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    Want to Sell NVIDIA 9400GT 1GB by Sparkle 70$ CAN

    NVIDIA 9400GT 1GB by Sparkle 70$CAN TORONTO <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I am Selling the Sparkle 9400GT 1GB by Sparkle PCI-E SLOT for 70$ CAN. With that i will include a DVI to VGA adapter for free. The video card is USED but in great shape. Core Clock: 550 MHz Memory...
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    9800GTX+ Should i step-up to GTX470?

    Hello im here to ask a question about my 9800GTX+ as you read the title i want to use the EVGA Step-up program to get the GTX470. im not going for the gtx480 cuz it would be an overkill for me (gtx470 is cool enough :thumb: ) so my EVGA 9800GTX+ cost like 160$ and the EVGA GTX470 cost 349.99...