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  1. Amon

    Help with a rotary tool

    Hi there chaps I'm shopping for my first rotary tool and I'm not sure what to look for. I've always been a strictly manual work person, but now I've been served a little job that doing by hand is no longer practical. I suppose it would help to list what I'd be using it for: -sanding/cleaning...
  2. Amon

    Two years: Questionable editorial neutrality and inconsistent diction

    To Hardware Canucks and its readers, Hardware Canucks articles have become considerably... wordy since the smaller days of 2007. These are a handful of examples which have picked out from the beginning of the most recent review. From them, and from some recent articles, I have a suspicion...
  3. Amon

    Steelseries Ikari Laser "Iron Lady" $50 off

    NCIX.com - Buy Steelseries IRON.LADY Ikari Laser White High Precision Gaming Mouse & Qck Cloth Mouse Pad - 63022 In Canada. From $120 down to $70. Comes with Steelseries QcK Cloth mousepad. For those who were fascinated by the Ikari. It seems like NCIX enacted a huge deal in response to my...
  4. Amon

    Proposal: Hardware Canucks Race'07/GTR Evolution/STCC multiplayer racing

    Hi HWC. I want to propose a Hardware Canucks race session/season, but, first, I need to discuss with the community how well it would work in the following criteria: latency and who hosts course selection or election preferred car classes driving aids and flag rules weather conditions damage...
  5. Amon

    Planning, all-purpose home workstation

    2009-02-15 edit: After a look at the account and bank statement, I'll have to roll back the budget to $1'000 :haha: Alright, lads. I'm looking to build a home machine for mixed work and play with a relatively narrow criteria. My notebook will still serve as the mobile workstation, but I am...
  6. Amon

    Your Steam account game list

    Just a curiosity thread. Post your Steam games catalogue :bananafunky: Here's mine Steam Community :: Megasoft Office 2001 :: Games I've got the entire Valve catalogue, excluding their wholly unnecessary and uninteresting multiplayer sequels: Counter-Strike Condition Zero, Counter-Strike...
  7. Amon

    169.99 - CoolerMaster Stacker 832 Full Tower

    Infonec Computers - Computer parts Canada, PC Components, laptop computers, motherboards, processors, CPU’s and much more : CoolerMaster Stacker RC-832-KKN1-GP Black Tower Case A quick heads-up. This is another deal from my weekly newsletter I received from Infonec. I'm not a follower of...
  8. Amon

    Jan 10-16: PNY 8800 GT 512MB $236.99 @ Infonec

    I haven't checked my inbox for some time, but the weekly Infonec newsletter contains a deal on the G92 GT. Product: Infonec Computers - Computer parts Canada, PC Components, laptop computers, motherboards, processors, CPU’s and much more : PNY VCG88512GXPB 8800GT <font color=red>512MB</font>...
  9. Amon

    Need for Speed: ProStreet

    Has anyone else played this game. So far, it's been mediocre to me. And this is coming from someone who has played the franchise religiously since the very first NFS. Discuss, gentlemen.:bananafunky:
  10. Amon

    Mockup Workstation Build for $600-800

    Hi guys, I'm looking to assemble a workstation for relatively low finances. I don't strictly require a quad-core processor or 512MB graphics cards. I just needs to be capable for work and, above all, expandable/scalable (i.e.: I'd prefer a fully-featured, multi-socket motherboard if it's going...
  11. Amon

    Crysis 3000 barrel explosion

    Clips: Watch 3000 Barrels Fall Down In Crysis Absolutely hilarious
  12. Amon

    Hellgate London

    I bought the game over the weekend (yeah, I know. I bought a game!) and it's a pretty good game. However, everyone can agree that it lacks a lot of polish and is plagued with an enormous number of bugs and glitches that will often interfere with the experience. It's mostly worth the money, I'd...
  13. Amon

    Cannot retrieve work units

    It seems like my laptop has suddenly decided to *explicit language* itself up somehow. It may have to do with when I used an ethernet hardline for the first time instead of wireless because Windows' Time and Date tool can no longer connect to the Internet to synchronize; looks like it somehow...
  14. Amon

    New mouse recommendations

    My Logitech G7--13 months old--is almost bricked at the moment. I will need a new mouse soon to replace it and my criteria will be rather strict this time. Logitech's MX-family shell isn't really comfortable at all to me and I constantly get very painful wrist strains when holding said mold on...
  15. Amon

    Two folding machines

    All, I've installed [email protected] onto my laptop (see signature). I've installed two instances of [email protected] console in separate folders and each console was assigned a unique CPUID (2 and 3) when being configured. [email protected] is installed on my main PC without any configuration performed; I assume it defaults to CPUID...
  16. Amon

    GeForce Go 8600M GT 256MB

    I'm curious as to why my laptop's GeForce 8600M GT 256MB is showing me a significant clock frequency disparity. According to nVidia's official 8600M GT web page, the core/memory frequencies should be at 475MHz core and 700MHz memory, per channel, for the GeForce Go mobile video card. According...
  17. Amon

    No progress

    After about a month of folding, I'm still seeing zero progress; a bit perplexing. I'm positive my user name is unique and that the machine is actually folding. My user stats: [email protected] So what the hell happened? Did my computer just get some insanely complex protein?
  18. Amon

    Finding a laptop for school

    Hi guys, I've been having trouble looking for a laptop that suits my needs. This is the first time I'm shopping for a laptop (for school), so I'm sparse on leads as to where to find a laptop that suits me. I was close to shopping from Dell, however, they are supremely overcharging me for things...
  19. Amon


    Since every other forum has a thread related to the game. My CAD$0.02: I haven't played the game or demo and am not excited about it whatsoever. I will admit, though, that the game looks very pretty, artistically. I don't even think my video card is supported!:rofl: What do you guys have to...
  20. Amon

    Workstation displat

    Hi everyone, I need to replace my current workstation monitor--a gigantic CRT--with an LCD equivalent. After painting my room (desert gold!) and having ordered a glass-surface workdesk, I'm honestly not comfortable with placing the 40kg mini-fridge-sized CRT anywhere on it; it won't fit...