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  1. the_guitarboy

    CPU/Mobo for DDR3 ECC RAM

    I have 1TB+ of DDR3 ECC RAM from my old datacenter. The CPU's are 4c/8t so not really worth using. I'm looking to build an 8+ core xeon machine with 4x16GB (or more) to replace my i5 in my plex server. Any suggestions on a motherboard? Most things I can find are super expensive consumer boards...
  2. the_guitarboy

    i7 3700K, 16GB 2400Mhz DDR3, ASRock z77 Extreme4

    I just grabbed a Zen 2 combo so the old one has to go: i7 3700K 16GB 2400Mhz DDR3 G.Skill Trident ASRock z77 Extreme4 Motherboard Everything is rock solid. I have the CPU sitting at 4.4Ghz, it will go to 4.8 if you have the proper cooling. I just enjoy my fans on their lowest settings.
  3. the_guitarboy

    AMD A10-7700K System

    I have an old box laying around... AMD A10-7700K Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-H 4-8GB RAM (Depending on what I find laying around) Zotac/Nvidia GT 740 LP 120-240GB SSD (Depending on what I find laying around) Generic PSU Generic Dell Case :punk:
  4. the_guitarboy

    Dell OptiPlex 3010 SFF Desktop

    Dell OptiPlex 3010 SFF Desktop Looks like this: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41iDvYXXMrL.jpg i5-3470 8GB RAM 240GB Kingston SSD Legit Windows License, Windows 10 installed. Has HDMI and VGA outputs. Any idea what it's worth...I have a bunch of them.
  5. the_guitarboy

    GTX 1080, iMac & Dell Monitors

    Thinking of upgrading my GPU. Looking for prices on the following: MSI 1080 Founders Edition w/ AC Extreme III Cooler (Have original cooler) 2014 21.5" iMac, Intel i5, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD. Dell U2711 Monitor Dell U2311H Monitor
  6. the_guitarboy

    Dell U2711 27" IPS

    Dell U2711, 1440P, 60Hz, IPS I can't find any for sale to reference, anyone know what it would be worth?
  7. the_guitarboy


    I've been thinking of upgrading to a 2700x/X470 platform.... Price check? i7-3770k (Will hit 4.7 @ under 1.3v) Corsair H100i Cooler 16GB 1600Mhz DDR3 Z77 Extreme4 :punk::clap::bananafunky:
  8. the_guitarboy

    Want to Sell Bundle of Stuff - Fans, Video Cards, PS3, Xbox, Macbook....

    All or nothing. 5x 120MM Fans 1x 140MM Fan 2x Dell PERC H310 Raid Controllers, 2 break out cables included. EVGA 8800GT ATI HD6450 Low Profile 25FT DVI to HDMI 25FT DVI to DVI 25FT Optical (might be 50?) Noctua NH-U12S mounting kit (I grabbed the paste from it) 2x Dell H61 Motherboards with...
  9. the_guitarboy

    Any MSI Rep on here??

    Hey, Is there an MSI Rep that frequents these boards? I'm having some power connector troubles with a high end gaming laptop. It was purchased with extended warranty from NCIX, but since they are now defunct I'm not sure what to do. This is for a user at my work, not personal, if that makes...
  10. the_guitarboy

    Lots of Stuff

    I have too much stuff that's not being used but I have not clue what to price it at.. Surface Pro 1- i5, 4GB, 64GB SSD with keyboard Mid 2011 21.5" iMac - i5, 8GB RAM, 500GB hdd, AMD 6750M GPU Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Blackberry Playbook 16GB Samsung Level On Bluetooth Headphones - BNIB
  11. the_guitarboy

    Want to Buy 34" Ultrawide G-Sync Monitor

    Looking for a 34" Ultrawide G-Sync monitor. Have cash, beer and stuff to trade! :punk:
  12. the_guitarboy

    Toshiba C850 Laptop

    Any know what this would be worth? Toshiba C850 15.6-inch, 1366x768 Intel i5-2450 8GB DDR3 320GB WD Black 1x USB 3 HDMI
  13. the_guitarboy

    Want to Sell Nothing for now

    Everything sold
  14. the_guitarboy

    Want to Buy Nothing for now

    Found everything I'm looking for :punk:
  15. the_guitarboy

    i5-2400 + Dell OEM Motherboard

    I have a bunch of stripped Dell Optiplex 390's, no PSU/RAM/HDD, I was thinking of taking out the CPU+Mobo (Mobo is ATX so it will fit in any case). Any idea how much the i5-2400 + Mobo (6 USB2, VGA+HDMI, 4 Sata) would go for? They also have a Windows 7 OEM key on the box.
  16. the_guitarboy

    Dell Optiplex 990 - Small Form Factor

    Trying to figure out what this is worth: Dell Optiplex 990 - SFF Intel i7-2600 16GB DDR3 Dual AMD 5450's 500GB HDD Windows 7/10 Key No Warranty :punk:
  17. the_guitarboy

    Want to Buy 400GB+ SSD

    Looking for a 400GB+ SSD for my wife's 2011 Macbook. It doesn't need to be the fastest drive, I will be grabbing a new Adata SP550 480GB ($138) if I can't find anything used. :punk::punk::punk:
  18. the_guitarboy

    Dell OptiPlex 3010

    Any idea what this is worth? Dell OptiPlex 3010 Small Form Factor i5-3470 4GB DDR3 500GB HDD Windows 7 OEM Key (Will be upgraded to Win10) :bananafunky::bananafunky::bananafunky:
  19. the_guitarboy

    Want to Buy SKT 1155 Motherboard

    I have a Dell Inspiron 660 with a Intel i5-3330 that's motherboard just died. Looking for a replacement SKT 1155 motherboard.
  20. the_guitarboy

    Super Budget Gaming Build Upgrade

    I'm building a gaming machine for my friends son who LOVES Minecraft (He's also playing Star Wars: Old Republic) and I want to give him a bit of a power boost to his current PC that I built with some spare parts I had. Current Build: Intel i5-2400 + Intel Motherboard from a Dell Optiplex 390...