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  1. djbrad

    weird Bt issue with my Logi MK850 set

    Had a similar problem with my wireless logitech keyboard / mouse combo a few months ago. Changing the battery / reboot / on off switch did not fix the problem. Updating the software / drivers did it. I think it forced a change of frequency, helping with interferences. If the router is...
  2. djbrad

    Router recommendation for 2020

    Stock firmware or Merlin on the Asus RT-AC86U?
  3. djbrad

    Completed Acer Veriton 3D Printed Open Air Case

    Nice waffle fan guard, ready for breakfast. No, seriously, I like it! :cool:
  4. djbrad

    Weird hdd

    Oh, an alternative to the freezer trick! Thank you.
  5. djbrad

    3080's where art thou?

    One single 1000w psu for all this?
  6. djbrad

    What game are you currently playing? (Screenshots if possible pls)

    I was looking at the Trails series not long ago, good advice. As I finished Grandia II recently, I must select my next rgp. I have Final Fantasy Type 0 and Ni no Kuni Wrath of The White Witch that I wanted to play. Is the Wild Arms series good too? Never played one of them
  7. djbrad

    What game are you currently playing? (Screenshots if possible pls)

    It's hard to recommend a game when you have played them all (a lot) like you did. On the indie side, did you already play "Doom & Destiny"? It's a parody rpg, fun and low requirement. Also, I discovered the "Ys" series a few years ago, action/rpg, kind like legend of zelda. The remakes are...
  8. djbrad

    Perseverance Mars Rover Runs $200K USD CPU That Runs At 200mhz

    With a very secure and stable os.
  9. djbrad

    Custom Android ROM - I need your help

    I did not know how to explain Supersu correctly, so here's the best answer I found and understood : SuperSU's an app that manages other apps' root access. If you use a custom rom without a root manager, that allows root access to every app that wants it, without any notifications or warnings.
  10. djbrad

    Custom Android ROM - I need your help

    lowfat is right. Before flashing a new rom with TWRP, take a full backup in case you want to go back (can be done from the TWRP menu).
  11. djbrad

    LG to license WebOS to other TV brands

    Got a cheapo LG 4k tv from walmart in 2019. I did not expect much from webOS, and I must say, I find it good. The magic remote (aka the lg wiimote) works nicely, no lag in the menus, decent choice of apps. The only thing missing is Kodi (but there's emby client).
  12. djbrad

    What game are you currently playing? (Screenshots if possible pls)

    Old jrpgs is a good idea while waiting the 2080 ti from rma. What console / era / rpg did you like most? We may have some suggestions for you.
  13. djbrad

    What game are you currently playing? (Screenshots if possible pls)

    You had me think about how many hours I did in Team Fortress 2. I stopped playing many years ago, and I try once or twice a year now. Now playing Grandia 2 HD remaster (2019). It's a 2000 Dreamcast RGP game adapted to PC in 2002. It was that port that got me into the series. I played that...
  14. djbrad

    If You Buy an AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU, Make Sure You Keep the Box

    I have my hidden spot under my basement stairs, so she does not see them. ;)
  15. djbrad

    Input on 1080p gaming

    Corsair are also great, used them for many years. Still got one 520hx and 620hx (2007/2008) running. It's just a matter of finding the best current deal.
  16. djbrad

    Input on 1080p gaming

    The seasonic powersupplies are my recommendation : 650w, 119$ You can get the same Corsair LPX kit, but for less, and 3600mhz Here
  17. djbrad

    Delete ME

    afaik, no.
  18. djbrad

    Delete ME

    Come on, don't give up!
  19. djbrad

    little help with event viewer

    From what I understand, ID 4624 happens everytime when exiting the screensaver and 4627 when you login, and could also happens when you have a shared folder being accessed. Someone who knows better will confirm, but I'll say don't worry about it. If anyone was trying to open a session while...
  20. djbrad

    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    Oh I don't think Cool World is bad in any way and did not intend bashing Ralph Bakshi. It's the timing when I watched those two movies so many years ago, could not help compare them.

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