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  1. MacJunky

    mobo/cpu/ram bundles & accessories, 775/AM2+/462/370/slot1/SS7

    All parts working and previously overclocked unless otherwise noted! :bananafunky: ______S775______ ASUS P5K (P5KR BIOS) Q6600 & E8400 & E2200 & E1200 2x2GB Patriot Viper PVS24G8500ELKR2 DDR2-1066 5-5-5-15 Antec Freezer 7 Pro(S775 pushpins only) ASUS P5QL Q6600 & E8400 & E1200 2x1GB Patriot...
  2. MacJunky

    Carmageddon: Reincarnation

    I could not find a pre-existing thread! :shok: Anyway, update #3 is out and Carmageddon titles are currently 50% off during the Steam winter sale! Info and video promo at the link. Carmageddon | Santa's Bulging Fun Sack! It adds two cars, support for tracked vehicles(one of the new cars having...
  3. MacJunky

    Calgary Beer Night! March 7th 2015

    Beer is happening in Calgary! March 7th, 6PM at the Riverstone Pub: Riverstone Pub Please drop us a line if you will be coming. :bananafunky:
  4. MacJunky

    C.Itoh 8510 dotmatrix + Windows 8 = upside down text

    I have an Apple Imagewriter I(based on C.Itoh 8510) and I have a 'thing' for dot matrix printers but never anything to print from old computers. Since I already have a Xerox Phaser 6280N I cannot justify the cost of a new modern impact unit since I do not really print all that much to be honest...
  5. MacJunky

    Thinkpad T510 and Corsair DDR3-1600 over 4GB issue

    Computer: Thinkpad T510 4349CTR w/ latest BIOS(supports 8GB RAM) OEM 2x2GB: Samsung M471B5673EH1-CF8 DDR3-1066F / 533MHz. Corsair 2x4GB: CMSX8GX3M2A1600C9 DDR3-1600 / 800MHz (appears to have 533MHz profiles according to Taiphoon and CPU-Z) Both support 1.5v So you think it would just downclock...
  6. MacJunky

    "Next Car Game" by Bugbear

    I have not found this on the forum yet. Bugbear Entertainment presents Next Car Game | Join us in creating the ultimate full contact motorsport! Next Car Game: A Motorsport With Attitude! by Bugbear Inc. ? Kickstarter Demolition racing from the makers of FlatOut with StreetRod inspired...
  7. MacJunky

    Keyboard Modding Corner

    I am pretty sure I have not seen this thread yet. I know some of you have modified your keyboards in one way or another be it paint or lights or etc. Post them here! To kick it off, here is mine: Das Keyboard Pro Model S Ghetto Green switches (MX black springs in MX blue switch to replicate MX...
  8. MacJunky


    ZOMG! der soo cuuuuuuuuuuuutte! :D:D:D:D OK, I need to say some things here: A) I do not know what type of spiders they are, but these were found hiding in some DOLE bananas. So if I missed a couple and they grow up and kill me or invade the area and kill everything else... It is DOLE's...
  9. MacJunky

    MacJunky's feedback

    My very own feedback thread. I feel so special!
  10. MacJunky

    Best single slot and dual slot(with short cooler) air cooled cards for folding

    As the title says, I am looking for suggestions wrt what cards to use in the upcoming CC! Last year I crammed in a Radeon HD5750 to run games while folding on my GTX460 and a GF9600GSO.. but I no longer have that 5750 nor any similarly performing cards for running games and the 9600GSO is a...
  11. MacJunky

    Testing out a SCSI card.

    This has all the info for the time being: ST19171WC on Adaptec AHA-1542CP - Pastebin.com Slow, I know. This is what I get for not using MCA! :P Need to dig up some more drives to bench and also take some pix. :)
  12. MacJunky

    40GB PS3 price check

    40GB PS3 (firmware 3.15) One sixaxis controller +USB cable Power cable GTA IV GT5 Prologue F.E.A.R Stuntman: Ignition orig box with english and french manuals for system and games. (no HDMI cable or A/V -> composite cable)(not that HDMI cables are expensive or hard to find, and you do not...
  13. MacJunky

    Embracing the Future: Testing a solid state drive. :D

    Yes, I am aware that my 286 can never ever use this 2GB 133x card fully.. this was the smallest CF card I had. Also, I cannot seem to manually set the CHS values. Types 41-47 are blank(orig HDD was 40) and I have not found a way to enter anything, nor is there a user or auto option. I guess I...
  14. MacJunky

    Want to Buy MJ's BST thread [WTB] AMD Turion X2 Ultra

    Some notes before we get started. I live in southeast BC and I like EMT and Canada Post. ***********FS-2012.02.11************ Nothing here for the time being. ********************************** **********WTB-2013.10.10********** AMD Turion X2 Ultra ZM-87 or ZM-88 Possibly ZM-84/85 or...
  15. MacJunky

    Speaker re-foaming kits

    I have some Acoustic Research 48B units hanging around here but the 10" woofers badly need new foam.(there are also two 16Bs that are in the same situation) I am aware of the rough process of this operation though I have never actually done it. However, I am sure this can be accomplished well...
  16. MacJunky

    Rendering error/layout issue in FF&IE

    The link to the store is misplaced as seen in the pic. Identical in FF 3.6 and whatever IE comes with win7. (the little box is because I had my cursor over it, it is not seen normally.)
  17. MacJunky

    HWC toque w/ fleece liner

    I am considering getting the HWC Toque w/ Fleece Liner but I have some questions first. (I am new to toques) What is the resting circumference? Does it stretch much at all? What is the comfortable stretched circumference? How tall is it when in use? Are there any 'action shots' available...
  18. MacJunky

    Work in progress ASUS G2S-A1-WC

    Aww shit >_< tired guy is tired. I guess this probably should have been put in the actual watercooling section! /me slaps self. Can this get moved please? Watercooled ASUS G2S-A1 now known as: ASUS G2S-A1-WC :P Now, as many of us know Nvidia's G84 and G86 cores were proven to be defective...
  19. MacJunky

    Want to Buy Thermaltake Aqua Brazing W2(or similar)

    Never mind, found what I was looking for at a local shop. Looking for a Thermaltake Aqua Brazing W2 or any other waterblock that is similar and is half an inch thick or less.(with horizontal barbs) Thermaltakeusa*»*Thermaltakeusa*»*W2 : W2 CL-W0088 Also possibly a Thermaltake Tide Water since...
  20. MacJunky

    The Shocking Truth ...about the effects of ESD (1987)

    Figured some here might like to watch this for amusement or otherwise. :P The quoted text below is a post by a member on another forum, the 68k Macintosh Liberation Army (68kMLA)

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