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  1. 3.0charlie

    Want to Buy 1150 board

    Looking for a friend, 1150 board. Nothing fancy. Budget is low. Thanks.
  2. 3.0charlie

    Want to Sell Nothing at the moment.

  3. 3.0charlie

    Odd POST behavior from Dell laptop

    Customer of mine brough back her 2018 Dell Inspiron 5775 that would no longer POST, not even to the Dell logo. Warranty ended March 2019. Plugged in my monitor, no POST. Took out the back panel, checked for obvious board damage. None. HDD was backed up to my server using an external caddy with...
  4. 3.0charlie

    Want to Buy Found tx.

    For the Mini-ITX, DDR3 ram is looked after and a low power CPU. Same for the NUC, nothing fancy - either is to replace a dying embedded Celeron motherboard that is my garage rig. Price to be discussed.
  5. 3.0charlie

    Hell has frozen over.

    https://newsroom.intel.com/editorials/new-intel-core-processor-combine-high-performance-cpu-discrete-graphics-sleek-thin-devices/ :shok:
  6. 3.0charlie

    Where to buy [enter component here]?

    I've had enough. I've looked hi and low, can't seem to find what I'm looking for. So I'm starting this thread for others too that may be looking for advise about where to find - hard to find? - components, whatever they may be. In my case, a good, high-quality universal, regulated voltage...
  7. 3.0charlie

    Diverging diamond interchange?

    Waiting for flight to TO, bored at the airport... Huh? What the hell... Canada’s first ‘diverging diamond interchange’ now open to Calgary traffic - Calgary | Globalnews.ca
  8. 3.0charlie

    Kudos to Epson

    Usually we bitch and complain about our favorite hardware companies, but this time-around I'm sending a dozen of roses to Epson and they basically have me as a customer for a very long time. My old WP-4530 started leaking yellow ink a month or so ago. Bear in mind that the printer was bought in...
  9. 3.0charlie

    W10 QNAP mapped drive disconnecting - RESOLVED.

    This one is bugging me... I have a customer with a simple network - a DIR-655 router, 2 computers running latest W10 Family build (custom builds by yours truly), and a QNAP TS-112 NAS. Same domain, private network, sharing on... basic stuff. The mapped drive connection is made either through...
  10. 3.0charlie

    Want to Buy Scratch that.

    Last offer was indeed too good to be true... so if you have an X79 board and you want to upgrade, I'm listening. Send offers via PM, with shipping to Montreal included. Maybe interested in DDR3 ram too. That was earlier. Now? How shall I say this - ah, mais oui. F.u.c.k. this. Asus X99-A /...
  11. 3.0charlie

    1070 folding

    Can this be right? I haven't GPU folded in a while, and know folding is quite demanding in regards to a card's stability, but look at that clock... been folding for over a week without a single hiccup. Core temp has not reached 60C ever since first WU.
  12. 3.0charlie

    1080p gaming rig for 1k$?

    Have a new request for a customer of mine, a close friend. Wishes to replace is P4 3.2 Prescott... obviously in its entirety. :haha: Has a 1080p 24" screen, and on-hand a 128Gb Kingston HyperX SSD. CPU: last or latest generation, would like to OC again Board: most probably Z97 or Z170 Ram: 16Gb...
  13. 3.0charlie

    PS4 COD BO and FO4

    re. http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/display-units/71499-dizziness-nausea-while-gaming.html... new monitor did nothing, and every single trick out of my googlefu came back negative. Just can't play those 2 games. What would be a quick-sell price for those 2 titles? I know, worst-case I head...
  14. 3.0charlie

    Want to Buy Found.

    Found. Thanks for the PMs.
  15. 3.0charlie

    Weird warranty issue at the Microsoft store

    Customer of mine was looking to buy a new laptop. After doing some research online, we found a model that suited his needs, and met his budget. He bought the laptop from the Canadian MS store - a Dell model. Upon receiving the laptop, he found the battery to be erratic and eventually...
  16. 3.0charlie

    Dizziness, nausea while gaming?

    Lately, while playing even short stints I suffer from nausea, dizziness effects even after only a few minutes. What's weird though, is that not all games have those same effects. A few years ago I used to play a lot of WoW (40-man Raids lasting hours on end), same for BF3 which I felt no ill...
  17. 3.0charlie

    Want to Buy X58 Quad core chip

    [Found] I'd like to thank Wolfbane and Angrysasquatch for their donations - a set of sticks and a 920 respectively. Very much appreciated gents. Testing the waters for a dirt cheap X58 Quad core chip (a la i7 920, for example). Currently rebuilding a flight simulator with full B25 cockpit for...
  18. 3.0charlie

    Internet slow access, downtime?

    Using Videotron in Montreal, and ever since moving back on the island I get these slow 'net accesses - for example: Mail server time-out, but a few minutes later works perfectly. Simply opening a new tab in IE with Google as the Home page can take 30 seconds, sometimes it's instantaneous...
  19. 3.0charlie

    Proper hardware to play mkv SBS 3D files?

    Buddy of mine asked that I design a rig capable of playing mkv SBS 3D movies he has. If I understand well, this means a resolution of 3920x1080, right? With movies saved on a server (LAN), he has this on hand: Receiver: Pionner VSX-42 3D capable. Projector: Epson 5030UB 3D ready. I was...
  20. 3.0charlie

    Want to Buy For a folder: ~500W PSU (modular preferred).

    Good quality ~500W PSU, modular preferred. Time to start folding again.