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  1. silverchair

    x58 Motherboards

    Guys! Seems like Abit, Foxconn and other motherboard makers are ready for the lga1366 processor. Othe who catch my attention is the foxconn renaissance TechConnect Magazine - Intel X58 has a strong presence at Computex with a little specs overview of foxconn renaissance: Chipset • Intel X58...
  2. silverchair

    FS: Fujifilm finepix E900

    Second hand already, and im looking for a price of $250.00, selling it locally only. Thanks guys! Basic Features 9.0-megapixel CCD delivering image resolutions as large as 3,488 by 2,616 pixels. 2.0-inch color LCD monitor. Optical viewfinder. 4x, 7.2-28.8mm lens (equivalent to...
  3. silverchair

    Intel's Bloomfield motherboard LGA1366 for nehalem processors

    New sockets, chipsets and architecture en route from Intel before 2009. DailyTech - Intel Slates "Nehalem" for Q4 2008 And the first picture of bloomfield motherboard Fudzilla - First pictures of Intel's Bloomfield motherboard
  4. silverchair

    HP Blackbird look-alike

    I know more of you heard about the HP's blackbird gaming pc. Its a nice case for me, but one of my friend has been very inspired on HP blackbird. And he made a design like the blackbird. Very cool! I wish someone can work like this here in montreal...
  5. silverchair


    Hey guys, I saw this website and its really cool for me. I wonder if someone who work like this in montreal or any in canada.Case mods and PC Modding Supplies
  6. silverchair

    Suggested loops and Pump

    Hey guys, i have few questions regarding loops and pump. First i have 120.3 RAD and by that i can easly choose what kind of pump im going to use. Second option for me is, i have 2x 120.1 rad and my question is, ist ok to make a loop on 2 rads? and if im going to use that, any kind of good...
  7. silverchair

    FM-123 availability

    Hi guys, is there anyone can help me where can i get the Silverstone FM-123? locally and online. Thanks
  8. silverchair

    Pentosin G11

    ho guys, im from montreal and just wanna ask where can i get a pentosin G11 coolant, is there any place here (or near montreal) where i can get this product?!
  9. silverchair

    FS: Asus P5B-VM DO Q965 motherboard

    HI Im living in montreal and im selling this motherboard locally for $55 In perfect good condition (no problem at all) Reason for selling is im going to upgrade a new motherboard.
  10. silverchair

    Asus Maximus formula or ABIT iX38 quadGT

    Hi i live in montreal and im choosing what motherboard i should buy: Asus Maximus formula or ABIT iX38 quadGT Any suggestions? And is there any place here i could buy thse 2 locally rather than microbytes?
  11. silverchair

    WTT: EVGA 320mb superclocked to any G92 8800GTS

    hi guys if im going to trade my EVGA 8800GTS 320mb superclocked to any G92 based 8800GTS, how much im going to add money for that? ( no idea thats why)
  12. silverchair

    FS: Zalman CNSP9500LED

    I am selling zalman CNSP9500LED (already been used), still in good performance and no problem at all, +arctic silver 5.The reason for selling is i want to buy coolermaster Aquagate S1. Starting at $50. I live in montreal and for now i can only sell it locally Some pictures: (sorry for not...
  13. silverchair

    X38 Motherboard user

    Hey guys, just wanna know your experience using the X38 motherboard. Right now i am using the Maximus Formula SE just got few days ago. Really good motherboard, (after i tried to use giabyte x38 motherboard). For me i still have pros and cons for this motherboard. But still this is a kick...
  14. silverchair

    FS: Coolermaster centurion 541

    For sale: Cooler master Centurion 541 @ $40. Im living in montreal and im only selling this locally Other old goodies for sale: IBM Black ps2 keyboard, asking for $15 2x 80mm antec clear fan, asking for $5 each Dell 15.4" crt monitor, asking for $30 Intel HSF(came from...
  15. silverchair

    Overclocking Pentium D820

    hey guys just need some help and advice: i have some old stuff and i was trying if i can get overclock to these: i have pentium D820, Asus p5b-vm DO motherboard and corsair 2GB pc-5400 ddr2. i tried to overclock the proc. (stock at 2.8ghz) and the limit i can use is 235mhz fsb (from 2.8ghz...
  16. silverchair

    Best 8800 gts 320mb Video Card

    Hi guys, anyone help me to choose what is better one? EVGA PCIE GF8 8800GTS 320M SUPERCLOCKED BOX 8800GTS? or BFG PCIE GF8 8800GTS OC2 320M BOX 8800GTS?
  17. silverchair

    modifying side panel

    Hi! im living in montreal, and i just want to know if there is anyone here living in montreal or near that knows how to modify side panels.