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  1. CanadaRox

    EVGA X58 LE Network Issues

    I have been having some minor problems with this board since I got it... Started out running fine, no problems at all. Then it would randomly start giving me an error on boot that no operating system could be found, and press ctrl alt del to reboot. I'd then launch the recovery software from...
  2. CanadaRox

    SLI on Any Chipset

    Just saw this over on Hackaday and I figured there would be some people interested in it here. Here is the post from Hackaday: And the link to the website explain how it can be done: Project xDevs: Êîíòåíò / Ïóáëèêàöèè è ñòàòüè / Activating NVIDIA SLI on all motherboards, detailed HOW-TO So...
  3. CanadaRox

    Project: Black and White

    Another Corsair Obsidian work log!! I ordered everything I need from NCIX and P-PCs last night, and I'll be getting the RAM from CanadaComputers when I get the NCIX order. The general specs (you'll find out more when I get the parts :ph34r:): i7 920 D0 6GB DDR3 XFX 4890, thanks to the HWC/NCIX...
  4. CanadaRox

    AMD Radeon HD 5870 PCI-Express Scaling Review [TPU]

    Source: techPowerUp :: AMD Radeon HD 5870 PCI-Express Scaling Review :: Page 1 / 26 Seems to me like x8 2.0 is still plenty for the 5870 as it only drops performance by ~2%. Even x4 2.0 is fairly close to full speed giving a ~5% drop in performance. This also leads me to believe that 5870X2...
  5. CanadaRox

    Short Stroke RAID0 vs SSD

    I'm starting to look into what I am going to be doing with my next rig, but I wasn't sure about storage. I need around 100-200GB for all my games and programs. The two options I am considering are: 4 x Seagate 500GB 7200.12 short stroked to 50GB each in RAID0 - $220 for 200GB 120GB OCZ Vertex...
  6. CanadaRox

    MA790XT-UD4P & Patriot DDR3-1600 CL7

    I'm having some trouble getting this memory to run at its rated speed with the Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P and Phenom II X3. This is the RAM: NCIX.com - Buy Patriot Viper Extreme Performance 4GB DDR3 2X2GB PC3-12800 DDR3-1600 CL 7-7-7-20 EPP2.0 Memory Kit - PVS34G1600LLKN In Canada. I have the CPU...
  7. CanadaRox

    Gaming Rig for a Friend

    I'm building a rig for my friend and I figured I'd see if anyone has any suggestions for it before I order this coming week. All parts are either sale prices or price matched already. CPU: NCIX.com - Buy AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition Triple Core Processor AM3 2.8GHZ 7.5MB Cache 95W 45NM...
  8. CanadaRox

    Want to Sell QX9650 + WTB/WTT 45nm Dualcore

    I was originally planning on putting my X3350 into my LANBox that I'm making, but I figured a cheap dual core would be more suitable. So I've moved my X3350 into my main PC and I'm selling my QX9650. I had it at 4.2GHz with my P5Q-E so it does clock well. I'm asking $475 shipped, but if...
  9. CanadaRox

    GA-EP45-UD3P 435FSB wont post

    I've had this motherboard for a while but only just recently decided to bother overclocking past 3.6GHz (waste of a QX at that speed). The problem I am having is quite odd. I am able to post at 434MHz x 9 perfectly fine, and it is two hours OCCT stable and increasing. But when I try 435MHz it...
  10. CanadaRox

    Want to Buy Cheap 775 motherboard

    I'm looking for anyone who wants to get rid of any P45/750i or better motherboards. I'm going to use the motherboard in a second PC for LAN's and it'll have a X3350 (Q9450) so anything lower than P45 and it wont overclock too well. Hoping to spend around $100.
  11. CanadaRox

    Quake Live

    Any players here? For those that don't know, QUAKE LIVE is a free FPS based on Quake 3 but it runs in the browser and is free. Not the best graphics but its a fun and extremely fast paced. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't tried it already.
  12. CanadaRox

    Motherboard for a QX9650

    Well my P5Q-E died today, and from what I have heard, ASUS's RMA takes a long time :sad:. I don't really want to be stuck with only my laptop for a long time, so I'm going to just get another motherboard, and sell my P5Q-E once I get it back from the RMA. I am planning on just getting another...
  13. CanadaRox


    I was thinking of using my Atom rig that I was planning to use as a router as a HTPC, but I don't think the 1.6GHz Atom 330 and 945G onboard is capable of 1080p playback. The problem is, the motherboard only has a single PCI expansion slot, which leaves my choices for GPU rather limited. I was...
  14. CanadaRox

    New Server......Drool.....not sure where this thread would go.

    Sounds like a pretty sweet upgrade! Hopefully you'll be able to get a few wPrime runs in to show us all up! And QFT!! (I'd love to see pics of all that power and RAM!)
  15. CanadaRox

    Voltmod HD4800 & GT200 through RivaTuner!

    Any damage to your computer from this guide is your own fault. I take no responsibility! I found this over at XS and thought there would be some users interested here as well. Pretty much, it lets you change the voltage of any GPU with a Volterra VT1103/VT1105/VT1165 voltage regulator. It...
  16. CanadaRox

    PS3 and DVDs

    I got a PS3 (40GB) last week and was planning on using it to play the DVDs scaled up to 1080p, but my brother seems to think that playing DVDs causes more wear on the laser than Blurays do. Now since I've never heard anything like this, except from him saying that his friend had two PS3s die on...
  17. CanadaRox

    Dry Ice and Liquid Cooling?

    So after pushing my QX9650/4870 to their limits on water (and stock voltage for the 4870). So since my brother is getting my some soldering equipment for Christmas, I plan to voltmod my 4870 to get some more juice out of it. On hwbot, the top single 4870 score 22512, done with a QX9650 (and...
  18. CanadaRox

    X3350 (q9450) + Di

    I got some dry ice on Friday for an overclocking session today. I was originally planning on overclocking my friends P4 630, but it didn't want to go too far. Whether the chip itself or the combination of a P4 and a P45, I just couldn't manage to get it any higher than 313MHz FSB. So I moved...
  19. CanadaRox

    FS: DFI X38, EVGA 8800GTX, and a few old parts

    Selling a few different things for a few different reasons..... Mobo sale is on hold currently. Starting with my current motherboard, my DFI LP LT X38-T2R. I'm obsessed with upgrading my PC (some might call it an addiction) and I'm feeling the upgrade itch and all of my other parts are newer...
  20. CanadaRox

    Cheap Office PC

    My dad needs another PC for his office so I put together a parts list for a cheap PC meant general office use (email, Microsoft Office, a few simple programs). I've got pretty much everything together. I normally couldn't post prices (NCIX Premiere partner), but luckly everything is either...

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