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  1. low351

    290X Artifacting

    Well I ran Valley in Ultra 1920x1200 on it and it was perfect so this card is okay. Strix 970GTX
  2. low351

    Advice on system stability

    Thanks guys, the new card went in last night and is working fine. NOTE: when I first put it in I panicked because the monitors remained black when I had them plugged into it. Since I'd had a problem I thought the PCI bus was comprimised, the power supply connnector, all kinds of worry going...
  3. low351

    290X Artifacting

    Great, I just bought an Asus card... :) it's NVIDIA based though, hopefully I won't encounter same kind of issues.
  4. low351

    Advice on system stability

    Thanks for the comments/feedback guys. @Bond007, It's a fairly good PSU, it's a Corsair AX850 and it's 3yrs old, apparently it has a single 12V rail which I would take to assume that if it was the PSU the whole system would be going wonky. The system has been stable throughout the week. I...
  5. low351

    Advice on system stability

    Well if you saw my Canadian RMA thread entry, my GPU fried. I am just concerned about the manner in which it went and wondering if it's safe to introduce a replacement into the system. I have a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard and it's posting fine, code A0 and running off the integrate video...
  6. low351

    Canadian RMA Experience

    PNY stringent policy Company Name: PNY Product: Geforce XLR8 780GTX OC 3072GB Warranty Period: 1 year - Unlimited with registration Date purchased: 2014 (May) Date RMAed: Refused - 2015 (Nov) Ease of RMA: 0 Wait time: N/A Satisfaction: 0 Details: Posting this as a caution. I have no prior...
  7. low351

    Bunch of AMD/Nvidia Video Cards

    $150 for a 670? That'd be a quick sale. I had a 660, upgraded to a 780 and really experienced nothing special for my extra $300 spent... unless you're driving a 4K or multi-screen a 660 or up is the sweet spot for 1080p right now.
  8. low351

    Want to Sell *ALL GONE* - Game Keys - Watchdogs and Intel bundle

    Jeepers, snooze you lose is a point not lost on HWC, tuning in based on email alerts results in missed opportunities, a foregone conclusion... Thanks for sharing Caldazar
  9. low351

    GTX titan seem legit check?

    You guys are awesome for helping out. There could be some questionable members, it's open to all, but there are definitely some super great people here. It's also nice to see some of that Karma floating around, 3.0 Charlie is a great guy I'm glad you were able to help him out too...
  10. low351

    Price Check MSI 660GTX OC

    What do you think I can sell this card for, it's about 6mths old, have the original receipt. I have an idea what it's worth, I'm thinking about selling it to get a 680. It's MSI's TwinFrozr II Overclock version of the 660GTX NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Chipset, 960CUDA Cores - 2GB GDDR5 Memory -...
  11. low351

    price check steelseries keyboard 6GV2

    Zoob they were blacks, I have that keyboard but even used I wouldn't have let it go for $35, that was a heck of a deal.
  12. low351

    X79 and GTX 690 System

    Tough to move unless you have a pal interested. Anyone that appreciates the gravity of those components would probably want you to part it out. I mean 690 $1000, 3930K $550, a $300 mobo and even your PSU is a $200 monster. Most people putting that kind of smack together will be doing it for...
  13. low351

    1090T Gaming Computer

    $950 IMHO, most of the value is in the 670 and the SSD.
  14. low351

    Galaxy gtx 660 ti gc

    You can't pick up one new for much less than $300, A GTX660 is very close in performance and can be had for about $189 on sale so $170 for that particular card is a great deal.
  15. low351

    Want to Buy ITX MB & CPU

    Good Mobo (GA-Z77X-UD5H), I have one installed using the onboard mSata slot with an ADATA SX300 64GB as cache for a 1TB drive, performs near as fast as my full SSD system for games/software I use often. The gigabyte auto tune utility configured my 3770K to run at 4.6Ghz without issues. Even...
  16. low351

    Corsair H50 RMA issues?

    Hey Soul, I didn't buy the H100, I was trying that same H50 again. Eventually I just went out and bought an H80 on sale and it's been working fine since
  17. low351

    3.0charlie's feed-back thread

    3.0 Charlie embodies Hardware Canucks personality for me. Fastidious, knowledgeable, honest and driven. If your needs are lucky enough to coincide with one of his clearances you are very fortunate indeed.
  18. low351

    =Mostly RAM, but a few cards (2x vid, 1x sound)

    The lifetime warranty wouldn't count for much, especially if you have to pay postage to RMA. It's kind of like selling a house with a pool, it's nice but doesn't factor in to the selling price no matter how much the owner wants it to. If your shopping old DDR2 memory I doubt you care too much...
  19. low351

    Complete System - Q6600 + HD5870....

    CoolHandL, Take into account where you are asking. These forums sell near high end parts for cut rate prices because newer faster models have come out and the seller wants a quick sale to get cash to acquire the next high end part. If you ask for pricing here you'll get a reasonable estimate...
  20. low351

    Corsair H50 RMA issues?

    Update: a year later I applied for and received an RMA for this pump, but I never sent it because they required that I send it in and wait until they receive it before sending me a replacement. Like I said, I bought a Hyper 212+ to put in while sending it and the temps were better and there...