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    Logitech G27

    Hi guys, how much do you think i can ask for a almost new Logitech G27? maybe 10h on it and still have the box and everything Thanks Phil
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    Want to Buy R9 290/290x

    Im looking for one r9 290 or 1 r9 290x reference, one of mine died and im still waiting for the rma... someone have one for a good price? Thanks Phil
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    Want to Sell Corsair AX750

    Up for sale is a 2.5 year old corsair AX750, minor scratch (9.9/10), never be in a case without psu dust filter. I have all the cable + retail box that come with this psu (not pictured) 120$ + shipping https://imageshack.com/i/n55wf9j
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    agility 3

    Hi everyone, i can be interested to buy myself a ssd, im looking at the spec of the agility 3 vs the vertex 3 and for me it look the same, do i realy see a every day difference? the vextex 3 is about 80$ more expensize(bolt 120gb) or can you give me another '' best buy '' for the same price, im...
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    Want to Sell I7 860 + MSI P55-GD65

    HI, i just get this board form rma, already upgraded to SB so i don't have any need for this setup... i tested the board before posting, i have all the retail package for it the cpu is 1 years old, under water all his life clocked at 4Ghz, no oc result for the board (just try it to make sure...
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    Want to Buy close thread please

    close this please
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    Want to Sell H2GO case, 8800GT

    Mod please close the thread Thanks Phil
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    Bigadv a1

    My bigadv just finish 30min ago and everything i got is a1 unit(dont even load the cpu a 30%...) i just check the fah forum and im not the only one who can't get a2.. any other hwc member get this problem to?
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    gtx295 and 9800gt in the same rig

    Hi, im trying to add some ppd right now, but hit a wall i can fold on bolt core of the gtx295 but can't get the 9800gt to fold at the same time... all "3" gpu use the same driver(196.21) maybe someone can help me? Thanks Phil
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    Ram for folding

    Hi, anyone already try compare ram(not gpu ram) speed when folding? maybe some one know where i can get 2gb of ddr3 for cheap? Thanks Phil
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    8800ultra value today???

    Hi, i have one here and i thinking of selling it soon, but what the value of this card? Thanks Phil
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    lga 1156

    Hi everyone, im looking for a new block for my i7 860, i know lot of thing about lga1366block but lot less on 1156 i already own an ek supreme lt in pass and realy love it, but it was great with flow in E/W orientation on lga1366, still good with lga1156? right now was i can buy in canada...
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    folding on 3 core / core free for gpu folding

    Im looking to build a bether folding pc, in pass i fold with cpu only or gpu, now i want to fold with bolt in the same computer but have some question -i know for ati gpu you need a free core to fold with gpu(if you want some ppd) but does i need to do it with geforce? how many gpu 1 core can...
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    folding board

    Hi every one, i want to setup a bether folding computer but i hit a wall on what board to take i know the forum have motherboard section, but it look like not everyone look at it, im sure posting this in folding forum will help get good answer that's what i need good layout (athlon2 x2 240...
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    Want to Sell Phil's WTB//WTS

    PM is key if interested. Prices don't include shipping Payment via EMT or cash(local) Payment first, I ship on friday/week end only CanadaPost will be the courier, all packages are insured and a tracking number will be issued. I have most of the boxes. If not, components will be packaged as I...
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    Dirt2 DX11

    HI, i just got my new card and im wondering how to set dirt2 in dx11... first, yes i have and dx11 capable card and my dxdiag show i use dx11 i try to find on google but the only thing i find is "on dx11 you can set sething to ultra", here are the problem, i can't put everything on ultra and...
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    P55 guru needed

    Hi everyone, im planing to upgrade my crapy computer to a i7 860 i just dont know anything about p55 board.. im looking for the best board for 150$-170$ looking to have sli and crossfire support for later right now the one is on my top list is: NCIX.com - Buy MSI P55-GD65 ATX LGA1156 P55 DDR3...
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    AMD unlock

    Hi guys, since i downgrade again i will buy an athlon 425 x3 and i want to find the cheapest motherboard to unlock it it need to have: support for the cpu ddr2 pci-e matx if possible thanks Phil
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    OCZ summit 60GB 140$ after MIR

    The newegg sale of the day Newegg.ca - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more!
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    Want to Sell 4850, P6T Deluxe

    Hi everyone, since school start next week and i don't have anymore "pret et bource"(sorry dont know in english) i need to sell some parts form my computer to have some money All price are without shipping For sale: Asus P6T deluxe 50$obo just the board broken pin(need to send it back to asus...

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