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    Want to Buy gtx260 192sp

    gtx260 192sp pref evga but if not i will consider other models. and i don't want me pants pulled down over the price either. i can offer a gtx260 core 216 in on trade. or any of the other stuff im selling let me know what you got!

    3dmark vantage issue

    here is my delma. 3d mark vantage will not run with my sli setup lol. if i disable sli it works fine. but when i enable sli it just loads first test then crashes when its finished loading. says device dropped or something (i will get exact error code if its needed) 3dmark06 runs fine, all my...

    dirt 2 video

    here is a video i made one night bored playing dirt2. i love this game lol everything on max besides post process because i believe only the dx11 cards can do that. none the less 1920x1200 everything else on max runs about 50 fps on my rig. sorry for the black border windows movie maker only...

    Aquarium computer

    Hey guys, so it looks like my 2 hobbies have intermingled with each other. i plan on building a computer INSIDE of a 50 -+ gallon aquarium. The aquarium will be custom made from acrylic, i keep massive amounts of aquariums. And i have built about 100+ acrylic tanks for friends and clients. Here...

    broken laptop. trying to pinpoint issue

    So i got a laptop off eaby for too good to be true price. got it mailed opened it up didn't work, The sellers ebay acc is suspended and paypal gone so i cant even dispute, its been over 2 months now, tried a few routes still working on getting my money back form the dipshit. so now i just...

    antec 1200 mod question

    Hey guys i got a general question here if anyone has any experience in water cooling and these cases. Does anyone know if a standard 240mm radiator will fit up top where the 200mm fan is? Obviously with some slight customization, but is it possible? They have that big cavity of space up there...

    Want to Buy gtx260 pre core 216

    as title states gtx260 NON core 216 pref EVGA to match what i have and hopefully some one has a FC water block aswell Cheers and thanks for your time

    sweet deals at Petra's tech shop

    Petra's Tech Shop anyone particularly looking for 790i water blocks i just got all 3 of mine for 60 usd plus shipping. they don't ship to Canada unless you contact them. if you don't like there shipping charges get a hold of me. i have an address in Texas as well as here in Canada. cost me 10$...

    Want to Sell FS and or trade items brought to you by RONEDOGG

    Here is what is up Buyer pays shipping unless we work out deal otherwise on multiple items. Price is not set in stone. so feel free to make an offer. location Dartmouth, Nova Scotia local pickup would be great. but not a lot of Nova Scotian's here lol I am always up for trades. looking for...

    Computer wont oc like it use to with new vid card

    my pc specs before issue arised 8800gtx q9550 8gb ddr2 1066 p5q mother board i had my pc at 4.16 ghz for about 6 months with this configuration not a single BSOD. now i have added a gtx260 vid card tot he loop and took out the 8800 obviously . and now the highest i can get is 3.6 ghz anyone...

    Want to Sell FEELER 8800gtx with fullcover waterblock

    hey guys i have a bfg 8800gtx 768 mb im selling within this week. it has the stock cooler and a ek full cover water block. post here if anyone has interest in this card and block. its a kinda old card but preforms amazing. i will post pics later if there is any interest 100$ for the card 75$...

    Want to Sell RONEDOGG'S Box O' Junk

    hey i got a few things for sale. i accept pay pal or emt. im located in dartmouth nova scotia all items were in working order when last used. buyer must pay shipping unless they buy a bunch of stuff i will work something out. more junk to come. wifey cut me off so im forced to sell, i will also...

    upgrade to i7 yet?

    hey guys whats your guys input on upgrading to the new i7 platform. rite now i have whats in my sig. here in my city we did some bench mark comparisons with pss test and i was not far behind with my 775 setup as is. actually beat them over all with my mystery drive. lol and no the mysterydrive...