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    Want to Buy Looking for AMD videocards HD5850, 5870, 6950, 6970

    Looking for CHEAP mining cards... HD5850, 5870, 6950, 6970 etc... $125. shipped or less depending on card. Air cooled only. I'm not set up for water cooling. Anything that gets 300kh/s or better will do. Pm a price shipped to K7M8H8. I can only do EMT. Thanks
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    No core 11 work units

    None of my pre fermi videocards are getting work units... been 2 days since I got one. Anybody know what's going on? Has core 11 gone bye bye or are the servers just down. I checked the logs and it says no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it...
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    i5-750 combo

    What would be a fair price for the following combo: Intel Core i5-750 Asus Maximus III Formula 8gb corsair vengeance
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    EVGA SSC GTX 580's

    What would be a fair price for a pair of these puppies used? (cards are about 1 year old)
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    Want to Buy L/F Folding cards

    Looking for any of the following videocards... shipped to K0H 2H0. Cheaper the better... I'm poor :sad: GTX260 GTX275 GTX285 GTX460 GTX470 GTX570 Let me know what you got and how much. I can only do EMT. No Twin Frozr cards please... Haven't had a lot of luck with them. No waterblocks...
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    Want to Buy L/F GTX 470 fan

    O.K. I realize this is probably a longshot but here goes... Have an MSI GTX 470 TwinFrozr II and one of the fans is dead... would like to replace just the fan if possible but I can't seem to find one anywhere. Anyone have a dead card with a good fan? or know where I might find one. Would also...
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    Want to Buy L/F s775 quad and mobo

    Looking for a cheap s775 quadcore... Q6600 GO would be fine. Will consider Q9xxx quads if the price is right. A good overclocking chip would be nice :biggrin: Also need a cheap s775 motherboard that can handle 3 two slot video cards. ( no Gigabyte, we just don't get along ) It's for a folding...
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    Want to Buy L/F folding cards

    Looking for the following video cards along with the prices I'm willing to pay shipped. (K7P 3K1) GTX 260 core 216 $60. GTX 275 $70. GTX 285 $80. GTX 460 $100. GTX 470 $150. If you any of these cards and want to sell them... pm me! Can pay by EMT only.
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    GPU work servers down?

    ARE THERE ANY GPU FOLDERS STILL OUT THERE ??? :ph34r: None of my cards are getting any work... anybody else having the same problem?
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    Overclocking GTX 460 for more ppd

    Got both my GTX 460's running @ 855 core which get's me close to 12K PPD... If I try to go any higher I get unstable machine errors... I'd like to squeeze a little more out of them if possible. Would raising the voltage on the cards get me a higher stable overclock for folding? I've never...
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    Want to Buy Q6600 GO or Q9xxx series s775 quad

    Anybody got one? Looking to spend around $80. for a Q6600, $120. for a Q9xxx chip. Preferably a good overclocker. Q9550 EO would be nice :biggrin: Can pay by EMT. Need it shipped to K7P 3K1.
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    Want to Buy GTX 460 + Asus Crosshair IV or V Formula + 955/965 quadcore

    Looking for a GTX 460 shipped to K7P 3K1. Looking to spend around $100. shipped. Looking for an Asus Crosshair IV or V Formula. (Found) Looking for AM3 Phenom II quadcore 955/965 or better. (Found) Shoot me an offer! Can pay by EMT only.
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    Want to Sell 2 X EVGA GTX 470's $300. shipped SOLD

    2 X EVGA GTX 470's 1280 Mb (012-P3-1470-AR) SOLD Never fondled, never drooled on, never abused. Nurtured in a caring stress free wholesome family environment. No overclocking, no folding, no threesome's. $300. shipped for the pair (selling as a pair only) EMT only, may consider postal money...
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    Want to Sell Core 2 Quad Q9400s $125. SOLD shipped (Price Drop)

    2 X EVGA GTX 460 768 mb (768-P3-1360-TR) $200. shipped for the pair (selling as a pair only) SOLD Intel Q9400s low power s775 quad (TDP 65 watt) $125. shipped SOLD Currently running @ 3.4 Ghz, probably has more headroom as the board I am using is older and fsb won't go any higher. EMT only...
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    Want to Sell EVGA GTX 460 SC 768 Mb $140. Shipped.

    EVGA GTX 460 768 Mb SC edition $140. shipped. (768-P3-1362-AR) SOLD MSI 890FXA-GD70 Phenom II X2 550 BE Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 pro Corsair XMS3 2 X 2 GB DDR3-1600 $275. shipped (selling as a combo only) SOLD Board comes with retail box and all accessories. Excellent gpu folding board with...
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    Want to Sell P5Q pro combo $225. shipped SOLD

    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 EO Asus P5Q pro Turbo G.Skill 2 X 2 GB PC2-8000 $225. Shipped (selling as a combo only) SOLD Board comes with retail box and all accessories. Stock heatsink/fan not included (mostly because I don't have one :sad: ) Never got around to overclocking this particular chip...
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    Want to Sell Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor SOLD

    CO stepping (SLAPL) $110. shipped. Bare chip. No heat sink/fan included. Never Overclocked... :shok: It was in the wife's machine. EMT only, may consider postal money order as last resort. NO Paypal here. Shipping via Canada Post + insurance + tracking number + signature required. Upon receipt...
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    Want to Buy I7 970 processor

    Looking for a hexacore I7 970 processor. Budget is $450. shipped. Will pay more for a retail (non RE chip). Only looking to deal with sellers that have well established feedback, unless of course you agree to ship first. I may consider pickup if it's within a 2-3 hour drive from Kingston. I can...
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    Want to Buy L/F 1090t and Q9xxx series cpu's

    I'll probably be ordering a new 1090t next week as they are on for $239. at NCIX, just though I'd check here first for a better deal. Looking to spend around $200. shipped for a used one. Also looking for a deal on a Q9xxx series cpu (preferably Q9550 EO). Looking to spend $150. shipped or less.
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    GTS 450 PPD

    Was just wondering what the PPD on these cards is... They are on sale for $120. this week locally. Was thinking of picking up a couple. Either that or a couple 460's. What is the best "bang for the buck" on these cards, the 450 or the 460. Cards will be used strictly for folding...:biggrin: