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    Top Gaming Laptops under $1K

    Good list. I love my AW14, but mine is not the baseline one... Just to be different...a refurbished Macbook Air 11"/13" with Intel HD 5000 are decent performers and come at $800-$900 and is very portable. Runs D3 very well.
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    PC using onboard intel graphics instead of my Nvidia Graphics Card

    Why are you even adjusting your BIOS? Does your Nvidia card not have more than one output?
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    Sony lied- Watch Dogs won’t be 1080p or 60fps on PS4

    Won't be the last time! Same goes for Microsoft...
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    Do you think Corsair AXi worth the premium?

    I have an AX860 and AX1200i. I would just get a normal AX not AXi line. I think the Corsair link monitoring feature is gimmicky.
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    looking for a new keyboard

    Corsair +1!! My K70 still chugging along after a tea spill. Had a first gen g15, and second gen g15 both crap out on me when I spilled something on them. A few keys would repeat themselves non-stop or not work at all after I spilled water on one, and pop on the other...:doh:
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    Leaked Corsair 350D pics

    I wish Corsair would start including some nicer fans with their cases even if it drives the price up a bit then they would pretty much be perfect. Or maybe sell the cases without any fans included... The fans on my 550d and 750d are terrible.
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    Cryptocoin Mining - General Discussion

    Are most people just quitting or moving on to ASICs? I'm at a crossroads...I had lots of fun getting my rig up but now that summer is coming around my basement is starting to cook. Contemplating the move to an ASIC...any thoughts?
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    Noctua now makes SEXY FANS!

    No more poo colored fans?! I love my DH-14, but the fans on it are pretty ugly...
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    MSI Gaming all in one AG270 is pretty awesome

    Cool idea by MSI, but that stand does not look like it is very adjustable. I'd much rather get their new line of GS gaming laptops and hook it up to an external monitor if needed...
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    Litecoin - questions

    My GTX680 gets 210-220KH/s, there must be something wrong with your settings...
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    Need recomendations for a new case

    Corsair Obsidian 550D is a good one too!
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    i7 960 Overclocking Questions and Help

    78c in prime95 is acceptable to me. Under normal usage you most likely won't hit those temperatures. Just keep a CPU temp monitor like speedfan running in the background and use the computer normally over a week and see what your temperatures look like.
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    worth buying a sound card?

    I have been using dedicated sound cards in all my PCs since the early 2000's. Every time I build a new computer I would give the onboard a try because reviews and sources claim that modern onboard sound is much improved etc etc, but I always end up going back to my dedicated sound cards. My...
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    Corsair K95 Brown switch 104 and white switch micro key

    Wow awesome! I would love to upgrade to a K95 black from K90.
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    Nexus 5

    Been using my N5 for a couple weeks now. Before the N5, I was using an iPhone 4/4s since 2010. My major gripe with the iPhone was the screen size and iOS. I found my eyes losing focus more and more frequently when using the iPhone, and I felt that iOS was just not keeping up with the times...
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    Welcome New Members

    Hi everyone finally decided to join the forums! I read up on lots of tech stuff from various sites including articles from here, and I also sneak around many other forums. I don't really have much time to be as active as I'd like to be on forums these days, so I mostly just sneak around...