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  1. Moneyless

    i5-3570K, Z77 Gigabyte Mobo, 16 GB Kingston DDR3

    Hello all, After having just upgraded to a Ryzen system, I'm wondering what my old CPU/mobo/RAM would be worth, to sell: Intel i5-3570K Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H (rev. 1.0) Kingston Black 2 x 8 GB DDR3-1600 KHX16C10B1BK2/16X Thanks!
  2. Moneyless

    Want to Sell 2x Dell U2412M monitors, H170-D3HP Mobo

    I prefer EMT, or cash if meeting in-person is OK too. $160 ea. - (2x) Dell U2412M 24" 16:10 1920x1200 IPS monitors I have two Dell U2412M, 1920x1200 16:10 aspect ratio, IPS panel monitors I am selling. Reason for selling them is 'cause I replaced one with a 27" LG 4K monitor, and one with a...
  3. Moneyless

    Want to Sell (Sold) Nikon D3100 DSLR, Tamron 17-50 f/2.8, Nikon 35mm f/1.8G, Nissin Di466 flash

    I'm looking to sell my current Nikon DSLR setup, as I'm looking to go MFT. I'd rather sell locally in-person (GTA), but am willing to go 50/50 on shipping if someone outside the GTA wants it badly enough. I'd rather sell it together as a bundle, but might be willing to part it out... All...
  4. Moneyless

    Want to Sell SOLD - PNY GTX 780 w/ NVIDIA Holiday Game Bundle

    Selling my PNY GTX 780 that I bought this summer. It's exactly this one, bought from Canada Computers on July 8th, 2013. Used it until I recently got two EVGA GTX 780 Ti earlier in November. I am offering it with NVIDIA's current Holiday games bundle which includes Assassin's Creed IV: Black...
  5. Moneyless

    Want to Sell Maveric TubeMagicD1 DAC/Amp

    Money's FS Thread Prices include 50/50 shipping, apart from the monitor since that's really heavy and local meet-up would be a better idea. Nothing at the moment... SOLD Items: G.Skill Ripjaws X 4GBx2 DDR3-1600 CL9-9-9-24 1.5v (F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL) (Near mint) EVGA GeForce...
  6. Moneyless

    Want to Sell 775 CPU, Mobo, RAM, etc.

    Money's FS Thread: LGA775 Stuff and more? Might put up a couple more things for sale if I find anything in the black hole that is my closet/wardrobe. Stay tuned! Verification Pics: ----------------------------------------------------------------------...
  7. Moneyless

    Want to Sell Headphones, KORG Synthesizer, Camera, and more! Money's FS Thread

    Moneyless' FS Thread My Heatware is under Moneyless. I have bought/sold things here many times previously without issue, and I am also a mod over at BlazingPC.com with happy transactions there too. :thumb: --------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------...
  8. Moneyless

    Newegg.ca and UPS brokerage fees?

    :help: Ok real simple question, basically: I want to buy a keyboard from Newegg.ca that I haven't found on any Canadian e-tailers so far. BUT! Since Newegg.ca uses UPS for shipping, I was wondering if UPS charges the same butt-raping brokerage fees they usually do? :censored: Have any of you...
  9. Moneyless

    Your Keyboard Preference?

    So, I was remembering the old dirty-beige IBM Model M (which I later noticed is actually a 1997 membrane model... :blarg:) mechanical keyswitch keyboard we have collecting dust in the closet in my mother's office; and that made me think... what's everyone's favorite type of keyboard? For those...
  10. Moneyless

    HD4890 In The Works

    Source - techPowerUp! News Source - VR-Zone If it really ends up having about the same performance as the GTX 285, but for $199-249 nVIDIA are really going to have to drop the price on their cards... :ph34r: EDIT: I just realized... should this be in the "Press Releases & Tech News"...
  11. Moneyless

    Want to Sell Lots of Money's Stuff

    The following are for sale: :bananafunky: FS terms are at bottom of post. ]--W/C Stuff-- --General Electronics-- --Hardware-- ---------------------------- Payment and Shipping: I accept non-CC Paypal and money orders. I will only ship items once I have received payment. My...
  12. Moneyless

    Fs: E6300, 8800gts G80

    [SOLD] Fs: E6300, 8800gts G80 Update: -> Payment, Shipping, and Terms of Sale info at bottom of post. I accept non-CC Paypal and money orders. I will only ship items once I have received payment. My heatware is under Moneyless. All prices are "OBO" unless stated otherwise, any lowball...
  13. Moneyless

    Wtb: E8400/q6600

    I would like to buy either an E8400 or a Q6600. :whistle: I also have some items which could be thrown-in for trade: Lapped E6300, the one from my sig rig. Foxconn 7600GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI-E Coolermaster eXtreme Power 500W PSU Enzotech Ultra-X Heatsink
  14. Moneyless

    What to DO and NOT DO when building a PC.

    DO's and DON'T's of PC Building Here's the "What to DO and NOT DO when building a PC." Please, post whatever you can think of and I will add it to the first post. :thumb: When building a PC, DO: :thumb: • ...remove all children and pets from the room and contain them somewhere else for the...
  15. Moneyless

    Moneyless' FS Thread

    Welcome to my For Sale thread. :bananafunky: heat: Moneyless (There's not much there, made it not too long ago... :\) If you need some reassurance, I am a member on BlazingPC-Overclocking Forum, with about 5,000 posts and the highest non-Mod reputation. :ph34r:) All prices are excluding...
  16. Moneyless

    The "How well do you know the person above you" Thread.

    Well here's a little forum game we could play. It's not meant to be a popularity contest, this is just for fun. Rate the person who posted above you on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being you don't know them very much, 10 being you know them very well; followed by a short sentence of how you know them...
  17. Moneyless

    Conroe turn on = no display

    Well for some random reason, when i turn on my conroe now, i dont get any display. I didn't change anything, its all like it was, but when i turn it on nothing comes up on my monitor, it just goes to standby. I've tried plugging the monitor cord in the other DVI plug on the gfx card but it does...

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