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  1. Toronto122

    Pics from the past...

    I found a couple of pics from WAAAAAY back computing... Notice the Return of the Jedi glasses from Macdonalds. That dates this picture to about 1983 "I see dead pixels...." How I used to roll: Let's not forget the ads: Notice the 280x192 graphics capabilities, and the WHOPPING 48k of...
  2. Toronto122

    Messiest Work Station

    Well, thanks Dogger for the idea.... Here's one I found on Google....
  3. Toronto122

    Sony HTIB's (forget 5.1 PC Speakers!!!)

    Top Choice Electronics in Woodbridge, Ontario Home Theatre - Wireless - Receivers - Speakers - Home Theatre Systems - DAVF500 - Sony Style Canada They have it for $499!! Also, they have the DAVHDX975WF HTIB for $499: Home Theatre - Wireless - Receivers - Speakers - Home Theatre Systems -...
  4. Toronto122

    Gmail Turns 5!!! HAPPY B-DAY!!!

    :clap: April 1, 2004: Gmail Hits Webmail G-Spot And I'm proud to say I've been on Gmail for about 4 1/2 years, and a friend of mine has been on for longer than me! Congrats Google Team!!!:canadianwave:
  5. Toronto122

    SLI Temp differences

    System in sig My second card is running at 73c idle, while the first card (where my monitor is plugged in) is at 55c. I'm running my fans at 25% for web surfing. Any ideas why there would be almost a 20c difference?
  6. Toronto122

    VERY wierd behavior

    Ok, for the past couple of days I've been putting my computer into "Sleep" mode when I go to work.... I come home after a long day, turn on the light in my office and the computer starts up:ph34r:!!! Two days in a row?? WTF?? Is there ANY chance that there's a light sensor or something built...
  7. Toronto122

    Canada Computers Web Site

    So I've always found the Canada Computers web site to be quite slow...they say it's due to their server... But I did find out they have ANOTHER server... Canada Computers - Your Neighbourhood Computer Store and Service Centre - PC Systems and Hardware Components, Notebooks, Electronics, and...
  8. Toronto122

    PCI-E X16 and X1 question

    HELP... Ok, I have the rig in the sig..... I CAN NOT move my second GPU to the outer PCI-E x16 slot! I just bought a PCI sound card, and it WON'T FIT!!! DAMN IT!! So the question is, if I buy a PCI-E X1 card will it work in the PCI-E X16 slot that I have left over? That's the only available...
  9. Toronto122

    Soundcard or headset?

    Assuming you had $200 to spend on audio. Here's the dilemma: I have a set of Icemat Siberia's. They sound pretty good. I'm using on board sound right now. Would you spend $200 on a new sound card or $200 on a new headset? Which would give you the greatest improvement?
  10. Toronto122

    Another Raven Post

    Ok, so the previous thread made me take a look at the Raven. My very first impression was the box...HOLY CRAP...what have I gotten into? Turns out it's twice as big as it needs to be! LOL... Then, when I took it out of the case my second impression was: Yup, a steel case with funky plastic...
  11. Toronto122

    Logitech G19 Mini Review

    My last review seemed to be well recieved, so here I go again! Today, I was the happy recipient of the new Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard. I also have to again apologize for the quality of the pics, I'm really not much of a photographer, but I hope they give you the idea! This is NOT going to...
  12. Toronto122

    EB Games and Gillette

    Ok, so I went and bought Total War today... On the counter at EB Games were some coupons for $10 off Gillette Fusion Gamer razors...I thought wow, that's a deal, that means it's only about $5 for the razor and two blades...CHEAP! I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and grabbed a razor...lo and behold...
  13. Toronto122

    Short Stroking and RAID Questions

    I've never set up a RAID array before...so forgive me for any stupid questions Ok, so I've got what I think to be a pretty decent computer.... BUT, I think that my hard drives are a major weak link. So, to remedy that I'm going to pick up a third WD640AAKS today (they're on sale at CC for $75)...
  14. Toronto122

    Logitech G35 Headset Review

    Ahhh, headset reviews, these are difficult at best because it's sort of like reviewing food. Not everyone likes the same thing. Some people like flat sound, some people like bass heavy, others, like a bit more midrange...it's all a matter of taste. Now, with that said, there is such a thing...
  15. Toronto122

    Gigabyte X58 Extreme

    I just installed this board into my system... So far I'm only running clock speeds of 3.4ghz, no crazy overclock until I know for sure that the water cooling setup is solid. So far so good though...very stable. I'm not going to post any pics of the motherboard...there are already 1000 of them...
  16. Toronto122

    COD4 Mod

    I know I know...EVERYONE knows there are mods for COD4... I however think THIS: Clan [G13]: News is the best one... We play on about 30 new and different maps... Come by and check it out, you won't be disappointed...
  17. Toronto122

    ramsinks on GTX 285?

    I'm watercooling a GTX 285. I'm using the Swiftech MWC-60 R2 waterblock. My ramsinks haven't arrived yet. How bad is it to run the card without ramsinks? Will I fry the memory on the card? Stock speeds (underclocked if needed). Thanks!!
  18. Toronto122

    Want to Buy 1/2" "T" fitting for watercooling

    I need two T fittings for watercooling. 1/2" ID, PREFER black!! Does anyone here in toronto have any??? I can't believe that there isn't a store anywhere around here that sells them... HELP!!! This is the only thing that's holding me back from building my rig!! CRAP!
  19. Toronto122

    Sony HD Camcorder - $599

    Sony HD Camcorder - $475 + tax...please read I found Sony HDR-SR10 1920x1080 camcorders for $500+tax and shipping. HDR-SR10 | HDR-SR10 40GB High Definition Handycam® Camcorder | Sony | SonyStyle USA - TopChoice Electronics send them an email and ask about the HD Camcorder special. I've seen...
  20. Toronto122

    My new monitor...

    I picked up a Dell 3007 the other day...used...I love CL!! $750!!! the open window is the size of a 24!!! (sorry about the site!)