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  1. Wi-Fuzzy

    I'm Back

    New rig. Might as well let it work on something. If it matters 5820k @ 4.3 and 2 Evga 980 TI WFT cards...and 64 GB of ram. So.. Hello again. Oh...I just downloaded the one that runs in your browser. Is that all that is required now? Been like 4 years. And are each of my video cards...
  2. Wi-Fuzzy

    We could use a little help

    HI. Hardware Canucks is involved in a Folding at Home race called the Chimp Challenge. It's us canucks vs other teams from around the world. If you have Nvidia or ATI video cards and would like to hep us wave the Candian flag, we would appreciate it greatly. Also, there is a contest and you can...
  3. Wi-Fuzzy

    HTPC and Starchoice HD

    I have not read much about this lately. Is there now a way to record TV shows from a Starchoice HD reciever? I looked into this a year or so ago and the answer was no.
  4. Wi-Fuzzy

    PPD weirdness

    I just noticed that I am losing about 15,000-20,000 PPD on my video cards. They are getting the same units and showing the same PPD but my updates have dropped? Seems to have started yesterday and every update is lower than it should be. All my cards seem to be sending thier work units and...
  5. Wi-Fuzzy


    My HFM monitor just lost my 2600k rig. I can ping it....but no joy on the monitor. I remember this happening with fahmon. Now I have no idea if my 2600k is folding...other than checking temps.
  6. Wi-Fuzzy

    Hockey pool...OMG

    Gonna get out my lucky quarter and flip for it this year......:doh:
  7. Wi-Fuzzy

    This looks like fun

    I don't know what this is....but for folding...I wat one :ph34r: And ..no...it's not an air conditioner.
  8. Wi-Fuzzy

    servers down

    Go figure...it's the weekend and I can't send or get WUs. This brings back memories.
  9. Wi-Fuzzy

    New work units

    Great PPD for vid cards......but really CPU intensive.
  10. Wi-Fuzzy

    Quad GPU Issue....?

    My quad GTX 560 MAchine now is working on 912 and 925 point units. WU#s 11260, 11261, 10972. I have a Dual core AMD 250 3.2 ghz ish...I think in the system. On these units my cards are CPU bottlenecked. If I shut off one card I get a 4000-5000 PPD increase. Do I need to buy a Quad core for it or...
  11. Wi-Fuzzy

    bigadv flag question.

    I have -smp -bigadv. All seems to be ok. Do I need -smp 8 -bigadv....? Using 6.34 on windows 7 on a dedicated folder with a 2600K @ 4.6 ghz. Also...should I use vmware and liux or is there not much difference anymore?
  12. Wi-Fuzzy

    Spring upgrade done

    Everything is up and running. That's it...that's all. Even managed to kick a breaker off...twice. Ignore the yellow bits...just remapped those so HFM has not caught up yet. When the chimps thing starts I'll switch my clients over to Hardware Canucks. Who knows...I might just stay. Folding for a...
  13. Wi-Fuzzy

    Packaging gone goofy

    I must admit, I'm not much for the green movement. But...I just did a bunch of upgrading of computers in the last couple of weeks. 2 motherboards, 6 video cards, 2 HDs, 8 fans, 2 CPUs, yada..yada. I get in the video cards....and the packaging is just nuts. The boxes are BIGGER than the 2...
  14. Wi-Fuzzy

    Oh yay, reboots galore

    Building a 4 cards fording rig. Put it all together, fire it up. Start loading windows...reboot. Ok, try it again...reboot. Read the post screen this time, Hypertransport sync flood error. Hop on google and...Oh god...this is not good. People having the problem and not much in the way of a...
  15. Wi-Fuzzy

    Want to Sell Motherboard for sale

    I have a brand new in box H67MA-UD2H-B3 1155 motherboard for sale $110.00 plus shipping O.B.O.. Ordered it by mistake..I need one for overclocking and these do not overclock. I paid $129 plus tax and shipping. Open to offers...no low ball attemps please. Will accept a trade for ? NCIX.com - Buy...
  16. Wi-Fuzzy

    2600k Overclocking

    I have one of these coming in. Does anyone have any overclocking experience with them? I would like to know what to expect. I will be using a Noctua NH D14 for cooling.
  17. Wi-Fuzzy

    4 vid cards

    I am building a folding rig. Putting 4 MSI GTX 560 twin frozr in a quad crossfire board. I am worried about cooking the cards. They will run 24/7. Anyone had any experience with this type of setup?
  18. Wi-Fuzzy

    GTX 480 & 470...are you buying one

    The reviews are out. Lets hear what you wallet says. (a) Buying one (b) Buying a ATI card (c) Allready bought an ATI card and you are happy about it. (d) Allreadt bought an ATI card and wish you didn't (e) Your old card is fine and don't plan to upgrade any time soon
  19. Wi-Fuzzy

    AMD 12 cores

    This could be a CPU that makes the folders that bought the 6 core i7 wonder if they did the right thing. Fudzilla
  20. Wi-Fuzzy

    AMD Phenom II X6 prices?

    This could have a really good price/performance ratio E-tailer leaks Phenom II X6 prices - The Tech Report