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  1. Hooded

    Completed Red Team OverKill HTPC

    Hey guys, figured I'd post some pics of a rig I have finally finished. So this is a Red Team build and will be used as an OverKill HTPC for my bedroom. Movies surfing and some light gaming will be all it does. Think I'm going to install Windows 10 on it for shits and giggles. Will be hooked...
  2. Hooded

    Canadian DRAM Class Action

    Well surprize surpirze, some companies were conspiring to price fix DRAM between 1999 and 2002. Get your $20 dollar minimum refund fund :clap: @ https://www.themoneyismine.ca/ The site contains full details
  3. Hooded

    Is Your Flash Player Secured?

    I was doing some looking around Adobe's site and found this handy little tool. This is the only way I've come across to setup security for the flash player Globaly across all your browsers and instances of the Flash player. Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager - Global Privacy Settings Panel...
  4. Hooded

    Estimated TPF

    Can anyone enlighten me as to what this Estimated TPF stands for in the [email protected] Control panel client v7.3.2? Thanks
  5. Hooded

    Koolances New Reservoirs with Pump Mounts

    I don't understand? I'm a Industrial Millwright by trade for 30yrs, and this is something that just isn't done. Why does the new Koolance - Liquid Cooling System RP-1250 and the RP-401X2, RP-452X2 5¼" Reservoirs with pump mounting, all mount the pumps upside down? Have the engineers at...
  6. Hooded

    Work in progress Hooded's CM Storm Stryker

    Hooded's Stryker Welcome to my build log. Hopefully there will be some good pictures, modders porn, for some and a little humor at times. Although I'm not much at jokes, I do manage to get the odd one in there. So I won this CM Storm Stryker in the only Canadian Watercooling store Daz Mode's...
  7. Hooded

    Link to store?

    I just went to the HWC store to checkout some hats and T's I had clicked the Store link on the main menu and arrived at http://store1.hardwarecanucks.com/store/index.cfm I think thats like a old page or something. I think the 1 needs to be removed from that menus link inorder to get to the...
  8. Hooded

    Intel Committed to Sockets

    Just read this article at Maximum PC's site. Looks like all the hype was nothing more than Internet rumors. Intel Says Company Committed to Sockets | Maximum PC So computer enthusiasts can rest easy.:biggrin:

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