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    GTX 1070 OC 8GB

    I'm just wondering what a fair price would be for a GTX 1070 8GB, be it stock or an overclock or superclock variant.
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    Assorted Phones (OPO, G3, G4, V20, P10, S7, iPhone 7, Pixel 2)

    Hi all, I have a gaggle of phones of varying states from various sources that I'm looking to move, but I don't really know what good prices are, and I'm not getting any bites on Kijiji, so any insight would be appreciated. Here's the list, in order of worth I guess: Pixel 2 128GB (brand new...
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    Mixed CPUs (few i7s)

    I have a few Intel CPUs lying around, I suspect only the newer ones have any value, but don't know what the going rates are even for those ones :haha:. i7 6850K (BNIB) i7 4790K I still have the old pulls from years ago when I upgraded two computers and a laptop: i7 2670QM 1050T Q9550
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    i7 970 + X58 Sabertooth + 8GB DDR3 Combo

    A friend is thinking of selling his old computer and wondering about prices. Hasn't decided if he'll move the whole thing or just part out the CPU, mainboard, and RAM. No idea about prices for the CPU, and the mobo prices can't be as high a as I see on eBay. Any suggestions on reasonable prices...
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    Asus Z87-A Motherboard

    Any idea what gently used, like new with box and all accessories Asus Z87-A should sell for?
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    iPhone 5c 16GB

    Is an unlocked iPhone 5c 16GB worth anything? Or should it just be traded into to the local BestBuy?
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    Crucial MX100 500GB & Samsung 850 1TB

    Thinking of moving one of these SSDs and don't really know their value. Crucial MX100 500GB (less than 6 months of use in a home PC). Samsung 850 Pro 1TB (only connected to run Samsung tools, otherwise new).
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    Want to Buy Found. Thanks to SSWilson for the tip!

    PC found! Thanks to SSWilson for the idea =D. I'd like a few other things listed below but none are urgent. Definitely useful: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Modules for Desktop and Laptop (8GB or larger size sticks only, no 2x4GB kits etc.) 480GB or larger SSDs (decent SSD such as the Crucial M500 M550...
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    R9 290 Video Cards

    In the process of finding GPUs for upgrades I've come across several cards, having first gotten a 4 pack of 280Xs which I parlayed into a pair of 290s and cash, and then I bought a set of R9 290X cards. I also know 2 guys getting out of the mining game and have cards to move. Thinking of...
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    Insanity: Toew & Kane signed at 84 million, 8 year, NMC

    I don't know what the Hawks are smoking. Didn't we just have a lockout for this kind of crap? Kane and Toews are far from being the best players in the league and now they're the highest paid ones. You can offer any one, or even two of large dollar value, long term, or a no trade/no movement...
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    1090T & Q9550 GPU Limitations?

    Hiya folks. I have a friend looking to upgrade the system I sold her about 4 years ago for gaming. She's looking to run Skyrim and Wolfenstein TNO at the moment, and I'm trying to figure out the best bang for the buck upgrade route. System Specs: Thuban 1090T @ 3.8GHz Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3...
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    Misc. Laptop Parts: i3-3110M, RAM, Drives

    I have some laptop parts lying around either due to upgrade or pulls from defective laptops, just wondering if they're worth anything. Need to do some clearance. CPUs: i7-2670QM (used pull) i3-3110M (new, replaced right after purchase with an i7) RAM SoDIMM: 4GB DDR3 (assorted pulls, some...
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    Sapphire Radeon R9 290 4GB DDR5 GPU (21227-00-40G)

    Hi all. Just wondering what a fair price for a vanilla Sapphire Radeon R9 290 (21227-00-40G) card would be? Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Video Card at TigerDirect.ca There's a guy with a pair he used for bitcoin mining for a bit under 6 months and he's liquidating now. What would be a reasonable...
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    Assorted Case & PSU values?

    I have a few cases and PSUs sitting in my old place I'm thinking I should use/get rid of. What do you guys think they're worth? PSUs: 1 x Antec TP650 (new) 1 x Corsair 620HX (new) 1 x Enermax ENP450AST (new) 1 x Corsair 450VX (used) 1 x OCZ Fatal1ty 750W (used) 1 x BFG GS-450 (used) Cases: 1...
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    What's a fair asking price for a Corsair 950TX and OCZ Fatality 700W?

    Hi all, I posted something similar to this on off-topic a while ago but didn't really get much feedback. I'm looking to possibly move a pair of Corsair 950TX 950W PSUs, and an OCZ Fatal1ty 700W, and I'm just wondering what I could get for them, as in what would be a fair asking price, before I...
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    Fair prices for used TX950s, TP-650s, OCZ700FTY PSUs?

    Hi all, I made an abortive attempt to sell some stuff earlier, so to avoid any other 'snafus' by myself, I was wondering what fair prices would be for the assorted medley of PSUs I have lying around. In the past I've sort of just used them as I do builds, but I've accumulated quite a few PSUs...
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    Want to Sell Items Removed

    Hi all, this is the official 'help contribute to my RRSPs cause I spent too much last year' sale. I have two items up for now, and will likely add more items as I find them and photograph them. I apologize for the quality of the photos since they were taken with crappy phone. I'm new to this...
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    Cheap Canadian Retailer for MX-2 30g Tube?

    Does anyone know a good Canadian retailer where I can grab a 30g tube of Arctic MX-2 at a good price? Best I've found so far is Anitec.ca at $26.95 Lots of places in the US selling 30g tubes for $17 though :blarg:
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    Corsair CC600T or Cooler Master Haf X 942?

    Hi everybody! (*best Dr. Nick Riviera impersonation voice*) I have two cases sitting next to the door at the moment, a Corsair CC600T and a Cooler Master Haf X, and I have to decide which one to keep, and which one to sell. Torn between the two so I figured I'd toss a thread up and let...
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    More RAM vs. Tighter Timings

    Hi Everybody, Just a quick question. Doing a build with a 1090T and M4A89GTD Pro and have a choice between two kits of RAM to use. Was wondering what kind of difference I'd see, and which would be better between: Corsair XMS3 3x2GB 1600MHz CAS7 1T, down clocked to 1333MHz and tightened...