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  1. bkh2

    Will One Pump Suffice?

    A combination of cost and space constraints. Is three rads too many? I suppose I could just use two. I just have three lying around so I thought I'd use them all.
  2. bkh2

    Will One Pump Suffice?

    Hi, I'm looking to run a Swiftech XT CPU block, EK Northbridge block, a universal GPU block (AquaXtreme MP-1), and three Swiftech triple rads. Do you think a single Swiftech MCP655 will suffice? It's the one with a speed adjuster, if that makes any difference.
  3. bkh2

    Help: Running 400ft Ethernet Cable

    Thanks for all the replies. For this job, I just ran regular cat5e with the repeater since they had a switch that provided PoE. But I will definitely look into fiber runs in the future. And @Bissa, you're right. Those prices are actually not as high as I would have expected. It is...
  4. bkh2

    Help: Running 400ft Ethernet Cable

    @bissa - It's for inside. It needs to run from a computer room along the ceiling of a warehouse to a shop floor station. @Chromey - Good idea. I could make a 400ft cable and test it on the floor first (before running it), then if it doesn't work, I can always cut the wire in half and...
  5. bkh2

    Help: Running 400ft Ethernet Cable

    Hey HWC, I'm looking to run an ethernet cable that is close to 400 feet. Wiki says that the maximum length should be 100 meters, so I am thinking that I will need a CAT5 repeater or extender. Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing and can recommend a good brand to get? All the...
  6. bkh2

    Completely new and Crushed i7 2600k

    I am extremely skeptical that those parts are functional. How is it even possible to inflict that kind of damage while trying to put a CPU in a socket? Chances are, you're going to need to get it replaced.
  7. bkh2

    DVI-HDMI cable question on HD 4890

    Is an audio loop cable required, or is that only for older cards? I'm pretty sure that for my GTX 275, if I use an adapter from DVI to HDMI, I won't get sound unless I use an audio loop cable.
  8. bkh2

    What is your Internet speed?

    I think I win: Should I complain?
  9. bkh2

    Will this setup allow me to OC my new CPU?

    I would be quite skeptical of the ability of that motherboard in terms of overclocking. I used the non-M version of that board for my friend's build and couldn't overclock the CPU at all. It could be due to the lack of familiarity of the new BIOS GUI, limited motherboard capabilities, bad...
  10. bkh2

    R3E 980X 4.5Ghz w/HT

    Nice overclock! I only have mine at 4.134 GHz and my RAM is only at 1333MHz but I couldn't bear to give it any more voltage. It's nice to see that someone else has such a temperature spread on the hottest core vs the coolest core. I thought either my block was balls or something was wrong but...
  11. bkh2

    Louis CK removes DRM from online video, asks nicely not to pirate it [Globe and Mail]

    Definitely worth the $5. I'm extremely cheap, but with such an easy opportunity to support my favourite comedian by contributing such a small amount, I couldn't justify torrenting. I even told my brother to just buy it rather than have one person buy it and share. It's more than I can say...
  12. bkh2

    Ram Disk

    Gingerbee's results look more like what you should be expecting. However, I think the speeds are fully dependent on the CPU's and RAM's frequencies. Correct me if I'm wrong, but since the read/writes only require an address from the CPU, the frequency of the CPU determines the transfer speed...
  13. bkh2

    Difference between 4 gig and 8gig

    I will agree that you will see improvements (albeit little, depending on your expectations) going from 4 gigs to 8 gigs. I went from 6 to 18, but I would assume the concept is the same. But from 18 to 24, I definitely did not see any improvements.
  14. bkh2

    HD RADEON 7000 series delayed until Q1

    With the alleged near release and alleged die shrink, I too have decided to delay my upgrade in the GPU area. Regardless of whether those rumours are true, my GTX 275 is able to run the games I play, albeit only at medium settings (1680x1050), so I only feel upgrading is necessary if the new...
  15. bkh2

    Everything running fine but the upgrade itch getting stronger ;)

    24 gigs of ram is completely useless in gaming. You won't see any performance increase from 12gigs to 24 gigs. Ask me how I know. @JJThomp - I've used all 24 gigs before. What makes you say that Windows can't use more than 16? Please link the source, I could be wrong.
  16. bkh2

    More X79 mobos

    Geez Louise... these boards look soooo good. As much as I'd like to upgrade, I think my x58 setup should suffice at least one more generation, if not more.
  17. bkh2

    The best 4 RAM modules combination

    I run an x58 mobo which initially had 6gb (3x2gb, OCZ). I then bought a 12gb kit (3x4gb, Mushkin) which had different timings and put them in the three remaining slots. I did nothing special in the BIOS; it automatically downclocked all the RAM to the most limiting clocks (which was 1333 of...
  18. bkh2

    Did I make a good choice?

    Good move getting the 560ti over the 460. I did a comparison of my friend's gtx 460 with my gtx 275. Granted that the 460 outperformed my 275, it is not worth the money as an upgrade path (in my opinion).
  19. bkh2

    FireFox 6.0

    +1 I don't even have Firefox installed on my computer anymore, since using IE9.
  20. bkh2

    Upgraded PC

    Very nice. Good cable management too. Any reason why you're still using an IDE device? haha