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  1. steers

    HwC Meet-up: Kitchener-Waterloo Edition

    To avoid hijacking Arinoth's thread any further, I've decided to actually make a separate thread to gauge interest in a friendly Hardware Canucks get-together in the K-W region. I think there are enough of us around to warrant our own dedicated meet-up. Aspects such as time and location remain...
  2. steers

    Work in progress Project: Guardian - Mini-ITX FreeBSD Firewall

    Hey guys, I've got the building bug again, but this time I felt the desire to go with smaller form factor, lower-power parts. To justify building another computer, I've decided that I'm going to configure it as a perimeter firewall, router and VPN appliance for our network. I'll either be going...
  3. steers

    Some minor loop upgrades - thoughts?

    It's been over six months now since I set up the loop in my main machine, and I'm thinking that this summer it's time for a bit of maintenance, maybe a bit of a rework/upgrade. Sometime within the next couple months I'm gonna drain the loop, remount my heatkiller (I've been noticing two of my...
  4. steers

    Want to Buy Black Alphacool Dual-bay LCD

    Just thought I'd send out a ping to see if anyone had one of those Alphacool dual-bay displays (in black!) lying around, as I'm having a bit of a hard time finding an American reseller with the black model in stock. Ordering it right from Alphacool (in Germany) is undesirable as well, as I'm not...
  5. steers

    Dual EPS12V Power Supplies

    Hey guys. I was shopping around for a power supply for my new server, and I thought I found one until I realised that my motherboard actually requires 2 EPS connections to function. It's a dual-socket board, so I guess that makes sense. I know that Corsair's HX850 can support 2 EPS, and thus by...
  6. steers

    Completed Project: Caspar - Octacore Linux Server

    Hello again everybody. The opportunity has presented itself to finally build a dedicated server for around the house (I live with 3 other software engineers) thanks to Chilly. I thought I would document the gradual process here on HWC. Nothing like a good summer project, right? As far as the...
  7. steers

    Completed Project: Chronos

    Well, I'm finally getting tired of waiting. It's been six years now since I've built a new machine for myself, and after building new machines for friends and family all year I can't resist the temptation any longer. I've decided to borrow money out of my RESP to start the build, rather that...
  8. steers

    Dynamic microphone with Xonar Essence STX

    If any Essence owners could chime in with their thoughts on this, it's be appreciated. I'm planning on buying one of these cards for the build and I'm just exploring my microphone options so I'll be all set for voip/vent once it's all built. I noticed the Essence has a 1/4" TRS port for...
  9. steers

    Koolance Water Blocks

    From the mumblings I've heard around this board and a few others across the internet, Koolance really isn't the greatest company for quality water cooling components. I'm shopping around for a single-PCB GTX 295 water block, and the current selection seems a little lacking (NCIX is only carrying...
  10. steers

    Aftermarket cooler + Warranty = ???

    Hey guys, I'll be water cooling my build this fall, and I had a question about the use of aftermarket coolers on video cards, and how it affects their warranty. For example, I'm planning on getting one of the new single-pcb GTX 295, but I don't know whether I should grab one of the standard...
  11. steers

    Undervolting Scythe Kama Maru fans (140mm fan recommendation thread)

    I'm rethinking my fan decisions for my build in progress, now deciding to use 3 Panaflo U1s on my triple rad rather than a set of unruly 6000rpm monsters (San Ace). So to manage them I'll be using a 4-channel Rheobus, which leaves me with one channel free. The Corsair 800D I'll be getting (once...
  12. steers

    Koolance QDC for fill/drain ports on res

    Hey guys, So I'm in the constant process of planning and refactoring my loop that's going into my build this fall, and one aspect of it I haven't been able to finalize is what to do about draining my loop (for changing coolant, etc). Initially I thought about making a little T before the inlet...
  13. steers

    Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

    Wow, I definitely expected there to be at least one thread on here hyping up the release of Corsair's first full-tower case. Is it possible I'm the only one pumped about it? From Corsair's product page: Four easily accessed hot-swap drive bays Removable CPU backplate panel for easy heatsink...
  14. steers

    Polishing water block surface

    Hey everyone, First of all, I just want to say I love the site. I've been reading the reviews on Hardware Canucks for some time now, and the community here looks rich, smart and interesting, so I look forward to spending some time here. I plan on building a new i7 rig in the fall, and I plan...

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