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  1. dhoshaw

    Countdown to Christmas - Day 15 - The Big Apple

    I would love to get an iPad. It would be great for watching movies and reading eBooks.
  2. dhoshaw

    A Peek at HAF 932 Black Edition

    I like the looks of my 922. I added the side panel fan and it's the only thing that keeps my 9800GX2 from melting while folding.
  3. dhoshaw


    You can definately fold with your 5870, just don't expect a lot of ppd. My 5850 Toxic only gets about 4500 ppd.
  4. dhoshaw

    Folding with an NV card in a ATI system?

    I'm running Win 7 x64 with a 5850 in the primary slot and an 8800gt in the second slot and I fold on both. The 8800 has a dummy plug and the desktop is extended.
  5. dhoshaw

    PhysX question in ATI driven system...

    I've managed to get the moded drivers to work with my 5850 and 8800GT; however, I've had a terrible time with eue's while folding with the 8800. Not sure if it's a driver problem or just a batch of tempermental wu's, but given the amount of work it took to get both cards running I don't think I...
  6. dhoshaw

    GTX 470/480 cards not folding yet; bug in FAH core

    I recently got a Sapphire 5850 Toxic that I fold on; only gets about 4500ppd. :blarg:
  7. dhoshaw

    Fallout 3 Patches

    Good post, thanks for the info. I had gotten used FO3 crashing every hour or two.
  8. dhoshaw

    An Aftermarket Cooler For My Q9550

    Xigmatech Dark Knight (black S1283 w/ backplate). My Q9550 is running at 4 GHz with temps in the mid to upper 50's at 100% cpu.
  9. dhoshaw

    Windows 7 on new gaming rig

    This is from the Windows 7 site: .
  10. dhoshaw


    Here is a new article posted on bit-tech.net about setting up folding clients bit-tech.net | Guide - How to set up [email protected]
  11. dhoshaw

    External Hardrive Freezing "My Computer"

    I've had a couple of external enclosures die on me; in all cases, the drives were still working.
  12. dhoshaw

    Let's go Team !!

    I've had fahspy crash on me a few times with no apparent reason.
  13. dhoshaw

    Folding milestone

    Just passed the 500K mark today. :clap:
  14. dhoshaw

    Let's go Team !!

    Looks like it got you even worse than it did me; your 24 hr average dropped something fierce since the last update. :shok:
  15. dhoshaw

    BTW... Welcome to the digital TV world for our friends down South!!

    Yep, today was the big day. The only news I saw was that a couple million people were still not ready. Doesn't affect me I've got Dish, but I do have a couple of digital boxes for after hurricanes when the dish is out.
  16. dhoshaw

    New single PCB 295

    Sweet card, but I would need to save my allowance for the next decade.:whistle:
  17. dhoshaw

    Let's go Team !!

    Things were just starting to go well again and my 24 hour average was climbing back to where it had been. Now I'm getting :censored:511s and 353s and multiple results that can't be uploaded.:blarg:
  18. dhoshaw

    Let's go Team !!

    Yep, the 353's are terrible. I've also been having problems sending results in today.
  19. dhoshaw

    Let's go Team !!

    Way to go! Congrats. Hope to get there myself, someday.