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  1. BigPhatPaulie

    Titan temps

    I recently got a gtx titan and the card runs beautifully. The only issue is the stupidly high idle temps. The card never over heats but it idles around 50-65C:sad:. Tried a driver reinstall and that didnt help. So im at a loss as to what it could be. (my last card randomly started to idle high...
  2. BigPhatPaulie

    Loop question

    Hey guys would a xspc slim rad (240mm) be enough to cool a gtx 560ti448 (asus) and an X61100? Got the cpu under water already and want to add the vid card to the loop but just want to make sure it will work alright CHeers
  3. BigPhatPaulie

    Ivy Bridge IHS

    Ivy Bridge proven to suffer from poor thermal grease by VR-Zone.com Not sure if anyone saw this or how valid it is but i saw it a few days ago and thought it was interesting none the less... Thoughts?
  4. BigPhatPaulie

    Fan Question

    Hey guys what would be the best fan for pulling air through a rad? Reason I ask Is i have a xspc rad mounted in the top of my case (240mm) and the fans have to be mounted so that they pull air through it from inside the case and out the top. Case is a corsair 600T white btw Cheers