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  1. SneakySnake

    i7 8700K

    They are listed for around $475 new, but they barely outperform the 3600X, which is $320. What price would you sell one for?
  2. SneakySnake

    Want to Sell i7 3770K - SOLD

    3770K pulled out of a working PC: https://imgur.com/a/510H2jl SOLD
  3. SneakySnake

    Dell R520 - 2x Xeon E5-2440, 64GB RAM, 3x 300GB 15K SAS

    Have 7x R520's from work that we are going to be selling soon. What sort of price do you think? Dell R520 (rackmount): 2x Xeon E5-2440 (Sandy Bridge E architecture): 6C/12T 2.4 GHz CPU (12C/24T total) 64GB DDR3 ECC RAM iDRAC 3x 300GB 15K SAS drives
  4. SneakySnake

    RX 480 8 GB (reference)

    Thinking about selling my 480 due it being popular for mining these days. What would be a reasonable price for one be?
  5. SneakySnake

    Want to Sell SOLD!

  6. SneakySnake

    Smallest MiniITX That can fit mid range GPU?

    I'm looking to build an ultra small mini-itx rig, but I'm a little dissapointed with the current case options I'm seeing in the mini-itx market. Are all mini-itx cases that we can build out of the fairly bulky square cases (Like the prodigy, corsair 250D, etc.)? I'm look to build a slim comp...
  7. SneakySnake

    Overclocking FX-8320. Any tips?

    I've done a good amount of overclocking on Intel chips (core 2 duo, Nehalem, Sandy Bridge). Recently just bought my first AMD chip, the FX-8320. Is there any specific tips related to overclocking on the AMD platform, or is it relatively the same as intel?
  8. SneakySnake

    Input Video from PS4 into HTPC for viewing

    I'm wondering if it's possible to stream the video from my PS4 to my HTPC? I'm not looking to record video or stream it online, just simply have it inputted at native 1080p into the PC, so it could be viewed from there without having to change inputs on the TV (Would also allow me to alt+tab and...
  9. SneakySnake

    Free Disk Clone Software - Windows

    Just got a new laptop, and I installed a mSATA drive in it immediately. I'm wanting to clone everything over to the mSATA, and then wipe the 1 TB HDD in the laptop, and just use it as bulk storage. Is there a decent free app that can do this? I downloaded Acronis, but the free version doesn't...
  10. SneakySnake

    Best "Gaming" Ultrabook?

    Looking for an ultrabookesque laptop that still gives decent gaming performance. I'm not talking pure power, but just enough to play games a ok settings. Something like this would be perfect: GIGABYTE - Notebook & Netbook - Notebook & Netbook - U series - U2442D For those who don't want to...
  11. SneakySnake

    Want to Buy Found What I Was looking for

    Looking for a 3D vision kit for my brother for his birthday. It can be first gen.
  12. SneakySnake

    Running i7 3610QM in dual core mode

    I have the i7-3610QM. It's a quad core 2.3 GHz ivy bridge laptop CPU. I'm getting a lot of CPU bottleneck in CPU intensive games (like Starcraft 2). I'm wanting to run it in dual core mode and up the speed to around 3 GHz (It turbo's that high, so I don't think that'll be a problem temp wise)...
  13. SneakySnake

    Does Maxing Skyrim require more VRAM or power

    I wanting to build a computer to max Skyrim, and by max I mean full draw distance on objects, trees, etc. I'm assuming that takes a ton of VRAM? What sort of card am i looking at to do that? Any powerful 2 GB VRAM+ card? (660ti, 7950)
  14. SneakySnake

    Retina MacBook Pro

    2880x1800 display, using HiDPI tech built into OSX Lion (works the same way the retina display works on the iPhone/Pad. EG: stuff doesn't get smaller, just more detailed.) $2200 gets you: Quad 2.3 IVB (Can upgrade to quad 2.7) Nvidia 650M 1 GB 8 GB DDR3L-SDRAM (up to 16 GB) 256 GB SSD (up to...
  15. SneakySnake

    PC s**t the bed.

    Last night got home at about 12:20 to play diablo 3. My optical drive wasn't hooked up, so I hooked it up while my computer was still running (I know, stupid, but i wanted to get diablo going asap, it was a rookie move) Anyways. upon turning my screen on after installing my ODD. I saw the blue...
  16. SneakySnake

    Display Mirroring Affect Performance??

    Hey, just a curiousity question. Does using display mirroring to display the identical image at the identical resolution out of two different outputs on your graphics card effect performance at all?? I didn't think it did, but a google search yielded no results, so I'm asking here.
  17. SneakySnake

    Want to Buy Lian Li PC-Q08 Mini ITX Case

    Looking for the Lian Li PC-Q08 Case. I'm wanting to build a decent but tiny rig. My only vehicle is a 80's honda scooter, so my computer has to fit in my backpack :ph34r: (I go to a lot of LAN's). I'd prefer black, but i'm open to silver and red as well.
  18. SneakySnake

    AMD A6-3500 enough for "best" video streaming

    Hey, just built a home server for a friend. Asked for the the A6-3650 CPU when I was at Canada Computers, but the guy musta grabbed the A6-3500 by mistake (2.6 GHz quad vs 2.1 Ghz triple core). They only charged for the triple core so it's all good there. I didn't notice the different CPU...
  19. SneakySnake

    Playstation 3D Display for PC gaming

    I play a lot of PS3 as well as a lot of PC gaming, and I'm wondering if the Playstation 3D display will work fine for 3D PC gaming. My setup is just a i3 2120 with 6870 1 GB but I'm looking to expand in the future. Here's the link to the screen Basically it's a 24" 1080p 240 Hz LED LCD...
  20. SneakySnake

    Want to Trade iPad+Gaming Rig for Mac

    Want to trade my Gaming Rig (with Screen) and iPad for a high end 27" iMac, High End MBP, or a Mac Pro. High end meaning one of the quad core ones. I'm potentially open to any current mac as a trade, but the specifics of the trade will have to be worked out if its another mac. Reason I need a...