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  1. SneakySnake

    Want to Buy GPU(s)

    Once the new cards come out in a few weeks I'll be selling my 1060 6GB. PM me if you still need a card by then.
  2. SneakySnake

    Acer Predator xb271hu

    I recently sold this exact model of monitor (XB271HU) for $475 on kijiji (around a month ago) so I would expect you could get around that price.
  3. SneakySnake

    Ryzen 3000 XT CPU's Are Official

    I was on the latest as of a month or so ago. Just noticed that they released new chipset drivers on June 3rd, so updating to those now.
  4. SneakySnake

    Ryzen 3000 XT CPU's Are Official

    Hopefully they are actually binned a bit better and can actually hit their boost clocks on all cores. My 3600X runs at 3.95 GHz when under full load. 4.2 GHz is the highest I've seen for single thread stuff. This is with an Gigagbyte X570 UD mobo and a Be Quiet ShadowRockLP cooler Pretty far...
  5. SneakySnake

    Bad AMD News - Zen3 Delayed to 2021

    Unfortunate but makes sense from a business perspective. Nvidia has been doing this to years to Radeon (wait until Radeon is about to drop a new generation, and then drop something even better on top of it.
  6. SneakySnake

    Want to Buy SFX Power supply with PCI-E - FOUND

    I have a corsair SF450 that I would sell. Message if you are interested.
  7. SneakySnake

    Want to Buy FOUND -- Thank you . Looking for a 580 8GB or its brother on the Nvidia side

    I have a 1060 6GB that is yours if you want it. Sent you a PM.
  8. SneakySnake

    i7 8700K

    Sounds good. Looks like $400 is a fair price.
  9. SneakySnake

    i7 8700K

    They are listed for around $475 new, but they barely outperform the 3600X, which is $320. What price would you sell one for?
  10. SneakySnake

    Want to Sell i7 3770K - SOLD

    3770K pulled out of a working PC: https://imgur.com/a/510H2jl SOLD
  11. SneakySnake

    Dell R520 - 2x Xeon E5-2440, 64GB RAM, 3x 300GB 15K SAS

    Have 7x R520's from work that we are going to be selling soon. What sort of price do you think? Dell R520 (rackmount): 2x Xeon E5-2440 (Sandy Bridge E architecture): 6C/12T 2.4 GHz CPU (12C/24T total) 64GB DDR3 ECC RAM iDRAC 3x 300GB 15K SAS drives
  12. SneakySnake

    AMD Announces Radeon VII, a 7nm Vega 20 GPU based card

    This thread is discussing it: https://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/ces/79040-amd-announces-radeon-vii-7nm-vega-20-gpu-based-card.html
  13. SneakySnake

    AMD Announces Radeon VII, a 7nm Vega 20 GPU based card

    After reading some discussions on Reddit, I'm almost certain that the Radeon7 is just lower binned varient of the Radeon Instinct MI60. They have almost identical tech specs except the Radeon7 has 4 fewer CU's (60 vs 64). That would also explain why the card has 16GB of HBM2 (which is total...
  14. SneakySnake

    AMD shares a sqeak on 3rd gen Ryzen CPU

    Performance looks quite promising. Obviously we don't know the frequency of the Ryzen part, but I assume it is similar to the Intel chip which means the IPC gap is effectively closed. It also seems pretty obvious that there is space for an additional 'module' or w/e you call it to allow for up...
  15. SneakySnake

    Want to Sell Traded - BNIB i7 8086K - take it for less than an 8700k

    Did you win it from Intel? If so, AMD will trade you a 1950X for it at no cost. Good price though! GLWS
  16. SneakySnake

    Want to Sell SR630 Lenovo 1U Server

    8 GB of RAM ?
  17. SneakySnake

    QNAP NAS and 2x 4TB Hard Drives

    New 4 bay NAS's sell for around ~$350-700. I would say yours is worth around $350 perhaps since it is an older model with an x86 processor (which is a plus compared to an ARM processor - can run more apps/containers on x86 architecture). The drives are worth around $75 each I would say...
  18. SneakySnake

    MacBook Pro and DDR3 Ram Price Check

    Check your local Kijiji or Ebay to see what they are selling for. I would guess around $750 for the Macbook, but I haven't looked at the used Mac market for a while.
  19. SneakySnake

    Want to Buy Sandy Bridge i5

    I have an i5 2400 laying around if the other sale doesn't go through. Just PM me if interested.
  20. SneakySnake

    Want to Sell All sold thanks!

    3-4 weeks ago was when things were going bonkers. Mining profits are like 40% of what they were a month ago. Ebay may give you a higher resale price. My coworker was just able to sell his 390 for $375 last week on there.