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  1. Toronto122

    HAF 932 has finally arrived

    The casters are cheaply built. Mine lasted all of a week before they gave out under the weight...SNAP. Back to the feet! LOL
  2. Toronto122

    Wood motherboard tray??

    I've decided what the world needs to make it a better place is somewhere on the web where you can download a printable mounting hole diagram. You know, it has all the dots in the right places and all you have to do is make small pin holes through it and drill them out. That would make building...
  3. Toronto122

    Ready to Pull the Trigger: Thoughts/Comments Appreciated

    The question is WHY are you set on the Quad? If it's for gaming, forget it. It makes no difference at all. If you want to upgrade to a CPU that has more than two cores, go with the i7 (which I know is more than you want to spend). Also, why are you getting NCIX to assemble it for you...
  4. Toronto122

    I7 - Case Considerations

    Or the Silverstone Raven????
  5. Toronto122

    1500-2000$ Gaming Build

    The Hard Drive: Blow the big dough and get the Western Digital WD640AAKS Black....wicked fast drive. IF you can afford it, i7 is the way to go. As for video cards, the 275 is a VERY well priced video card for what it can do. it's over 90% of a 285 at way less money.
  6. Toronto122

    I've lost my recycle bin lol

    I love shortcut keys, I just have a hard time remembering them all!! LOL
  7. Toronto122

    LANapalooza 2009, Toronto Area LAN

    I managed to get a ride up, thanks for the offer!! Look for me, tall skinny white guy with an NZXT Rogue cube case and 30" monitor...come by and say hi! Name's Andy
  8. Toronto122

    PS3 factory price

    You seriously don't know that Sony loses money on each PS3 they sell? As for the store employees, they'd have a better chance of a manager giving them a free 52" LCD than getting a discount on a PS3. On a retail level the stores make about $10 on each unit sold.
  9. Toronto122

    LANapalooza 2009, Toronto Area LAN

    soooo... Is anyone from here going to this? If so, please let me know as I've run into some car trouble :censored: and could really use a ride up there. I'm in High Park (Toronto) and will more than compensate you for gas and time. Thanks!!!
  10. Toronto122

    Looking at Netbooks, need opinions.

    Hey Reality... Well, I've had the Acer Aspire One and I now have the Asus Eee PC 1000HA I gotta say, I love my Asus. The screen is amazing. It has LED backlighting and it's easy to view from any angle. The screen is also a matte finish so it's easier to see in bright light than my Acer was...
  11. Toronto122

    Cosmos S side fan removal

    I just bought a piece of plexi glass at Home Depot for $10, cut it to fit, drilled the appropriate holes, used the screws that the case came with, and put it all back together. Less than an hours work.
  12. Toronto122

    Evga Classified Build Complete !

    You can monitor the northbridge....Everest works great for me. It shows me how damn hot my NB is in my small case! LOL Nice build dude. A friend of mine just got that board. I'm looking forward to seeing it running. He's also running SLI 280's. Nice board!
  13. Toronto122

    Current state of technology

    My first "real" computer that I owned on my own was an IBM Aptiva with a 166 MMX processor, 32mb of RAM, and a 6gb hard drive. Tomb Raider never looked better! LOL But I've been toying with computers since the '80s in the form of Apple II's and Commodore Pets. A couple of my friends had Vic...
  14. Toronto122

    3x GTX 295 for folding/gaming?

    Folding for a cure: Here's a SHORT summary. More that 500,000 computers around the world are linked together so they can simulate protein folding, an essential biochemical process that controls vital body functions. In other words, they're looking for a cure for cancer. Here's a link...
  15. Toronto122

    What are your other hobbies/passions.

    There are other hobbies? HOLY CRAP!!! I need to get out more! No, seriously, I like home theaters (and I won't read AVS forums), cooking and baking, travel, and anything that goes fast. Big car and bike junkie (not that I can afford anything that I really like). I'm also thinking of getting...
  16. Toronto122

    Post your Desktop!1!!

    I'm not a big fan of desktop icons either. I can never find what I'm looking for!!! It's nothing fancy, but here it is:
  17. Toronto122

    Post your Desktop!1!!

    You're getting very sleepy, you now feel compelled to post a link to that wallpaper...that's right, copy, paste, post....and you'll wake up in 3, 2, 1... you have no memory of anything you've done for the past 15 seconds!!!
  18. Toronto122

    Let me see pics of those mATX and ITX systems!

    This is mine: I don't think I could have jammed this much hardware into a smaller case.
  19. Toronto122

    Cosmos S side fan removal

    I've done it... Just take the screws out of the panel from the inside. The entire mesh panel will come out. From there you can remove the fan, and then re-install the mesh panel. It's quite easy. I replaced mine with a side window.
  20. Toronto122

    Pics from the past...

    Yeah, I noticed that too, it looks like the guy is going over it with a fine tooth comb as though it were a concourse event for computers!