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  1. Amon

    whats a good auto start program

    If I were to guess, forcing a persistent internet browser would be useful for a computer terminal (such as in stores) or an external display that streamed from an online source via the browser.
  2. Amon

    Help with a rotary tool

    I was a bit skeptical about some of those Kijiji listings, too. But there was a huge Mastercraft Maximum set on there for $80. Enging block is a 3-litre inline six cast iron. It's gathered 22 years of grime, rust, and all of that rubbish. I want to use the tool to prep the block, manifold, and...
  3. Amon

    Help with a rotary tool

    Hi there chaps I'm shopping for my first rotary tool and I'm not sure what to look for. I've always been a strictly manual work person, but now I've been served a little job that doing by hand is no longer practical. I suppose it would help to list what I'd be using it for: -sanding/cleaning...
  4. Amon


    Didn't Megasoft release MechWarrior 4 as freeware recently?
  5. Amon

    HL2 Reborn ;)

    If you're so inclined to evaluate an engine's craft by solely its visual presentation, it might interest you to consider the development time and budget of Crysis versus that of Left 4 Dead. Left 4 Dead 2's Source engine seemed pretty good to me for a development cycle of less than one year.
  6. Amon

    Atheism (not what you think)

    Some of you lot might like Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion and God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens. They are first-class reads with excellent, well-crafted cases against religion in support of a realist, atheistic approach. You will eventually ascend above...
  7. Amon

    HL2 Reborn ;)

    The brilliant thing about the Source engine, when compared to id's Tech engine, is that it's highly flexible. If you need any indication of the engine's possibilities, have a look at the successive improvements introduced by other Source titles, such as Portal, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, the...
  8. Amon

    Airsoft in Canada

    Have they reverted the prior ruling from a few years ago that restricted airsoft (replica arms) to Law enforcement personel? Before that ruling, airsoft was reasonable in Canada. Are we in the clear now?
  9. Amon

    Ghost caught on Tape

    Has anybody else noticed a sharp increase in the incidence of violence, espionage, supernatural, and economy panic-inducing reports this year? It's been bugging me for some time and I keep thinking of a similar trend of news reports in V for Vendetta.
  10. Amon

    Any car guys ??

    That video looks like it was filmed in Poland, or one of the Slavic east European states. And, Nige, I LOVE your photos. Gorgeous! Yup, The stock engine is brilliant! My experience is that Toyota's old flagship engines, the inline six M and V8 UZ engines, are far superior to any other they've...
  11. Amon

    Russian Spies....

    Spy in our midst.
  12. Amon

    What music are you currently addicted to.

    Listen to Sade by any chance? I bought her latest release but lost it on my way home. Never got a chance to play it :doh:
  13. Amon

    FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa

    I am somebody who is against the use of instant replays. It completely invalidates any consistecy among football matches all around the world of all levels (local, club, international, etc.). For instance, an important local inter-regional football match final lacks the provisions for such...
  14. Amon

    What music are you currently addicted to.

    I'm addicted to Kate Rogers. I used to listen to some of her material before, but these days, I'm totally mesmerized. She's a local singing total from Toronto who's done collaborative work with highly renowned electronica acts. I'm looking forward to seeing her perform live some time! Listen...
  15. Amon

    Steam: Perils of Summer SALE!!!! O.O

    Got the Gothic package yesterday. Looks like a nice break from the blockbuster tripe, like Oblivion.
  16. Amon

    What has the G20 Summit done for you so far?

    Sister's moved back in with me from downtown and her car has taken up the garage, space which I needed. Now my cars are just sitting outside, one under a tent.
  17. Amon

    Steam: Perils of Summer SALE!!!! O.O

    I bought the Space Empires package deal. I love these space economy sort of games since the days of Starlines Inc.
  18. Amon

    Steam: Perils of Summer SALE!!!! O.O

    I'm just going to buy Borderlands.
  19. Amon

    Space Weather - i.e. solar storm warnings - communication/electrical disruption

    To all the fellow ambient music listeners out there, this is really cool! Reminds me of the old material by Brian Eno & Robert Fripp.
  20. Amon

    BC, how goes the HST battle? Ontarians are a bunch of wimps

    Likewise. I've always thought of Canadian politics as being akin to an extremely sedated game show. Slow, undecided, irrelevant.