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    Matebook X Pro?

    Did anyone here get a Matebook X Pro, and if so, what do you think so far? I got mine a couple of months ago. I do like it, very light, yet feels sturdy. The fingerprint scan/power button works great, good battery life, comfortable keyboard. The touchpad is good, but even after playing with its...
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    Printed all my plastic parts, got all my bolts and bearings, time to start assembling! The goal is to cut frames for 3D printers :biggrin: https://www.v1engineering.com/specifications/
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    Best clean for plexi?

    Hi... what would your suggestion be to clean plexi tinted by coloured cooling liquid? Is there a product available, or is dish soap good enough? I don't want to scratch it either.
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    USD MailIn Rebate

    So I got my $10 USD mail-in rebate for a computer part I bought... it's on one of those temporary/gift card "credit card". How can I use this? Without knowing the exact amount to charge in CAD, not sure how I can use this card, online or retail.
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    EconoFil Filament

    Wondering if anyone has experience with the EconoFil PLA filament from filaments.ca? I bought 8 spools at $15.95 each, just enough to get free shipping. The plastic breaks easily, usually by itself at the beginning or end of a job, while pulling from the extruder through the enclosure. It did...
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    3D Printing sub?

    I might not be seeing it, is there a section for 3D printing discussions? Or is that considered off-topic for this site? Do we have a Canadian resource for 3D Printing to talk about stuff?
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    My. Head. Hurts.

    I sooo don't understand... now we have an iPhone 8 AND an iPhone X (ten)... WTF? And still no USB C connector (or Thunderbolt in Apple Speak). I mean... I... wut... sure, upgraded processor and gpu... how fast can it possibly need to be? A glass back? when those break.. they really break... and...
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    1080ti price beginning to drop?

    Wanted to buy an ASUS ROG STRIX 1080ti OC and Newegg.ca was the cheapest a couple of weeks ago at $1,004. I asked to be notified when they received more in stock, got the notification last week, and it was listed at $959. I hesitated because I wondered if it would drop more... but no one else...
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    Where To Buy?

    Hi all... where do you guys mostly buy your supplies from for a new build? I've ordered a bunch of stuff from DazMode but I'd like to buy stuff like cable sleeves in larger quantity and (hopefully) save a few bucks, instead of buying "per feet". For small quantities it's fine, but where do you...

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