailbreak their phones simply by visiting a webpage designed to exploit the said flaw. The Dev Team have also released a carrier unlock for this jailbreak. Just an FYI: A new DMCA exemption...
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    iOS4 user impressions

    Hey guys, finally got my 3GS in working order with iOS4 and here are my impressions: Pros: - Creating folders to store apps is a god-sent, definitely helps un-clutter your home screen - spell check is always welcome - unified mail box is great for peeps with multiple accounts - home screen...
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    iOS4 woes

    Well, after upgrading to iOS4, I lost data capabilities. Only solution was a restore to factory settings. So this is a big "F*ck You" directed at Apple. Test your sh*t next time.
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    Web development testing platform required

    Hey guys, I develop XHTML-PHP-MySQL sites and apps. I usually either develop on my Windows 7 and upload to my webhost to test my PHP/MySQL, or develop on a PC running Ubuntu w/ a LAMP. Is there an easy way to develop in Windows and not have to upload the files to my host to test? I have used...
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    Looking to discover new music (rock, metal, punk)

    Hey guys, feels like I've been listening to the same stuff for ever. So I need YOUR help in discovering new bands, or re-discovering old bands with new albums. Here are a few bands I like (in no particular order), so you get an idea of what I am looking for: - As I lay dying - Iron Maiden -...
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    Does anybody really read this section...?

    Well, if anybody makes it to this section, here are my confessions : 1. I just purchased an Iphone 3GS this past weekend, and so far, it's brilliant. I am truly amazed by the OS, the apps and the reception quality (with Bell as a carrier). I must admit though that this is my first smart...
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    Want to Sell HTPC/Folding kit and Watercooling kit

    HTPC/Folding kit and Power supply Hey guys, pictures will be posted this PM, as soon as I get off work. Prices are firm, payed through non-CC Paypal only if you are not picking up locally. Items are from a smoke/pet/weird fetish free environment. HTPC/Folding box Asus M4A78-Plus in mint...
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    Xbox Live ID thread...?

    Would it be worth having such a thread? Anybody else here split their time between Steam and XBL?
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    XFX RMAs : Anybody had the experience...?

    Hey guys, my GTX 275 has been approved for RMA (crazy video corruption, unable to boot Windows, etc) by XFX. I was wondering if anyone here ever RMA'ed through them, and could tell me what to expect. I am concerned with sending the card to the US (California): am I to expect duty fees when...
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    Image corruption on bios load & POST ..

    Hey guys, I have recently rebuilt my PC, and installed my new GTX275. The rig has been working flawlessly for 2-3 weeks, gaming (ie. CoD:MW2) and priming (Prime95) for hours on end, with NO problems. However, since yesterday, whenever I cold boot, right on bios load, and then POST, the text...
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    Advice needed for a 22" - 24" LCD monitor

    Hey guys, I have patiently waited to see if Dell's 2209WA monitors would end up on sale during their 11 days of deals, and so far, nothing. In the event that this monitor doesn't go on sale, I need advice on what monitor to get. I do have a few criterias the monitor must possess : - Between...
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    Want to Sell nVidia video cards (2x 9600GSO - GTX260 192SP) and more ...

    ** Pictures will be posted this afternoon as per forum rules. For sale : - 2x identical XFX 9600GSO 768mb cards (96SP units), comes in retail box with all accessories, like new. These little cards are great folders, being very energy efficient. Average of 3,500+PPD (per card). Asking: $50...