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    Want to Buy u3011 Monitor Stand

    I managed to pick up an aggressively priced used u3011, but it did not come with a stand. Perhaps if someone in the GVRD has an extra, please let me know your price.
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    Someone in Toronto/Scarborough willing to do a favor for me?

    Etymotic ER4P/T IEM + Extras (For Parts/Repair, Read Carefully) | headphones | City of Toronto | Kijiji Is someone willing to either meet up with the seller and meet with me closer to downtown before Saturday or just ship it to my place in Vancouver? It's a great product and I'd hate to miss...
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    Want to Sell Odds and Ends GVRD

    Focus FK2001 Mechanical Keyboard - Immaculate condition, with white alps switches and doubleshot keycaps. Also has Chinese characters on the keycaps, if you're into that kind of thing. Uses a 4pin din connector. Comes with box...
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    GPU running hot, what's the problem?

    Setup is as follows: 3930k stock SLI GTX680 4gb stock speed/voltage - ek csq blocks with ek triple parallel bridge with one blank in the middle swiftech 480 + 240 with 2150 gentle typhoons d5 vario pump After finally getting everything together, and after leak testing, I power on, install...
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    Work in progress I'm not creative enough for a title

    I'd say it would have been almost a year ago that I bought my TJ07 here, but haven't really had the chance to do anything with it. Most in progress shots will be taken with my phone, but I'll definitely source out a nicer camera for the final shots... Progress will probably be done weekly rather...
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    22" and 24" ultrasharps

    2209wa and u2410 I was thinking ~120 for the 22 and ~300 for the 24.
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    Want to Buy mcp 350/355

    My pump died. Local preferred.
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    Want to Buy s775 ddr2 board

    1. cheap! 2. supports c2d 3. local Let me know what you have, thanks!
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    phenom 2 cpus

    965 black edition 955 black edition Thanks in advance.
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    Want to Buy Compression Fittings, Rampage 4 Formula

    V5N3X6 I am looking for the following 3/8id 1/2od: (bitspower black only, please) 3x 90° triple rotary compression 1x straight compression 2x 45° rotary compression 2x passthru connectors 2x 90° rotary compression
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    HWLabs Black Ice Stealth 280

    Does anyone know if any Canadian vendors carry this item? Thanks!
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    dell 2405fwp

    I was thinking of asking $150. DELL Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW 24-inch Wide Aspect Flat Panel LCD Monitor with Height Adjustable Stand : Monitors: Flat Screen LCD Computer Displays | Dell Canada
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    Want to Buy matx AM3 board

    I would prefer something local over anything else. Please PM me for a faster reply. I do not need usb3/sata3 I do not need core unlocking IDE required I am looking for something cheap - think $30-$40. DDR3 I could also go for a 775 or 1156 cpu/mobo combo, too, depending on price.
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    Want to Buy phobya 140mm radgrill

    Looking for this style.
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    Do you call it NYE 2011 or NYE 2012?

    You know, for December 31st of 2011. I've seen it go both ways, but I feel calling it NYE 2011 is correct. The Boxing Day that just happened was in 2011, so we would call it "Boxing Day 2011" if we were to label it with a year, right? December 31st is still part of 2011, so we would call it New...
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    Want to Buy 3x white sata cables

    12 inches would be perfect. If all else fails, clear or silver would work. V5N3X6 Thanks!
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    Want to Buy white sata cables

    I'm looking for two of them. 9 to 12 inches would work. Ideally, shipping shouldn't cost more than say, $0.59 :biggrin:. (if anyone is going to the NCIX Warehouse sale, they had a big bin of sata cables last time...too bad I wasn't looking then)
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    Want to Sell prolimatech megahalems $35

    This is not Rev B, it only has 775 and 1366 compatibility. It has been used for about seven months. Local sale preferred, I'm located near Nanaimo station while at home and near Brentwood Mall while at work, but I'm willing to drive within a reasonable distance. Asking $35.
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    Want to Sell random stuff

    Also known as the "if I didn't spend so much on computer parts, I could afford a better camera" sale. 1. what appears to be a Swiftech MCW6000, but I could be wrong. I've never used it, I don't know what liquid was passed through. Looks like an AMD backplate...