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    Apple Patents Game Controller and Console Remote(link)

    Get the popcorn ready, cause we might be in for some more iDrama over another iPatent Apple Patents Game Controller and Console Remote | techPowerUp
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    Placebo effect, or actual improvement?(now SLIed)

    So yesterday I changed my PSU and put in a second 560Ti in my rig. I don't have the sli bridge yet, so the second gpu is just free standing in there and basically doing nothing. Yet... I played BF3 last night(same settings as before) and it seemed to run alot smoother?
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    Any local store with SLI bridges in Ottawa?

    Any local store with SLI bridges in Ottawa? I'd like to avoid getting one shipped from Ncix.
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    Enermax 850

    I just got my hand on a Enermax 850. That thing weights. Should I have passed? My quick research seemed to indicate they are decent units.
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    Want to Buy niet

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    Wiring a 4 gang electrical box

    I about to wire the location where all my home theater stuff will reside. I want to avoid using power bars and plan on simply having many outlets in a gang box. I'd like to have 4 receptacles, giving me 8 outlets. First and foremost, is it against code to have such a setup? Second, is the...
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    Fedex deliveries...

    If you haven't seen it yet... FedEx delivery man disciplined for throwing computer monitor over fence | Daily Buzz - Yahoo! News
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    Want to Buy uber cheap laptop

    I'm looking for a super cheap laptop. I'm not looking for any kind of powerhouse. It doesn't need a huge hdd, nor does it need a gazillion gigabytes of ram. It would be nice if it's battery could hold a charge, but as long as it comes with its power supply, I'm not too concerned about the...
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    Wondering which video card to get for BF3?

    Then this link may be helpful. Battlefield 3 Performance: 30+ Graphics Cards, Benchmarked - http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/battlefield-3-graphics-performance,3063.html
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    home theater cables in Ottawa

    I usually order my cabling stuff from Monoprice, but their Shipping rates are outrageous for what I need this time. Where are the deals for hdmi, toslink, and dvi cables in or around Ottawa?
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    Gaming in 3D, is it worth it?

    Next investments in my computer will be video card and possibly monitors. Is 3d gaming actually worth it? How much does screen size affect the 3d experience? Needed stuff to run it. Video card that does 3D Monitors that do 3D(what about multi-monitor 3D?) Stupid 3D glasses Games that can play...
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    Can I run BF3? Post your specs and results

    Probably anyone can run BF3. Only difference will be how enjoyable the game is under your own system specs. Someone said this: So lets have a thread. No discussion, no questions, no anything. In this thread, post your specs and results(with or without screenshots). Save the chatting for...
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    Caviar black? Caviar Blue? Salmon orange? - Updated with shameless plug

    I just want a hard drive to install my games and VMs... Sata 6gb, 500gb or more in the 50$ range Long gone are the days when you only had 2 options... Seagate or WD.
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    Interact Online and NCIX

    So hmm... I want to order from NCIX and pay interact, but the option isn't there in the Method of Payment page? Is there something special I need to do? Nvm... it looks like they take that option away when you request a price match:angry2:
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    My possible build... to order today before I change my mind

    MSI P67A-G43 @ 124.99 2500k @ 238.98 (PM BestDirect @ 208.79) G.Skill Ripjaws X Fw blah blah blah 2x4gb @ 50.51 (PM BestDirect @ 47.18) 381$ gets me a new system. I think that's awesome. And free shipping thanks to the mobo. It should burry my current Q6600. Right? Basically what I'm doing...
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    Want to Sell SOLD! - Complete 775 setup. Q6600, EP45-DS3L, 8gb Patriot - SOLD!

    Selling as a whole only. Q6600 G0 Giga EP45-DS3L 4x2gb Patriot Topped with a Freezer pro to keep it all nice and cool. If you install it as is, and don't touch anything, it should run at 3.15ghz and idle in the low 30s. 200$ shipped. The price is firm. I accept EMT, or cash in hand. SOLD
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    775 setup

    Q6600 G0 Giga EP45-DS3L 4x2gb Patriot DDR2-1066 As a combo? 200?
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    Logitech G300

    So Logitech is releasing its new mouse. The G300 Logitech® Gaming Mouse G300 Seems weird. It's now ambidextrous, so there are no thumb buttons anymore :doh: They dropped the 5700dpi Laser sensor for a 2500dpi optical sensor By the looks of the "screenshot" the Software changed... again...
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    Anyone else here on AEI internet service?

    If you're on AEI internet service... have you noticed a sudden rise in latency past 8:30pm this week? I'm usually in the 30-50ms, but this week, after 8:30pm it's been averaging 200ms:angry2: I even get auto-kicked from some BFBC2 servers because of it... Servers I've been playing for...
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    Want to Buy DDR2 sticks of 2gb or 4gb - Found

    I'm looking for sticks of DDR2. 800mhz is fine, but I'd like something faster. I'm not quite sure how much money I'm looking at spending yet, but I'll consider a wide range of stick configurations such as : 2 x 2gb 4 x 2gb 2 x 4gb 4 x 4gb My current setup consists of 4 x 1gb @ 800mhz, so I'm...

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