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  1. clone63

    Must Have programs for Windows?

    I love using a RAM Disk program to hold the sandbox of files I sometimes work with rather than writing crap over and over to my drives, and just for the simplicity of de-cluttering a bit on every boot. Using SoftPerfect Ramdisk atm.
  2. clone63

    Old parts

    I would say 60-80 for the i3.. 80 ish on the mobo? More of a guess. 70-100 RAM 20 ..25 for the evo. I don't really know GPU prices anymore. Bundling would just give people bundle deal expectations. But always nice to just make a single sale.
  3. clone63

    4X4G Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 2133 mhz

    eBay IS crazy but you could try. Last 2x4gb kit (slower) I sold was $50. So ~100-150 depending how badly someone wants the 2133.