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  1. Socrates_Johnston

    mATX Semi-Budget Build

    Hey all, I'm looking to build something on a mATX chasis, primarily for gaming, and that doesn't have to be a world beater. Overclocking capabilities would be nice, but not a necessity. And I would like something that I can build up from, by possibly adding a beefier graphics card without being...
  2. Socrates_Johnston

    Price Check: HD6950, Phenom 2 Black, 790FX mobo

    Price check on a few used items please: Asus HD6950 2GB GDDR5 AMD Phenom II Black Edition x4 955 DFI Lanparty 790FX-M2R (AMD 790FX) I understand the gfx card is a bit of a hot commodity right now due to its ability to mine bitcoins. What do y'all think?
  3. Socrates_Johnston

    Want to Sell ASUS HD 6950, Noctua CPU cooler, 750w PSU! Everything Must Go!

    Stuff for sale! All items are OBO!!! ASUS HD6950 2GB (used) -- $100 This is unit can be flashed to a 6970. Noctua NH-U12P SE2 Edition CPU Fan (used) -- $40 Antec TP-750w PSU (used) -- $50 Semi-modular Recently Sold Items: 4GB G.Skill DDR2-1066 RAM (used) -- SOLD AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black...
  4. Socrates_Johnston

    Price check on some older components

    Hey all, I've got 2 rigs that I'm looking to part and sell. They're a few generations old, but kept in very good condition. I was wondering how realistic it will be for me to sell these components, and how much I should charge for them. Please price the components individually, thanks! Rig1...
  5. Socrates_Johnston

    Formatting an old Macbook Pro (3,1)

    Hey all, I'm not much of an Apple user (in fact, I've never used an Apple product in my life outside of the old 1st generation iPods), but my Father has an old Macbook Pro 3.1 (OSX V 10.6.8 / Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 Ghz / 2GB RAM) which is a total mess. I'd like to format it, but I don't have an...
  6. Socrates_Johnston

    Dead Motherboard on older system?

    Hi all. My bros computer recently went to sleep, and was not able to power-up afterwards. A hard-reset did nothing either. So i dismantled the computer to begin troubleshooting. After cleaning and resetting all hardware I attempted to boot and nothing happens. The motherboard is receiving...
  7. Socrates_Johnston

    price check on a cpu bundle

    Looking to sell the following components to a friend, what do you think is a fair price? ASUS HD6950 2GB AMD PHENOM II X4 955 BLACK EDITION DFI 790FX-M2R 4GB GSKILL DDR2-1066 ANTEC TRUPOWER 750 WD VELOCIRAPTOR 600GB NOCTUA NH-U12P SE2 Also, what would be a fair price for each of the items if i...
  8. Socrates_Johnston

    windows 7 strange problem after running CCleaner

    Hey all. Strange problem here. Computer is running windows 7 home edition, and my little bro decided to run Spybot S&D and also CCleaner because he felt it was running slowly. After having run both programs and rebooting, all icons (spare a few ones here and there) have been replaced with...
  9. Socrates_Johnston

    consumer awareness wiki

    With the (not-so) recent news of the horrific working conditions of many technology factories in china, I have made a personal commitment to becoming a more well-informed consumer, which is proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated... I was struck with an idea: a wiki-like database of...
  10. Socrates_Johnston

    TV for PC gaming.

    Hello all. I am looking to purchase a television I can hook up to my PC for some gaming, movie watching, etc... (I spend all day at a desk, so the idea of coming home to use my PC from my desk is becoming less and less appealing to me) I think I want something between 32"-42", and would prefer...
  11. Socrates_Johnston

    Lenovo X1, X220 or other small laptops

    Hey all. I'm in the market for a new laptop. My Lenovo t61 is still going strong, but has found its place on my desk at work. I am looking for a smaller, more portable laptop that would be perfect for light home use (playing music, watching the odd movie), along with heavy word processing...
  12. Socrates_Johnston

    suspicious account activity

    here's the rundown: this morning, I went to the bank to cash my check and noticed that my savings account balance after depositing the check was equal to the check amount. in other words: my account was empty before depositing the check. I knew I had a significant amount of money in my savings...
  13. Socrates_Johnston

    PS3 Remastered Collections

    What are your opinions on the slew of PS3 remastered HD collections coming out in the near future? I for one am a big fan. I already purchased the God of War collection, and intend on purchasing the MGS collection (I've played all of the games, but I want to play them MOAR in HD!) I'm also...
  14. Socrates_Johnston

    windows 7 oem question

    hello all. I recently purchased an OEM copy of windows 7 along with a hard drive, and intend on installing it on a computer with relatively old components. I was wondering what would happen if I were to chose to decommission this old rig and choose to build a new rig? would I be throwing away my...
  15. Socrates_Johnston

    making changes to a .pdf document??

    what would be the easiest way for me to make a few changes to a .pdf document? I am thinking of taking a screenshot, then pasting that image into a program like photoshop so that I can remove text, add new stuff, etc...
  16. Socrates_Johnston

    advertising & networking

    is advertising a company or product frowned upon on this forum? I know that many members are established professionals and members of the working class, so perhaps it would be prudent to allow for business-related networking between HWCer's to benefit all of us. Discuss...
  17. Socrates_Johnston

    microsoft technet

    hello all I am trying to get a small business rolling, and need to purchase a couple m$oft licenses (office, win7, etc...). From what I understand, technet is a yearly subscription that gives you 10 licenses of each version of win7, licenses of office, and some other microsoft products... but...
  18. Socrates_Johnston

    monitor calibration

    can someone point me in the direction of a monitor calibration guide? my ben-q e2400hd has horrible out-of-the-box settings and I'm having a hard time tweaking it.
  19. Socrates_Johnston

    MSI 6950 2gb Twin-Frozr 3...worth it?

    hey all. I'm in the market for a video card and I am pretty set on the 6950 2gb model. I understand that the MSI 6950 2gb Twin-Frozr 3 is a non-reference card so it cannot flash to a 6970, but I'm not exactly a power-user so bios flashing isn't something I would try (I can't afford to brick a...
  20. Socrates_Johnston

    AMD 6990's -- how will it affect pricing?

    Hello all. I was wondering how the impending release of AMD's line of 6990 gfx cards might impact the pricing of their current line? will the price of the 6950/70 drop significantly when the 6990 is released? (furthermore, when is the expected release date??) The reason I ask is because I...