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    Want to Sell Edmonton area only - i7 920 & two 2x2 GB Mushkin DDR2-800

    Edmonton area only - SOLD These items are for sale only to those who can pick up from me in downtown Edmonton. For now I will not be offering shipping, as that isn't presently worth the hassle for me. Thanx. Payment method is cash only. Intel i7 920 CPU - SOLD Two Mushkin 2x2 GB DDR2-800...
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    OCZ2P1150LV4GK arrived!

    w00! It's been far too long since n7 last had new RAM to play with. :D New babies! Lined up with my Mushkin. I'm too scared to ruin the fun by putting in all 8 GB at once, so i'm playing with kit #1 for now. Subtimings aren't tweaked, so if i was worried about numbers, i could get Everest...
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    Want to Sell Edmonton area only - GTX 280, 8800 GTX, Canon SD200, Corsair 4 GB USB drive

    SOLD BFG GTX 280 OC - SOLD BFG 8800 GTX OC - SOLD Canon PowerShot SD200 - SOLD Corsair Flash Survivor 4 GB (USB drive) - SOLD
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    My Lian LAN is done

    I hate working in small cases... But buddies & i do gaming nights usually every weekend, sometimes it's Wii/XBox360/PS3, other times it's PC gaming. They just built some little MiniATX AMD systems based around this J&W in tiny cases for moving around for our little LAN parties, since moving...
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    Q9xxx OCing...join in with your results!

    I got my new Q9550 a couple weeks ago...been fighting with it ever since :) The gang gets together...the new guy is small, but he packs a punch. Stepping, batch, & the other details. Of course i got an E0 I was trying really hard for 4 GHz, but after spending the last couple weeks...
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    GTX 280 vs. GTX 260 vs. 8800 GTX review

    Review System Specs QX6850 @ 3.6 GHz (9x400) Asus P5Q Deluxe (Ket's mBIOS 1306) 8 GB Mushkin 996580 @ DDR2-960 5-5-15-15 Raptor 150 GB & Seagate 1 TB (games installed on those) Corsair HX1000 1000w Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 BFG 8800 GTX OC clocks: 600/900/1404 eVGA GTX 260 SC clocks...
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    She's a cozy one.

    :ph34r: My apartment's really hot right now, & this chip is pretty much running 10C+ hotter at the exact voltages my Q6700 was :sad: Poopy VID of 1.35v So it's a hot one it seems, but if i can get 3.7 Ghz stable, i won't be too unhappy. Lots more tweaking & testing needed still.
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    FS: DFI Lanparty UT P35-T2R (Edmonton area only)

    Sold This item is for sale only to those who can pick up from me in downtown Edmonton. For now I will not be offering shipping, as it simply isn't worth the hassle for me. Thanx. Payment method is cash only. DFI Lanparty UT P35-T2R - SOLD Mint condition; only used for a few months. All...
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    2x2 GB Crucial & 2 GB Buffalo value RAM OCing mini-review

    I saw some cheap value RAM in 2 GB dimms at a local store, & noticed that the Crucial was Micron D9FTB (Fatbodies, though not the awesome ones). And the Buffalo was actually PowerChips, basically the same stuff as most higher end 2x2 GB kits out there today. I did initial quick testing with...
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    BFG 8800 GTX OC vs. ATi HD 3870 X2 mini-review

    See second post for my take on things, & pics! Review System Specs Q6700 @ 3.5 GHz DFI UT P35-T2R 8 GB @ DDR2-1050 5-5-5-18 Raptor 150 GB & Seagate 1 TB (games installed on those) Vista Ultimate SP1 x64 Drivers Used nVidia Forceware 174.74 (current useable beta driver) AMD Catalyst 8.3...
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    Mushkin XP2-6400 (996580) 4x2 GB testing

    I previously had a 4x2 GB mix of 4 GB of this Mushkin & the 4 GB G.Skill DDR2-800 5-5-5 PQ kit. The G.Skill didn't clock nearly as well though, so it got relegated to use in my HTPC & i bought a second kit of the Mushkin. My P5B Deluxe finally got retired into use in my HTPC as well; it had a...
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    Westinghouse 24" L2410NM - $370

    Best Buy Canada Web Store: Computers: Monitors: Westinghouse 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor (L2410NM) One of the few remaining non-TN panel 24"ers in existence in Canada, & at an amazing price. This display uses an MVA panel, which gives 8-bit color, & true 16.7M colors. Viewing angles will be...
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    Fragapalooza (Edmonton) August 7th - 10th @ Northlands Sportex

    Fragapalooza 2007 Another batch of awesomeness coming this summer once again. :biggrin: