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  1. mello_newf

    Work in progress Lian Li PC-V359 W/C Build

    Been working on this off and on with a limited budget for months now. I think I have made enough progress to start posting my work log. :thumb: Hardware Case - Lian Li PC-V359 Motherboard - Asus Maximus VI Gene CPU - i7 4770 / 4790 (sourcing) RAM - 4x4GB Mushkin Redline 2133 DDR3 GPUs - SLI...
  2. mello_newf

    Work in progress PROJECT DIRTY B [Frankenstein W/C Spare Parts Rebuild]

    While I search for the last few parts for my new build that will be heavily modded and have a lot more water cooling packed into a smaller space, I decided to put this together out of spare parts :whistle: Been running this as my main for 2 weeks and so far it's a quick little bugger, the...
  3. mello_newf

    Custom Budget W/C Rig Or Part Out?

    So I have come to the realization with my rebuild that I now have enough extra parts to do a custom build with watercooled CPU/GPU. Wondering what people think it might be worth as a fully built system? I have a pretty good idea what I can get by parting out but I would rather get rid of the...
  4. mello_newf

    Want to Buy 4TB+ HDD -_- 512GB SSD -_- Phenom II X4 940

    Looking for the following parts to finish a few builds I got on the go Contact PM/EMAIL - [email protected] References EBAY - eBay Feedback Profile for mello_newf HEAT - mello_newf | HeatWare.com Location Georgetown, Ontario, Canada *will pick up if in Halton area* Payment Cash *Local...
  5. mello_newf

    Want to Sell GPUs - ASUS AC ROUTER - W/C - Speakers - DDR2 RAM - HDD

    EVGA GTX 480 SC w/ EK Full Block + Backplate =$70 Local - $90 Shipped GPU - http://tinyurl.com/qd6y9kr BLOCK - http://tinyurl.com/jj2f98d BACKPLATE - http://tinyurl.com/lu4tt8d ************************************************************************ PowerColor AX6670 1GBK3-H Radeon HD...
  6. mello_newf

    Recommendations - White LED Keyboard

    Wondering if you guys have any good experience with a budget-ish white led keyboard. Key Features - Full white or RGB backlight - Full keyboard - Would like media keys - $50-75 CAD range Cheers
  7. mello_newf

    Lian Li PC-V359

    Lian Li PC-V359WB Black Aluminum Micro ATX Mid Tower Chassis - Newegg.ca Lian-Li Global | PC-V359 Im looking into doing a rebuild using this PC-V59WB from my PC-354B case with W/C options in mind. Anyone have experience doing a build using this case? Any annoyances particularly when factoring...
  8. mello_newf

    XFX HD 6870 New Fan

    This card is known to have the fan fail. I had a spare xfx 8800 fan shroud and it happened to work out. I find the pairing pretty funny. Been working great ever since :bananafunky: Fan wires had to be spliced
  9. mello_newf

    Case Mod Lian Li PC-V354B W/C

    Plan on redoing this build soon figured I would post what I came up with first time around. System Specs Intel Core i5 2500K Quad Core LGA1155 ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-M Raystorm & Evga Full Blocks, Single & Dual 120mm Radiator With Push/Pull Config, All Noctua fans 12GB G.SKILL Ripjaws...