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  1. J

    Noctua NH-U12P SE2 @ NCIX $49.99

    Sometimes they have this heatsink in their shipping deals section. A few weeks ago, it had free shipping for the entire order, so I slipped one in there and pricematched it down to $44.77. I had 3 entire computers on that order that I was building for others, so it more than covered the cost...
  2. J

    OCZ Reassures Customers About Warranty for DRAM

    It sucks to lose a competitor, but I haven't touched OCZ memory in years because of poor experiences. I almost always go Corsair now unless there's a significant price difference and I haven't had any problems :)
  3. J


    There were some pretty clever bits in that clip, but obviously ridiculously exaggerated ... Post-SP1, I never had a problem with Vista ... It was actually more reliable than Windows 7 has been for me so far (not that Windows 7 has been totally unreliable, but I get the odd frozen program every...
  4. J

    Canadians Approved for Class Action Lawsuit Against Microsoft

    YouTube - Idiocracy "I like money"
  5. J

    Google Executive says "PC will be irrelevant in 3 years" [Yahoo]

    Laptops are good for the economy ... They break down more often, cost more to be repaired, are more likely to be replaced due to obsolescence instead of simply upgraded, and most consumers like them more. Stores = Win Repair Shops = Win Consumers = Win Businesses and niche markets (gamers...
  6. J

    Cheapest laptop that can play Wow

    By decently, what settings were you hoping for ? You could pick up anything with an ATI Radeon HD 3200 or Nvidia GeForce 8200 integrated graphics processor if you're fine with low settings; they can do playable framerates @ 1280x800 on Low. Most of these units are in the $500 - $700 range...
  7. J

    Joe Sakic Retires

    Colorado Avalanche - News: Sakic Announces Retirement - 07/09/2009 Sad to see another Canadian great leave the game. Such an awesome player.
  8. J

    Rogers Offer Faster Internet Speeds For Free

    Ouch ... Shaw's offering up 7.5 and 15 Mbps packages for similar prices here in BC with 60 GB and 100 GB limits respectively. You guys out east are getting jacked :p
  9. J

    Upgrade to Vista 64-bit

    32-bit can't upgrade to 64-bit ... You need to reinstall with a full or OEM version ... And I agree on waiting for Windows 7 ... No point shelling out $120+ on Vista 64-bit when Windows 7 is 5-9 months away ... unless you REALLY need to have it now, of course ...
  10. J

    Substandard Service... Complain or Walk Away for good?

    Both of the local Tim Horton's constantly screw up my sandwiches. I'm allergic to mayo and, despite the fact that I ask for no mayo and say I'm allergic, I always end up with mayo on my sandwich. I get the odd, "I can scrape it off for you," which is somewhat insulting, but one time a few...
  11. J

    Newegg Discusses Canadian Operations, Expansion Plans

    I order small parts from them frequently as shipping rates are roughly the same as NCIX and they usually have a better selection and better prices (especially when the dollar takes a sudden upswing). Shipping, at least in my experience, takes about the same amount of time as NCIX. NCIX ALWAYS...
  12. J

    Gateway Core i7 FX6800-03H @ Futureshop - $1599

    FYI, Costco has the same/similar system for about $1499. Saw it in there on Thursday. I wouldn't have noticed had it not been for my friend commenting on how ugly the case was.
  13. J

    Gmail Turns 5!!! HAPPY B-DAY!!!

    I've noticed I get a lot less spam on my Hotmail account than I used to, but Gmail is still better.
  14. J

    Gmail Turns 5!!! HAPPY B-DAY!!!

    Hmm, I didn't realize it was that old. I just looked and I received my first message on April 7, 2004, so it looks like I was in in the first week. Sweet
  15. J

    Tell us about your Newegg.ca experiences!

    I usually order half my stuff through Newegg.ca and half my stuff through NCIX. Newegg's prices on cases and operating systems are still too high (cases because of shipping costs). Newegg almost always has smoking combo deals on CPUs, motherboards, and/or memory which NCIX won't pricematch...
  16. J

    AMD has problems with Phenom X4s and 780G

    Considering this problem was rectified in excess of 6 months ago, I fail to see why this thread was dug out of the graveyard ... I've been using 780Gs with Phenom IIs with nothing but good results ...
  17. J

    God-Like 30"

    A lot of people seem to have backlight and banding issues with those LG 30 inchers ... Futureshop was selling it, but it appears they've taken it off their site. When I was researching 30" monitors earlier this year, this one caught my eye because of the price and panel, but I was put off by...
  18. J

    AMD to Drop Support of non-DX10 Products, Including FireGL Products.

    Nvidia stopped supporting the GeForce 5000-series cards years ago and they were about the same age, maybe even younger than the X1000 cards are now, when Nvidia cut support. It's not like people running 4 year old cards update their drivers on a monthly basis, anyways. Hell, I bet most people...
  19. J

    New Gaming Laptop - OS Choice

    Lots of people game on Vista and there really isn't as much difference in performance as you might think. I wouldn't run Windows 7 Beta w/ SLI on a laptop w/ no official driver support.
  20. J

    best overclocking phenom budget board

    I've been getting fairly decent OCs w/ the Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3HP w/ the new Phenom IIs ... Upper 3 GHz on air almost every time, no stability issues, and it's like $70 when you buy it as a combo from Newegg.ca $350 for Phenom II X4 940 BE + Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3HP Newegg.ca - Computer...