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  1. Silvgearx

    I5 combo

    Hi Guys, 1.Combo i5 3450 + h61M-ds2h 2x2 GB generic samsung ram. no more original boxes. Thanks.
  2. Silvgearx

    Main components

    Need a check on a few sets. I7 2600 chip only (locked multiplier) Motherboard P67-GD80 (B3) 2x4 DDR3 1600 I5 3450 chip only Motherboard H61-S2H 2x2 ddr3 samsung no heatsink 1600mhz AMD II x4 620 GA-785GM-US2H rev 1 2x2GB DDR2 800mhz XFX ATI Radeon HD 4770 Going to keep 1 system. :haha...
  3. Silvgearx

    i7 2600 oem

    Hi, Need a price on a I7 2600 (non K) Also got a P67-GD65 B3
  4. Silvgearx

    General Price check.

    I7 2600k Pentium G630 2 x 2GB DDR3 pc3-10600 M378b5773cho-ch9 Athlon II x4 620 PH II x2 555 2x2 g.skills 1333 1.5v red ripjaws i5 650 Thanks all. :canadianwave:
  5. Silvgearx

    i7 2600k MSI P67

    I7 2600k MSI P67A-GD65 B3 2x2gb PnY DDR3 :ph34r: Thanks.
  6. Silvgearx

    Want to Sell ddr3, pentium G630

    Pentium G630 (cpu only) -Hold. :ph34r: 2 x 2GB DDR3 pc3-10600 M378b5773cho-ch9 - $30 PH II x2 550 (cpu only) -:bananafunky: Sold :bananafunky: i7 2600k - Sold to a great guy. Location: Finch/Kennedy for local. Shipping is extra. 5ilvgearx | HeatWare.com
  7. Silvgearx

    Want to Buy Linksys WRT54GL (GTA)

    Looking to buy a WRT54GL in the GTA Preferably one that has already been flashed to tomato.
  8. Silvgearx

    Core 2 duo/Athlon II vs Sandy/Ivy Dual cores?

    3.0 sandy/ivy vs 4ghz C2D 2mb cashe/ Athlons IIs Gonna be using a gtx 260 or GT520 The G860 caught my eye for $60.
  9. Silvgearx

    Want to Buy Coin for DDR2 LOL

    Looking for some DDR2 ram 512mb for an ancient motherboard. Paying a buck or two. Coin will be mailed via Canada Post. :whistle: I need 2-4 sticks.
  10. Silvgearx

    2 x WD Black 1tb

    What is go rate for a 1tb black harddrive. both are purchase around 2009. Also have a 1tb hitachi. thanks for your time. The blacks are the 32mb version.
  11. Silvgearx

    Smartphone back up options?

    I am just wondering how are people backing up there smartphones, sms, contacts, ect. I currently only use the SMS backup app and save contact on to Gmail. Is there an easy to to back up the whole phone? Or what backup procedures do the elite PC enthusiast use. :biggrin: If you know a great...
  12. Silvgearx

    Are you JDM as F***??

    I saw this sticker on a POS 9th gene Civic in Calgary. He even had the fake SI sticker. :shok::shok::shok: WTF?? :blarg:
  13. Silvgearx

    Asus Xonar Essence STX Driver.

    Hi, I notice there are a few people that have this card in there profile. :thumb: Just wondering what driver version are you running? I just updated to Version: and it seems to have some crackling problem with windows sound.(like when you click/open folders.) I been using Version...
  14. Silvgearx

    Want to Buy Socket 1156/1155 Bolt-Thru-Kit For TRUE120

    I need a bolt thru for socket 1156/1155 for my TRUE 120 Black. Seems like there EOL, I can't seem to find them anywhere in Canada. :sad: Or if anyone know if a retailer has them please sent me link. Thanks. Here is the link to Thermalright's bolt thru-kits.
  15. Silvgearx

    phenom II 790x 4gb + case? lol

    Phenom II x2 550 unlocks to quad. Been running it at 3.4ghz 1.325volts rock solid for 3 years. :bananafunky: 4gb ddr2 mushkin redlines ga-ma790x-ud4p Also have a CoolerMaster Storm Enforcer for combo buyer for $5 + $35 shipping(with cpu,mobo, rams.) :biggrin: Case is in like new condition. I...
  16. Silvgearx

    Combining Video files and editing software recommendations?

    Hi, I got some old files from a friends cam recorder and its in a mess. She wants me to combine the files, after looking at it there are a lot of leg scenes too, looking to cut them out and put it on a DVD. I need a easy to use and preferably open source for a video editor and a combine...
  17. Silvgearx

    Want to Buy Socket 939 motherboard

    ISO socket 939 motherboard with AGP. Shipping to T0J 2P0
  18. Silvgearx

    DotA 2

    Defense of the Ancients 2! The top playing game on steam and no thread? :sad: I got 429 hours on it. :bleh: Probably over 9000 in DotA 1. :ph34r:
  19. Silvgearx

    Want to Sell Visiontek agp 3650

    Hi. Hate to sell my precious, and I no longer have a job. Have to sell some stuff to help with the upgrade itch. I prefer EMT. Since the BST Itrader is dead. I also happen to have Heatware and some feedback at RFD forums. 5ilvgearx | HeatWare.com Shure SRH840 - Sold These cans have been...
  20. Silvgearx

    Want to Buy PCIE card with HDMI

    Need a PCIE GPU that has HDMI. Any will do. Will be used to play Bejeweled blitz 1280x720. Something better then intel's 945 IGP. :haha: Shipping to T0J 2P0 Prefer to pay by paypal. Since I got some funds in there. No fees.