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  1. clone63


    Looking on kijiji and eBay, they seem to be going for 3-400, shoot for $300? Zotac BTW.
  2. clone63

    Want to Sell $drops AGAIN$ G3258, Das Mech KB, fans, HDDs, WLAN, older cpu's

    Got some spares just waiting to get used so may as well sell. May consider combo discounts. Intel Pentium G3258 Unlocked Haswell dual core. LGA1150. I had it at 4.2ghz at 1.2-something vcore.. Can't remember now. YMMV. Pic $50 Got a Das Keyboard Model S Professional with Cherry MX Brown...
  3. clone63

    Asus Maximus VII Hero

    https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Motherboards/MAXIMUS_VII_HERO/overview/ Not sure on that one, since most 1150 boards I see are on the basic side. Thanks in advance!
  4. clone63

    Want to Buy SSD. ~250GB

    Looking for a Solid State drive in the 200-256gb range. 2.5" Sata III. Hoping for $60 price tag or so. Doesn't have to be special in anyway but it is for a gaming rig.. Let me know!
  5. clone63

    Want to Buy 2x Molex to 8-pin PCIe adapter OR 6pin to 8pin

    Looking for 2 adapters, Molex to 8-pin PCIe for GPU's. Lettermail is fine. EDIT: 6pin to 8pin is also fine.
  6. clone63

    Want to Buy Gaming laptop (GTX760m range, or better?)

    Just taking a shot at finding a gaming laptop, MSI, ASUS, whatever... 17" or 18" preferred. GPU would ideally be better than a 760m, but.. not too picky, let me know what you've got.
  7. clone63

    Want to Buy one shot- AM3 CPU (low end)

    Need and AM3 cpu and will be buying this AMD Athlon II X2 210E 2 6 GHZ Socket AM3 AD210EHDK22GI 45W W Grease 683728090289 | eBay but thought I would check here first since sooner is better. Might bump in the morning but pulling the plug after that. Thanks for looking ******Gave in to eBay, no...
  8. clone63

    Want to Sell 2x 6850's; S939 combo -PRICE DROPS

    A few things I don't need up for grabs. Prices do NOT include shipping, will consider combo deals but nothing crazy. Everything cosmetically great, full functionality. Gigabyte HD6850 OC Ed. $75 **PENDING -manual, disc, 6 pin adapter, vga-dvi adapter, packaging, UPC cutout. Gigabyte HD6850...
  9. clone63

    Want to Buy budget AM3 board- OEM or Quirky OK

    found I have ddr3 ram and a sempron, but no board for my parent's browser box.. Quirks are fine as long as it outputs to a monitor... OEM (dell, hp, etc) is fine too Even a better CPU I wouldn't mind, if there happens to be a bundled dual/triple core.. THANKS!
  10. clone63

    Want to Sell T9300 mobile cpu, old am2 cpu

    Intel core 2 duo mobile T9300 2.53Ghz CPU (socket P): $50 AMD 3800+ 2GHz dual core AM2 cpu: $15 For small items shipping can be $2 lettermail, otherwise expedited will start at $10 within Ontario. Combos doable. PM!! *****SOLD******* Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.3GHz LGA775 cpu -comes with...
  11. clone63

    Want to Buy Cable Modem (teksavvy)

    Just one quick shot if anyone's got a cable modem they'd be willing to give the MAC address of before shipping. Trying to dodge Teksavvy's $100 modem, as I am poor. Thanks! *****Update All offers came in after I confirmed the order, kinda gave up given I need installed as soon as possible. Not...
  12. clone63

    Want to Sell Qosmio X770, 3D! HD GTX560m, i7 2670, 8GB, BR-RW, 1.5TB * Price Drop

    Toshiba Qosmio X770 17.3" Gaming Notebook i7 2670M Quad core @ 2.2- 3.1GHz nVidia GTX560M 1.5GB gpu providing 3D vision! Blu-ray burner (dvd+cd burner as well) 1.5TB HDD (2x 750GB 7200RPM HDD's) 8GB DDR3 ram. 17.3" 1080p LCD (1920x1080). 3D Vision 2 with glasses. HDMI and VGA out. USB 3.0 and...
  13. clone63

    Want to Sell Various Ram cleanout, AM2 CPU (2x2 DDR2&3 Sodimms, DDR) **Updated 14-08

    Lots of ram that will probably never get used unless I sell it. As well as a half size SSD from a lost HTPC project. A few PCI cards of dubious age. All working pulls. AMD Athlon 64x2 3800 AM2 CPU: $15 2GB Micron DDR2 PC2-6400 SODIMM: $20 2GB DDR2 Hynix PC2-6400 SODIMM: $20 4x512MB DDR2...
  14. clone63

    Want to Sell Sony Vaio 14" i5-3210; 6GB; 750gb; BT, USB 3.0, Win 7, now $350

    Sony Vaio SVE 14 Ultrabook (SVE14A15FDH) Working great, snappy, stylish Sony laptop. Light and sleek brushed steel look. Just don't need it anymore. No dead pixels, battery holds normal charge, a couple scratches on the lid but small. Will come with a clean install of windows 7 HP x64 or just...
  15. clone63

    Want to Buy DDR3 mobo.. with cpu/ram? (low end)

    Just need a basic motherboard that takes DDR3. This is for a person working from home as a call agent using a company provided LiveCD that is required to upgrade. Hopefully I can get a board for $30 or less, or will go to $50 if there is at least 4GB of ram with it. Another $20 for a 2GHz...
  16. clone63

    Want to Buy 2.5" HDD.. $20 limit

    Just need a small drive to complete a netbook. Expecting a 160gb at that price, but maybe you've got a 200 or 250 you want to unload? Lettermail will do, since shipping will cost almost as much as the drive lol
  17. clone63

    Want to Buy ~320GB 2.5" 7200RPM hdd

    Need a laptop drive. Size can be bigger, not smaller, will increase pay a bit more, but looking for something at the $30 mark. WD preferred but ultimately it does not matter.
  18. clone63

    Want to Sell eVGA GTX 480 .. price drops!

    ALL SOLD EMPTY THREAD!!!!!!!! Three items for sale. Shipping cost will depend where you are and what you're buying. 1) eVGA GTX 480 1.5GB Video card. Card only: $150--SOLD 2) AMD Phenom II x6 1090t 3.2GHZ AM3 cpu. Can come with heatsink if needed: $120 -SOLD!!! 3) Gigabyte 890FXA-UD7...
  19. clone63

    Rig- gtx480, 1090t, etc..

    1090T Gigabyte 890FXA-UD7 GTX480 2x4GB ram 1TB Black DVDRW Unmentioned PSU, guessing an average brand 700w Can't make out case either I was guessing like $600-700?
  20. clone63

    bypass HDD password

    There's an "as is" laptop available, and it has a security locked HDD (not BIOS, not Windows). Trying to gauge value, if the drive can be salvaged. From what I can find there is a smalllll chance a piece of software or pin short can clear it, otherwise it's garbage. Has anyone successfully...