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  1. jalmir

    Completed Cooler Master Devastator II backlight mod + USB hub

    So, a recent purchase of mine was a Cooler Master Davastator II but a big complaint with it is the fact that they made the Scroll Lock key the backlight toggle. So if you're using softwares that use Scroll Lock (like Excel) this gets annoying VERY fast, also, the backlights have to be toggled...
  2. jalmir

    Buying a 4670k ...

    Found a 4670k for $135 USD shipping included (so around 180 CAD). Seems like a great deal (legitimate seller on a US forum, no explanation why it's so cheap) ... So, yay or nay??? BTW, already have a Z motherboard so no problems for overclocking, except I now have to find a decent cooler as...
  3. jalmir

    Work in progress Arduino Distance Meter

    I started sourcing the parts I need, fortunately I will be in China soon (around November), so instead of buying on eBay or Aliexpress, I'm buying on TaoBao and having the parts delivered at my in-laws' place (in China)! I will be making 2 of these, second one will be as a gift to a family...
  4. jalmir

    MintChip - Canadian-made digital cash

    Not sure if it's in the right section, so mods, please feel to move it to the right section if it's the case! So I just saw that on CBC, apparently the Royal Canadian Mint now has an app that lets you transfer digital cash for free? It's called MintChip, it's operated by nanoPay and they...
  5. jalmir

    The "leftover" build

    I recently upgraded to 1150, so I basically have a LGA775 Core 2 Quad left laying around, only thing I bought was the motherboard (years ago for $50) and a GTX470 last week to have a complete PC... This is going to be a gaming PC for my teenage godson. I plan on giving it to him at Christmas...
  6. jalmir

    My budget gaming build

    My current PC is an old C2Q Q9400, it's OK but it's getting old! I started buying parts here and there to update to Haswell, so what I now have is this; i3-4170 ($68 was told it was "used" but was actually BNIB) 2x4GB DDR3 2400 Avexir Core Series ($40 brand new) Asus Z87-PLUS ($65) Seasonic...
  7. jalmir

    WD MyCloud 8TB review question ...

    Just saw the video on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWL8NCk5FLw) What left me with a question was when Dimitry complained about the NAS changing IP because of the router's DHCP ... why would anyone not reserve an IP address for a NAS? Like the majority of users out there (I guess) I...
  8. jalmir

    HWC forum cookie problem ... darn Chrome!

    Seems I've been having problems with Chrome handling cookies for the forum for a while, not sure why. It even started on my phone yesterday!!! Basically I open the forum main page (http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/) from a new Chrome tab (either my bookmark or from the new tab "most...
  9. jalmir

    NAS - Windows 10 BSOD when transferring.

    Finally setup my first NAS, OMV on an old Dell Optiplex C2D (I had the parts laying around and had been thinking about it for over a year now!) So I decided to backup a few things to the NAS, that included a project library of different programming languages, not a big folder but it contains...
  10. jalmir

    Lightsaber Escape (With Google)

    Amazing demo of integration! You play on your PC and your phone is your lightsaber!!! Lightsaber Escape: https://lightsaber.withgoogle.com/ I just tried with my Huawei Y6, took a few tries but I was able to play a little :biggrin:
  11. jalmir

    Forbes : Why Windows 10 will stay free

    Apparently Win10 adoption rates have fallen behind (even lower than Win 7 rates) interesting article, there are good points as to why Microsoft might extend Windows 10 free offer. 'Free' Windows 10 Has An Expensive Secret
  12. jalmir

    Galaxy Note 4 anyone??? *jk*

    Now that's a LOT of note 4s!!!! :biggrin: Long story short, my company wasn't happy with the previous provider, switched to them then back to old provider, all in 1 month! lol
  13. jalmir

    Want to Sell -SOLD- i3-4170

    SOLD thanks for watching. $70+shipping (can meet up locally) Used i3-4170 (3.7Ghz) LGA1150 Come with the original box, Intel HSF Works perfectly, only selling because a 4670k took it's place.
  14. jalmir

    China here I am!

    In the airport right now, going to Toronto then straight to Shanghai! The family and I will be there 3 weeks! Last time was 2010!!! We're taking Air Canada because it was the cheapest, last time going through the US was cheaper but now with the dollar at 76-77¢ it's not worth it. :punk:
  15. jalmir

    Canada Post .. drive-thru???

    Canada Post opens drive-thru, online parcel centre | Canada | News | Edmonton Su Saw that this morning, I'm not sure about the whole thing except for the "open on Sunday"! I think they need to do a bit more than that, my local postman is useless, had many parcels delivered a few streets down...
  16. jalmir

    Death of one of my HD7770 ... time to move on!

    So I had 2 Asus HD7770 Direct CU in crossfire, on of them died last week, I know a 7770 with only 1GB of VRAM isn't anything amazing but it was enough for me! So now with only one 7770 I obviously had to scale down the quality in all my games, and to be honest, I didn't like it, AT ALL!!! So...
  17. jalmir

    <750W suggestions? [SOLVED]

    So, I'm looking to replace my power supply for something recent and reliable, the one I'm using now is a 3 year old HEC Orion 585W that I paid 25$! (yeah I know, sketchy PSU!) My current rig is a C2Q with 2 HD7770, so nothing too power hungry though I would like to have playing room so I could...
  18. jalmir

    Worth upgrading? aspire E1-531

    So my wife is using a Acer Aspire E1-531 ... The thing is getting slow but I personally don't think buying a new laptop is worth it since she only use it for web browsing and the occasional Skype. I was thinking of getting a I5 G2 socket, a 24xxM or 25xxM, those can be found for 30-40$ and get...
  19. jalmir

    First Intel-based Mac Pro???

    Just wondering how much that would be worth??? Mac Pro "Quad Core" 2.66 (Original) Specs (Mac Pro, MA356LL/A, MacPro1,1*, A1186, 2113) @ EveryMac.com basically, "stock" specs ; 2x Intel Xeon 5150 @2.66Ghz 8GB ECC DDR2 @ 667Mhz 250GB HHD GF 7300GT minor scratches but otherwise working fine...
  20. jalmir

    Funtenna hack ... interesting read!

    It will be presented at the Black Hat conference, a printer was hacked to emit radio waves, apparently it can be adapted to almost anything that has a firmware, not sure how practical it is since he had to physically modify the printers he's using but hey! How your washing machine can steal...