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  1. concinnity

    SSD Upgrade- What should I use to transfer my files?

    My 60GB SSD is simply too small and has run out of space. Before I pull the trigger on a new one (Crucial m500 240GB), I want to know how I should go about transferring my OS and everything else without having to reinstall Windows, if at all possible. thnx
  2. concinnity

    3TB External Dive and Windows Backup

    So I grabbed a 3TB Seagate Backup+ for an external backup. However, Windows Backup refuses to work with it, no matter what I do. I partitioned the drive into two 1.1TB drives, one formatted as NTFS, the other exFAT (512k). NEITHER seem to work with Windows Backup. It always gives me an error...
  3. concinnity

    Windows 8.1 Install Error

    First time trying Windows 8, I'm getting an error on install. This is being installed on a blank drive. IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL It's all new hardware, but it's all recognized and is from reputable brands. What's happening here?
  4. concinnity

    RESOLVED: Xonar DG Not Working

    I have installed the latest driver, but I don't get any sound from the card. If I plug into the motherboard audio, I do get sound. Any ideas?
  5. concinnity

    Cherry MX Brown Keyboard Recommendations

    It seems that the Quickfire TK isn't available with brown switches for whatever reason. What alternative keyboards do you recommend that have brown switches and backlighting? Size doesn't matter much, and I'm not particularly wild about any of the other CM Storm keyboards. Thanks Also, anybody...
  6. concinnity

    |RESOLVED| How to ACTUALLY move iTunes Library

    I've read the Apple Guide on how to move libraries, and it didn't work, of course. I am able to move the library, but then when I run iTunes, it doesn't recognize that the library has been moved. Any help is much appreciated.
  7. concinnity

    Four Drive RAID Card

    Looking for suggestions on good RAID cards for around $200 (Plus or minus $50) with RAID 10 functionality.
  8. concinnity

    Horrible Corsair QC: Is it just me?

    Has anyone else had nothing but bad luck with Corsair? First, my 300R has the mic and headphone ports backwards, and now my K90 has a broken key. It surprises me that it seems that everyone else raves about them, and I get the one that slipped through the QC.
  9. concinnity

    GTX 660Ti 3GB v. GTX 670 2GB

    Which would run better on a 2560x1600 monitor? I play fairly demanding games like Far Cry 3, Battlefield 3, Borderlands 2, etc.
  10. concinnity

    Matte Black mSATA

    Anyone know of an mSATA drive with a matte black PCB? I know I'm being picky, but green just doesn't fit...
  11. concinnity

    Triple Panel Gaming

    What kind of horsepower it would take to drive 3 1920x1080 23" panels?
  12. concinnity

    Single USB 3 Header

    I was wondering if anyone knew of where I could get a single USB3 port & header to put elsewhere in a case.
  13. concinnity

    Thermal Capacity of Radiators

    Wondering if there is a rule for the thermal capacity of radiators. What are the benefits/drawbacks to higher or lower FPIs? Does a slim radiator with a high FPI have a similar thermal capacity to a thick one with a low FPI?