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  1. m1dget

    where the hell are we going...

    B4 Nightclub wat ^ :shok: A club for minors. Although I must say the guy who started this is a genius (business wise), but oh man I can't stop thinking about where we are heading as a society with this :doh: I'm pretty sure the idea has been out for a while, but once again, wat I know the...
  2. m1dget

    crazy question... how do you hold your mouse for gaming?

    I have a small dillema right now on how you are "supposed" to hold a 'modern' gaming mouse. Before when I pretty much did anything with my computer I always held my mx518 with the thumb on the side buttons, the index on the left button, the middle finger on the right one and was always...
  3. m1dget

    new macbook air

    Apple (Canada) - MacBook Air - The next generation of MacBooks. I had the chance to try the 11 inch model and I have to say that I'm really impressed with Apple's design. Heck of a nice machine :thumb:
  4. m1dget

    Who is a programmer around here?

    As the title say... who is a programmer around here? I've never seen any threads about this subject that I can recall so I'm making one! I know it's a consumer hardware oriented forum, but I'm sure some of you guys are coders/developers and could enjoy a thread about programming like this...
  5. m1dget

    Funny article on /.

    I had a nice conversation a few weeks ago with a guy who works at Tata Communication and is in a team charged of "routing the Internet" all over the world (vaguely) and started a rant about porn making his life difficult even in country that are merely starting to be connected to the Internet...
  6. m1dget

    New Mac Mini

    Apple (Canada) - Mac mini - Introducing the new Mac mini. Redesigned in a very big way. Awesome lil thing :biggrin:
  7. m1dget

    hehe ^ 17

    Taken from slashdot for my own (and probably other people's) amusement. Slashdot News Story | Google Reportedly Ditching Windows One thing to say about this: :rofl:
  8. m1dget


    Predictable outcome for the courrier project from our dear friend at Redmond :haha: Slashdot Hardware Story | Microsoft's Touted iPad Rival Courier Becomes Less Than Vapor :thumb: Rest In Lulz courier... rest in lulz :whistle:
  9. m1dget

    Interesting article about Apple

    Taken on slashdot... Mac & the iPad I'm sure some (a lot) of you must have read it, but I'm posting it anyway for the ones who didn't have the chance to read it. :)
  10. m1dget

    Apple keynote bloopers...

    here's a video that will: 1) prove that you are right about apple (yes you are) /sarcasm 2) make you hopefully laugh 3) keep MS fanboys away from potentially interesting apple threads here... I had a bit of difficulty to find the exact video but that made me laugh quite a bit a few months...
  11. m1dget

    new Macbook Pro lineup

    Apple - MacBook Pro - Meet the new MacBook Pro family. Interesting to see that they added some extra power for the ones that either really needs it or wants it. Still useless for everyday use, but they are the same price, the battery life is still pretty damn high for a quad and now for a...
  12. m1dget

    One of the best prank call I've heard.

    YouTube - evil furby prank call This guy perfected the art of screwing around with mentally fragile customer support people :haha:
  13. m1dget

    old computer reconstruction

    I need a few tips from you guys since it's been a while I am not in hardware anymore. My 'old' gaming rig which was a pii 940 + 4GB pc8500 + over a TB of drives is now dissassembled and most of it is in my virtual machine server and my main rig is now a p4 3.2, 1.5GB ddr400 with a 3870 and a...
  14. m1dget

    Want to Sell Watercooling parts + Lian Li PC-7FW (and more)

    I'm finally getting rid of my gaming rig and here's the first batch of my components that I'm selling: -Swiftech Apogee GT for 35$ -Swiftech MCW60 for 30$ (I have two of them) -Swiftech MCW30 for 15$ -Swiftech MCP655 (with 5 speed adjustment) for 60$ (SOLD!) -Swiftech Mcres Micro for 10$...
  15. m1dget

    I need three informations/opinions for my new lil matx gaming rig

    I'm about to sell my old rig and build a smaller, lighter and equally faster or nearly as fast one and I would like to know three things: 1- What would be the single card that could be equal or beat a pair of 3870 in crossfire? 4890? Something new coming out that I should wait for? 2- What...
  16. m1dget

    I have a few questions about notebooks for college

    I'm looking for cheap notebook that I cold use for college and I would like to have some advice please. What I was looking for what like a cheap and a bit old laptop that I could by refurbished from a store or from someone. After a couple of tips from someone from this forum (not sure of his...
  17. m1dget

    Want to Buy Notebook for college

    I would be interested in buying a notebook for taking notes and doing programming in college and I would like to know if any of you have a fairly old laptop or more recent who would like to sell. *I'm not looking for a netbook* I would need something with specs that are around those: -14.1"...
  18. m1dget

    I need an estimate on my rig (not an actual wts thread)

    I'm just plain tired of my computer right now. Before modding and building that rig, I was always changing and upgrading something in it and a new part was added in it every few weeks or so... but now it's been over a year that nothing else than the case has changed. I can't add anything, I...