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  1. DkRk

    Galaxy Note 3 from Telus

    As mentioned above me, maybe look into the Nexus 5. It's a great phone that is friendlier to hands than the Note 3. It'll run $350 up front from Google Play store, but that's the flat, total cost of the phone. You can then go with a brand like Koodo and save 10% off your monthly bill with it...
  2. DkRk

    No one owes you a living

    More Than a Quarter of Fast-Food Workers Are Raising a Child - Jordan Weissmann - The Atlantic Fast food for thought.
  3. DkRk

    Galaxy Note 3 from Telus

    I use a Note 2 every day and the Note 3 is actually thinner and slightly narrower. I love the phone but the size isn't for everyone. Unless your hands are large, one-hand operation is near impossible and that can be a problem for a lot of people. Plus, it's not very pocketable so if she wants to...
  4. DkRk

    Anyone use Wind Mobile? $40 Unlimited everything seems absurdly good.

    Based on his language proficiency, I'm surprised he made it past the account creation captcha code.
  5. DkRk

    camera options

    I've used my buddy's Sony NEX-F3 a few times and I've come away very impressed with the photos. It's been reviewed quite well too. It is out of your range at regular price, but I've seen it go for ~$390'ish on sale. You can probably get it cheaper if you keep tabs at RedFlagDeals with the...
  6. DkRk

    Is it just me or are the new consoles disapointing?

    I think people are more jaded nowadays. It used to be a new console promised all kinds of new gameplay experiences and worlds to discover. Now, I think they're viewed as a revolving door for brown, unimaginative AAA shooters. It doesn't help that both new consoles have all this 'social media'...
  7. DkRk

    Periodic Black Screens When Not Gaming

    Appears I spoke too soon. The ATI card has given up the ghost. Civ4 just caused the game to artifact and make my monitor go disco-rave on me. The computer still turns on but that card can't make it past the BIOS splash without artifacting and then causing the screen to go black. Fun day.
  8. DkRk

    Periodic Black Screens When Not Gaming

    I've had the side panel off for ages out of sheer laziness. :ph34r: So there's a lot of cool air for the card. I did take out the card a couple days ago and blew out what little dust was inside with compressed air. So while I don't think it's a heat issue, I'll definitely try the Afterburner...
  9. DkRk

    Periodic Black Screens When Not Gaming

    I checked and I was already running 'high performance.' Anything hibernation or sleep related was already off. I'll do the Memtest thing tonight. I did run the program overnight at the beginning of the year thinking my memory was the culprit but nothing came of it. Won't hurt to check again...
  10. DkRk

    Periodic Black Screens When Not Gaming

    Hi Everyone. The desktop I occasionally use has been acting oddly for the past year or so. Since I have a little more free time, I'd like to fix it. I'm a little stumped. I'd figure the video card is the culprit but I'll let you all hazard a guess. The specs are: Phenom II 955 @ 3.2 790FX...
  11. DkRk

    Best pizza places in Burnaby, BC

  12. DkRk

    Nexus 5

    Preliminary photos are looking very promising. I don't think anyone is expecting iPhone 5S quality for $349 but something that can run with an S3 or even S4 would be great!
  13. DkRk

    Another Assault Rifle Shooting LAX

    Socio-economic and healthcare factors are the major issues at play, in addition to an increasingly scary culture of hyper-individualism that is becoming pervasive in American society. This is why I'm quite miffed when people say our country needs to make large cuts to health/welfare and the...
  14. DkRk

    Nexus 5

    Tempting but I'll be waiting on reviews about battery life. After the N4, I hope Google stepped up its game. Ditto for the camera too.
  15. DkRk

    Whoa, nice Dell Tablets

    200 bucks for a 32GB 8" tablet is pretty darn good!
  16. DkRk

    BlackBerry to cut 4500 Jobs ....

    The Q10 is a nice device and I'll always have an affinity for the hardware keyboards of my old Blackberries. If they made it with Android, I'd buy it outright.
  17. DkRk

    Best Gaming Chat Software

    I use Skype, because many people have it and it's easier to get my more casual, non-gamer friends into an MP game. Many people just don't like to install and configure something new.
  18. DkRk

    Ben Affleck is the New Batman, Thoughts?

    The Town & Argo. People were exactly the same way about Ledger. Doubly so, because he just happened to have played a gay cowboy too. And maybe Affleck will do the same for Batman. Just like Ledger, we won't know until it hits theatres. Because actors clearly are the only thing that make a...
  19. DkRk

    Ben Affleck is the New Batman, Thoughts?

    Give him a chance. He's a pretty accomplished actor. I remember the rage when Heath Ledger was casted as the Joker. He turned out an excellent performance. I also remember people saying Clooney would be a natural. We got bat nipples and a lazy performance. There's more anger about this...
  20. DkRk

    I need some advice

    This almost sounds like something you ought to take to a 'go public' reporter at a news outlet. If this hasn't happened before then you can make the argument that they didn't plan properly and you're paying the price for their incompetence. It's ludicrous that you're being hassled over a $6 fine...

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