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  1. aviduser

    Want to Sell Ek Gtx 1080/1070 Water block nickel

    Was installed previously in my loop, using only distilled water and a kill coil. Like new, all fasteners included. Looking for $95 shipped in canada
  2. aviduser

    Want to Buy 1/2x3/4 compression fittings

    Figured with hardline being the latest and greatest maybe someone has some comp. fittings kicking around. Prefer black, ideally swiftech but pm me with anything you have.
  3. aviduser

    1070 running pretty warm, or ok?

    I just picked up an msi gtx 1070 aero oc. I usually go for a tri-fan gpu, but was tight on funds. My 4670k is under water so I thought that would help the aero run a little cooler. Out of the box, my temps are 40c idle, 82c load. Luckily, this chip oc's pretty well, if I increase the power...
  4. aviduser

    Want to Sell Zotac 780 amp!

    Asking $250 shipped within canada. Open to reasonable offers.
  5. aviduser

    Ditch the 780 for 980ti or wait for 1080?

    I've been holding off on replacing my gtx780 for a bit here, as it wasnt a big enough performance diff to jump to the 980. Now that the 1080 is arriving soon, I'm wondering If I should pick up a used 980 ti for a decent price. I game at 1440p, I'd like to stay around $500-600 for a vid card...
  6. aviduser

    Want to Sell Lenovo Ideapad $750 obo

    Very fast lenovo ideapad laptop. Retails for $1100 Some specs; Core i7 intel processor 8gb of ram 1Tb harddrive Windows 8.1 17.3 inch 1080p display Shoot me an offer! $750 obo
  7. aviduser

    Want to Sell Two Zotac GTX 760 $300 for both!

    I want to sell my two zotac gtx 760s. Never been overclocked. $300 for both cards
  8. aviduser

    Want to Sell Phenom II 940 BE, Mobo, Ram

  9. aviduser

    Anyone using an ikari with windows 8?

    Just switched os recently, upon start up and sometimes waking the computer it won't power up the mouse. Searched for drivers but appears there are none for windows 8. Shame as I still like the mouse and it functions fine...
  10. aviduser

    Bf 4 screen freeze latest patch...

    Oh boy, I can't believe how terrible ea is at patching this game. Last patch screwed up in game audio. Just got the latest patch and instantly I can't join any games. I really like bf4, but I've never played a game with so many on going issues.
  11. aviduser

    Universal gpu block

    We'll I've got a dtek fusion laying around I want to mount up to a gtx 760. I notice the stock cooler had no sort of heat sink for the memory chips. Am I ok to run like this with maybe an 80mm fan directing air? There's a few on the top side of the board as well which are just sitting there...
  12. aviduser

    Mobo doesn't recognize all sata drives

    Have an MSI z87 g43 board I recently bought. Upon arrival like reviews state the heatsinks on the board arrived loose, not even finger tight. Good start. I've been talking to msi tech support and have updated the bios which helped a little. Ensured the sata controller is set to ahci. Seems...
  13. aviduser

    Want to Buy 1150 Cpu Block

    Looking for a cpu block to fit a 1150 socket.
  14. aviduser

    Upgrade Processor/Ram or New Build?

    My current setup is in my sig. Have a 1440p monitor, I'm going to buy a gtx 780 for it. Option A - Upgrade to a phenom II 975 and OC (Running WC anyway), add another 4 gigs ddr2, would cost a little over $200. Option B - Wait and rebuild the system, New mobo/Processor/8 gigs ddr3/New OS...
  15. aviduser

    BF4 black loading screen after changing monitors

    Had a 26" 1080 monitor running battlefeild fine. Bought a 29" 2560x1080 monitor, played bf4 for a while. Decided to exchange it for a 2560x1440 monitor and all of a sudden I only get a black loading screen. I've turned windows firewall off/re-installed/Tried other fixes like deleting dx files...
  16. aviduser

    monitor/keyboard not working

    My bro's computer crapped out recently. Trying to narrow down the cause. On board vid will not work with current psu. Installed a old psu lying around and on board worked. But it doesnt have the pci xpress connectors to check the vid card. Mobo is an asus m4a78e will try to find an aux speaker...
  17. aviduser

    Blizzard e-mail, Legit??

    Got a e-mail a few days ago, that after a short google search turned out to be some phishing attempt. Then today I received this e-mail> -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, This is an automated notification regarding your Battle.net account. Some or...
  18. aviduser

    Mafia II demo crashes

    Downloaded the demo off of steam. But every time I play it my computer will give me the error "Windows must now restart because the power service terminated unexpectedly". Sometimes it happens after 10-15 min, sometimes 1min. This has never happened with any other game/application. So I think...
  19. aviduser

    New SSD, few questions.

    Just got a kingston 128 gb v series gen.2. Not the fastest but thats ok. I have installed windows 7 on it, one concern I have is when I download any file. It places it under the user account (under my ssd). Should I be worried about downloading and erasing multiple items over time? Afaik the...
  20. aviduser

    Swiftech hd 5870 concerns

    Just had a look at the thermal tape on my stock heatsink compared to the swiftech heatsink. I noticed the swiftech heatsink is missing a strip, and the heatsink is perforated. I believe it covers a pair of mosfets. Seems crazy that if Ati would spec their coolers to transfer heat from that...