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  1. SHaCK

    Water cooling build

    If anyone have an MCP-655 to sell that'd be great, they are not in stock at NCIX, expensive at bigfootcomputer and i'm tired to pay brokerage fees so won't order from the US. Other good pumps are OK too. Thanks! (if you know of any other place that sells them let me know)
  2. SHaCK

    Shocking story...

  3. SHaCK

    Lan Party Time!!!

    It's in "lac st-jean" about 4-5 hours on the road from here, habs game tonight and lanparty time tomorrow in the morning till 16:00 sunday. Me and brother are playing in the cs:s tourney , this is going to be a lot of fun.. first lan party for me. Oh yeah E to go! If you are wondering why...
  4. SHaCK

    WC Gear Stores

    Where do guys shop for your water cooling gears ? I have yet to find a store that has all the product I want, I don't feel like ordering from multiple stores..frozencpu is my best bet so far but it's expensive! Tried : ncix, directcanada, xoxide, bigfootcomputers and tigerdirect thanks in...
  5. SHaCK

    Distributed computing.

    Any plans on starting an HWC folding team ? Once you hit a somewhat high rank as a team that's a good way to advertise the site for free imo. I have some rigs ready to fold for HWC, anyone else ?
  6. SHaCK

    Crucial Rendition DDR2-667 512mb - 40$

    http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=18728&promoid=1061 39.99$ Here's a quote of one the review. In other words, you get a dual-channel kit of DDR2-800 for 80$ ! :shok: 91 left, hurry up.
  7. SHaCK

    Catalyst 7.2

    Talk about an update! Pretty much everything I didn't like about CCC has been fixed right there, VLAMM! And we will certainly not spit on a performance boost eh? (For what it is worth)

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