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  1. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Suggestions for a Server build

    Hey Guys, A friend of mine needs to build a server to host a few websites. He has only a few wishes: Preferably: A tower... not a rackmount Dual CPU with quad core processors At least 8 Gb of RAM 1Tb of FAST storage... hot swappable in RAID 1 on a Hardware RAID controller. Which drives...
  2. Prof. Dr. Silver

    WAKE UP!!!!

    I didn't really want to get personal in here, but since we're in the battle of a lifetime against our enemies: Folding Brothers Team TPU!, some of our co-folders need to be 'woken up'! :) Here's a list of folders that need to get their act together! :shok: SugarJ hertz9753 Alwaysrun...
  3. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Help Prof. Dr. Silver get divorced!

    Yeah, so I told the wife it was time for new technology, thus I need a new rig! :clap: Here's my choice of components: Core i7 860 $ 327.99 G.Skill Ripjaws 4Gb PC3-16000 DDR3-2000MHz $ 96.97 But that needs to go into something and that's where it becomes difficult. Here are my choices: MSI...
  4. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Lynnfield Core i7 860 $ 329.99

    Get them while they're HOT out of the oven! :biggrin: Buy em at NCIX.com
  5. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Folding Tools - All you need is here

    Folding Tools - All you need is in here In order to beat team TPU as soon as possible, err..... to make [email protected] tools and programs easily accessible, easy to find and easy to setup, I want to make one list here, where you'll find everything you'll need, in order to get as many PPD from...
  6. Prof. Dr. Silver


    Here's a good one; What does this sentence mean to you? "Only one rebate per qualifying product per household per promotion will be accepted." What if you buy several of the same products?
  7. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Help me pick a GPU

    Good day All, I realized today I have three empty PCI-E slots in my folding rigs that HAVE to be filled. :shok: So I did some Googling to see what would be best for my rigs and what would suit my financial situation best. I am looking for something low wattage, single PSU connector, low in...
  8. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Folding Monsters

    Thought maybe it's a nice idea to make a thread on 'Super Folding Rigs' as I stumbled upon one this morning. This particular Folder( he deserves a capital 'F') is in it for very personal reasons, as his father suffers from Huntington's Disease. Among Folders he's well known for his 'Farm...
  9. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Need some advice from Network Gurus

    Here it goes: I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a large wired/wireless network in the apartment building I live in and perhaps use this as a small business opportunity. This is still in the VERY early ‘thinking of’ stage, so bare with me. I have a few reasons for doing so. Number 1...
  10. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Brüno - Trailer

    Hilarious! I'm looking forward to see this one! :thumb: Borat was wicked and I'm sure his new character Bruno will be too! Watch the trailer here :)
  11. Prof. Dr. Silver

    ASUS ROG Mars

    Browsing the net this morning.... and look what I found!!!! :shok: The all new ASUS ROG Mars Not a bad price ey? £1,030.98 Inc VAT comes down to C$ 1907.74!!! :rofl: Who wants one?
  12. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Toronto student's space colony design wins NASA contest

    See World?!?!? Canucks know how to build things other than ice huts! Wickedly done by a 16-year-old. Maybe too much Star Trek?? Check the PDF on 'ASTEN' here. Nice one! :canadianwave:
  13. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Resistors for VGA Dummy Plug

    Hey there Folding Canucks! I spend the last week or so, trying to find the resistors needed for the VGA Dummy plug that we use in Vista while folding. As we all know, the dummy fakes an 'attached screen' to your GPU and will therefore allow the GPU to fold. I checked several hardware stores...
  14. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Our Own [email protected] Stats Sheet... Ideas please?

    Good Evening Team, After reading some of the discussions in the forums, we've all seen that we love to talk about and compare our stats in the all important 'race' to the top. Lately we've been folding harder than ever. Great job everyone! As our team is getting bigger than ever, we're seeing...
  15. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Patriot Warp V2 64Gb SSD Prelim. Performance Benchies

    Here are some preliminary numbers on the Patriot Warp V2 64Gb that Santa gave me this year! I compared the Patriot drive to my older Seagate 7200.10 250Gb drive(just for reference) and did things little bit different than what I would normally do. I used Windows XP, Vista Ultimate, Vista...
  16. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Check out these beauties!

    Look what I found at this site: These are my favorites: Favorite 1 Favorite 2 Favorite 3 Maybe Braineater could build his new rig into one of these to make it look extra pretty?? :thumb:
  17. Prof. Dr. Silver


    As I was watching my point total grow to a million points, I almost lost track of the fact that we now have three people in the 7-digit range with one guy soon to follow. Please allow me to congratulate first of all 3.0charlie to reach an asthonishing 2,500,000 points!!! :canadianwave: Then...
  18. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Portal Prelude Update!

    Hey Guys/Gals, The guys from Portal Prelude have been working their butts off, to come up with an updated version of Portal Prelude. Tons of fixes (80x) have been made to the original game along with some additions, with the result being a "Perfect Portal Prelude" game. There is a patch (for...
  19. Prof. Dr. Silver

    New nVidia Drivers + Latest [email protected]= Bingo!

    Hey guys! I've just downloaded the new nVidia 177.79 drivers(XP-32bit) / 177.79(Vista-32bit) and the latest high performance clients, Windows XP/2003/Vista CPU System tray 6.20 and XP/2003/Vista GPU System tray 6.20 and installed all of this on a fresh install of Vista! I was tired of the...
  20. Prof. Dr. Silver

    Prof. Dr. Silver is now folding too!

    Hey Guys! While not having much time atm to work on my computer...I figured lets do some Folding, since the computer was looking kinda sad, with nothing to do. I build a Pentium D 930 (3.0GHz) with a X1900XTX just for folding, only to find out that they've discontinued the X1000 series...