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  1. low351

    Advice on system stability

    Well if you saw my Canadian RMA thread entry, my GPU fried. I am just concerned about the manner in which it went and wondering if it's safe to introduce a replacement into the system. I have a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard and it's posting fine, code A0 and running off the integrate video...
  2. low351

    Price Check MSI 660GTX OC

    What do you think I can sell this card for, it's about 6mths old, have the original receipt. I have an idea what it's worth, I'm thinking about selling it to get a 680. It's MSI's TwinFrozr II Overclock version of the 660GTX NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Chipset, 960CUDA Cores - 2GB GDDR5 Memory -...
  3. low351

    Want to Buy ASUS K8S-MX

    I realize this is pretty obscure but my Father-in-law's mobo bit the dust and it's an OEM licensed Win7 install. Do any of you happen to have an exact ASUS K8S-MX on your shelf begging for a new home? PM me if you do. I can source them from Hong Kong if the ebay searches are to be believed...
  4. low351

    Corsair H50 RMA issues?

    Hiya, I haven't been tinkering much since I blew my budget (and my wife's patience) so I haven't posted for a bit. But I've seen discussions on RMA process here before. I apologize if this isn't the ideal forum for this topic but it's not entirely off topic since it's a water cooling part...
  5. low351

    Want to Buy Athlon XP 3200+ Socket A (462)

    Anyone got an Athlon XP 3200+ gathering dust and want to sell it? My father in law has a Sempron 2.4Ghz sitting in his A7V400-MX board and it can't handle skype with video, so I'm hoping a straight swap of the CPU will allow him to do so without causing the OEM vista too much grief. I'm in...
  6. low351

    Project SkullFire

    Well after that emasculating "Pretty in Pink" project for my daughter I had to get my testosterone levels back up with a hardcore project for my son. That and the look on his face when he realized he'd have to share a pink PC until I'm done. The list of parts for this project isn't, in itself...
  7. low351

    HWC Price match AD

    I just wanted to say that that little price match ad with the guy crying at his empty wallet is "priceless" I just laughed my butt off. Kudos to whomever devised that one. :rofl:
  8. low351

    Pretty in Pink Mod

    Hiya, Just a little project I'm working on for my daughter... Well more for me. I wanted to try my hand at painting since I'm never satisfied with the paint on a stock case. I had this old Antec 1600 ugly beige colored case that the oringinal contents have been transplanted to a newer black...
  9. low351

    Suggestions on good Case for Coder

    Hiya everyone. I've been helping a friend spec out a system, He's a Linux guru and a coder so he's not going to be gaming but will need the power for those build runs. He want's a good case with decent air cooling, quality build and I'm recommending one with 2x120mm fans to keep it airy but...
  10. low351

    Just another Cable Management Thread

    Since I've done a few new rigs this year I decided to pull apart my first build. Long in the tooth now, but a proud achievement when I first built her. An Antec 1080AMG gun metal tower. Ah, I was so naive when I put her together. Look at my misguided attempt at cable management. Years of...
  11. low351

    Impending failure?

    I opened up my firstborn today to do a little cable management. It had sputtered yesterday after I powered it down, I wasn't able to power it on. So I said screw the warrenty (it's been like 5yrs now, lol) and I opened up the PSU. I'm glad I did. Hmmm, I didn't expect my Antec True power...
  12. low351

    Overclocking AMD 6400+ temps

    Well I did it. A personal goal. I finally broke 10,000 on the 3dMark06. No biggy for most here but an acomplishment for me since it took quite a bit of learning and work. For that I need to give a shout out to the members of HWC your discussions and guides which helped me to understand what I...
  13. low351

    Scythe Ninja Rev B. for those considering it - lots of pics 56k warning!

    I thought I'd post my pics of the Scythe Ninja Rev B. for those that are considering it. There are obviously in-depth reviews available but you can't see enough pics before you buy something, so here are mine. My opinion for what it's worth: It's a large impressive looking cooler. Difficult to...
  14. low351

    Rice or Peanut Butter

    I have to tell you, there is no substitute for experience. I've read all the information about how to apply thermal grease. About how you just want it to fill the crevices and not paste it on thick so as to allow less contact between the heat sink (HS) and the processor heat spreader. To the...
  15. low351

    Ram speed rating vs actual

    Oh wise and learned ram gods. Is it normal to have to overclock to get the ram timings that memory is rated at or is it the sign of a less than adequate Mobo? I have the Mushkin PC-6400 4-4-4-12s and they turn up 5-5-5-15 when I leave the settings on auto. I can set them as 4-4-4-12 and...
  16. low351

    The King of Keyboards

    If any of you are oldschool like me you may hold dear the sound of the clickety-clackety IBM keyboards of yesteryear. These keyboards were durable and solid performers, albeit a little bit noisy. I found a place to get one, and with a trackpoint to boot. Many have a love/hate relationship...
  17. low351

    Noob Question about fan control

    I hate asking noob questions but I couldn't find any info on this particular issue. I like a quiet case, I ordered the CM690 right. 3 x 120 fans. At the moment I have the CM330 with the rear fan attached to the Asus MB chasis fan connector, which through Q-fan keeps it nice slow and quiet...
  18. low351

    Request for comments

    Well it looks like I've been let loose in the candy store, at least in a limited capacity. My wife wanted to buy an iMac again, and I convinced her to let me build her a PC for $1000 rather than spend $2k on the iMac. Don't get me wrong an iMac is great, but what fun is it? There is nothing to...
  19. low351

    Cable management project

    This is a WIP, I put in the Vanquisher when I upgraded my Proc to an AMD 64 X2 6400+ Black Edition, I think the next thing I do will be the HR-11 backside HS on the HD2900PRO I have, cheers to SKYMTL for that mention on NCIX. Here's the current mess in my case it's a Cooler Master Elite 330...