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  1. DkRk

    Periodic Black Screens When Not Gaming

    Hi Everyone. The desktop I occasionally use has been acting oddly for the past year or so. Since I have a little more free time, I'd like to fix it. I'm a little stumped. I'd figure the video card is the culprit but I'll let you all hazard a guess. The specs are: Phenom II 955 @ 3.2 790FX...
  2. DkRk

    Android Guide for Ol' Folks?

    My mom's been wanting an 'iPhone' for ages but it turns out that she thought that was an all-encompassing term for smartphones. So I got her a new Nexus S and it'll be arriving to her in a day or two. In the meantime, I want to know if anyone here can recommend a good guide exists to teach...
  3. DkRk

    Windows Boot Screen Loop of Death

    Right now, I have a laptop that is trying to bend me over a barrel. Windows 7 locked up last night and crashed at the profile login screen and I had to force it to shut down by cutting the power. When I tried rebooting it, it got stuck on the Windows 7 boot up screen and crashed. Now I'm dealing...
  4. DkRk

    Price Checks - Acer Monitor Trio

    I have a trio of 20" monitors that I'd like to sell. One is an Acer V203H that I picked up at the start of 2011. Used several times at the start, but has since sat on its box. acer v203h - Price comparison - Canada's Cheapest Prices= The other two are a pair of Acer X203H's that I bought...
  5. DkRk

    nVidia GTX 470

    I'm considering selling a Zotac 470, with the reference cooler. It has been run overclocked (in varying degrees) during gaming sessions, with MSI Afterburner. Looking at 560ti's, which can be had at the sub-$200 level, I'm thinking about a $130 ceiling? Or am I out to lunch?
  6. DkRk

    SK Tools in Canada?

    Just wondering if any of the Mechanics or Shade Tree'ers at HWC know of a Canadian reseller for SK Tools. A buddy of mine in the US had some of their wares, and dare I say the quality was comparable with some of my Snap-On stuff. (Not that I hold Snap-On in as high a regard as some other...
  7. DkRk

    "Genderless" Baby

    Baby raised without 'gender' sets off debate - CTV News Couple refuses to reveal baby's sex Weird to me, but I've yet to form a real opinion. You'd think they'd at least have let the kid choose his/her name though, because 'Storm' is a dreadful. Or maybe they were predicting a media storm?
  8. DkRk

    nVidia Surround Resolution Oddity

    I have two Acer X203H's and one V203H. All monitors natively support 1600x900. However, with Surround enabled, the maximum resolution is 3840x800, which is strange, even after bezel adjustment. This is well below the maximum and is a 16:9 resolution, so I didn't think I'd encounter any problems...
  9. DkRk

    Cutting it Close for GTX 470 SLI?

    So in the new year, I'm aiming to jump onto the nVidia Surround wagon. However, having poked around, I'm reading some conflicting opinions and information on whether or not my Corsair 750TX would handle a pair of GTX 470's. From what I've seen on charts, including the one from HWC's 470 SLI...
  10. DkRk

    GTX 470/Video/Motherboard Trouble's

    Hello everyone. Today I've been beset with some hardware woes, and I'd like to see if anyone will be able to help me out. Hardware Specs: Phenom 955 C2 MSI-790FX GD70 GSkill Ripjaws 1333, 4GB (2x2GB) Zotac GTX 470/ 2x4870's Corsair 750TX CPU OC'd to 3.6GHz with 18x multipler. Cool n' Quiet...
  11. DkRk

    Hyper 212+ Mounting Question

    Hi guys! So I've got this new system in the works, which has a Phenom 955, MSI 790FX-GD70 and the case for it is a CoolerMaster HAF 922. The Hyper 212 is in the mail, so right now I'm looking at the best way to mount it to keep my system cool. Would it be the typical 'East-West' configuration...

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