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  1. Exmortis

    Brad McQuaid is back - Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Kickstarter

    For those interested in Brad's responses to alot of old critizism, you can easily do a search on google Pantheon + Aradune. You will net alot of hits though, many comments in articles and responses in big game forums. I am just a fan of the man's work, think he can pull off what he wants and...
  2. Exmortis

    Brad McQuaid is back - Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Kickstarter

    I cannot seem to locate the interviews, I found this though by using tags at F13: Tagged: brad mcquaid | News | The Escapist Two articles, neither describing what your saying. I am not disputing it, nor saying it happened, but it may help credibility if you can link your sources, I did a...
  3. Exmortis

    Brad McQuaid is back - Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Kickstarter

    Don't mix poor game on release to equal truth about rumors spread about the team either. I have already faced this personally after letting a contractor go, the rumors I heard back about me were hilarious, and competely untrue as any of the 20+ staff we still had after would state. However to...
  4. Exmortis

    Brad McQuaid is back - Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Kickstarter

    It is funny, several of the VR team are from Sigil, so I do not beleive it was as bad as it was painted. In fact everybody loved their job there until it all came crashing down, they say beleive half of what you hear, and only half of that is truth. But this is not about Vanguard (which I...
  5. Exmortis

    Brad McQuaid is back - Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Kickstarter

    Here is community Q&A 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9nYMMluAMY Here is just released Q&A 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Slve6F4aM9w
  6. Exmortis

    Brad McQuaid is back - Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Kickstarter

    Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen by Visionary Realms, Inc. ? Kickstarter FROM KISKSTARTER WEBSITE: Hey guys, Brad here. I'm going to be taking some time to go through a bunch of our most frequently asked questions and update the page with some answers. The team has been chatting all day about...
  7. Exmortis

    3 way eyefinity setup?

    I have run eyefinity starting with release on the 5870 and it is currently running on my 7970 lightning. To start I wanted cheaper as well, so I watched my local store for great monitor deals. I ended up with Samsung E2320X. I had that for some time, using the crappo stands with monitor, but...
  8. Exmortis

    Quit Folding

    As of today one can remove my folding sign, I have removed the software from all 4 machines I have working. I am tired of Pande group playing favorite camps, working on disease should be fair and even, but Intel and Nvidia get all the glory. ATI has released its newest card and still Pande...
  9. Exmortis

    There Is Hope; Update On New FAH Cores And Clients

    I just bought a new 5870, cant wait to hammer up some folding numbers when they release new core. for now im down to CPU only folding.
  10. Exmortis

    XFX or Asus 5870?

    +1 for Sapphire, I know its not on the list, but I owned a 4870 that died, was replaced in no time flat. I now own a Sapphire 5870 1GB. I bought it locally in Ottawa, Pccyber got it 15 cards. Picked mine up Friday possibly some left?
  11. Exmortis

    question of 5870

    Hehe updated Sig.
  12. Exmortis

    question of 5870

    Just bought a Sapphire 5870 and it fits with room to spare in my coolermaster ATCS 840, the power plugs are on the top of the card, this makes it much easier to fit, with out having to bend cables around drive cages for small cases. How ever this could be an issue for narrow cases. Guess...
  13. Exmortis

    Does 790X (not GX) mother boards support Dragon Platform?

    790FX is the top of the chipsets for the series. It has support for quad Crossfire, and no graphics. It must be paired with the SB750. I have a Asus M3A79T Deluxe with the 790FX and used both a older althon X2 and now a Phenom II 940 Black CPU, and it performs awesome. I am veryu happy with...
  14. Exmortis

    Innovation Cooling IC7 Thermal Compound Now Available on the HWC Store

    Amen Brother, Your lucky you get any item in tact from UPS unless it is shipped in a 4inch thick solid steel walled cargo carrier.
  15. Exmortis

    Blue Screen when Idle?

    Have you tried different memory? If not can you borrow ir get a hold of a few sticks to try? I have seen this many times way back in the Pentium era, chips have bad solder joints that act liek cold joints. When a system is at idle, and especially after a heavy use where they would heat up...
  16. Exmortis

    What kind of power supply do i need to run 4870 crossfire!

    Nice post Stoanee, especially with regards to under loading a PSU. But in this case, my bet is he will have no such underloading issue. I only recommended the 1k because most people who go CF/SLI tend to always have new and power hungry gadgets to expand their computers, and with the extra...
  17. Exmortis

    Phenom II X3 720

    Funny its the poor performance of Intel in the past that keeps me away from them. New chipsets every other week with new sockets every other month, and for nearly 6 yrs absolute crap. Took AMD alot longer to recover and their best chips now span 3 sockets. Just find it funny that AMD hits a...
  18. Exmortis

    My LCD monitor has gone black/won't come out of standby

    WOW Bad mobo caps all over again, I would have guessed with all the net info on that issue we would never see this again. And I would have been totally wrong. Get the word out, make sure everyone who can know knows, so companies like viewsonic understand why their sales slump.
  19. Exmortis

    What kind of power supply do i need to run 4870 crossfire!

    You could get by with a 750w, but if you want some breathing room I recommend the 1000w OCZ EliteXstream. Its well priced, not modular but very cost efective and one slick unit. Reviewed here and on HardOCP.
  20. Exmortis

    Enermax Aeolus Review

    Good day all, Today I will be giving a short web review of my new notebook cooler: The Aeolus CP001-B from Enermax http://www.enermaxusa.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=28_57&products_id=154&osCsid=9d7fd27b0dc3e8bcdd2f7fc53d2ef0ec I picked this baby up at the local Canada Computers...