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  1. Rison

    Streaming box recommendations

    Hi all, I'm looking to replace my aged steaming boxes and have been out of the loop for a while - looking for some recommendations. I'm looking for a streaming box that will connect to my internal plex media server, windows shares, netflix and has USB ports for local play. Wired connection...
  2. Rison

    Potato version of how to get fired.

    So, this is a bit of a rant but I would like to impart some knowledge to some of our younger readers who are just starting their IT or computer based careers. tldr at the bottom. :ph34r: Short back story: I work for a Provincial Government department as the IT Admin, and get lots of questions...
  3. Rison

    10Gb switch options

    Yeah, so i'm going crazy and looking at 10Gb ethernet switches. Yes, I know SFP+ can be cheaper with lower latency. Are there any lower priced options other than the Netgear XS708E? Even that is $1000 CAD used. ($1200 new) Even a 2 port 10Gb ethernet expansion + 16 port gigabit would work...
  4. Rison

    Let's talk 3D printers!

    Hey guys, I know a lot of you have 3D printers at home. I've read around this board and a few others, and looking for input on purchasing a new 3D printer. I know about 3D hubs, I want to play around with stuff. :) I like the build log lowfat did - there's no way in hell i'm going to sleeve my...
  5. Rison

    GoDaddy - Business Registration Renewal

    So I got to deal with this today. $4.99 US billed to my paypal/credit card for "Business Registration Renewal". Called up the support line, the guy was good - and it seem'd like I'm not the only one calling in about this. It's just a crap fee for .com's they put on your account, and bill you...
  6. Rison


    Anyone here play DayZ? Private Server? :bananafunky: I've been playing for a month or so.. looking to play with some people who won't instantly kill me onsite. :haha:
  7. Rison

    Completed Virtualized Home Server Build - Currently Unnamed.

    My last build was back in March of 2011. Now I feel old. I particularly enjoy reading the home server builds, to both get ideas and see some 'out of the box' thinking to problems we encounter while building these home servers / NAS's. After a few years hiatus, i've decided I want to build...
  8. Rison

    Virtualized Home Server Build. Need some opinions.

    The fun stuff. I'm looking at building a home server for virtualization. I've been professionally installing and administrating HyperV since 2008, starting with Server 2008v2 core. I know Citrix well enough to admin, but kind of stuck in my ways. So I need to run three hosts, one Windows...
  9. Rison

    Gaming Monitor Recommendations.

    Hi all, I guess I want to start a thread on my next purchase, getting a good gaming monitor. Looking for some input and alternatives I may not have been aware of. I'm usually a customer of NCIX, and that's generally where I shop.. but assume there are other alternatives out there - maybe Dell...
  10. Rison

    Want to Sell Rison's WTS - Home Virtualization Server, NAS, H60, HDDs and more!

    For Sale: Rison's Virtualization Box! $700 Shipped - Supermicro X9SRA Single Socket R (LGA 2011) E5 ATX Workstation/Server Motherboard - Intel XEON E5-2670 2.6 GHz 20 MB 8-Core CPU Processor SR0H8 115W - Micron 32GB 4X8GB DDR3 1600MHz PC3-12800E ECC Dimm server Memory Unbuffered. - EVGA 750 GQ...
  11. Rison

    Want to Sell Please Remove

    For sale: MSI GE60 Gaming Laptop I7 3630QM CPU (2.4Ghz up to 3.4Ghz) NVidia GeForce GTX 660M 2GB GDDR5 15.6 FHD screen, 1920x1080, Non-Glare 8GB DDR3 (4Gx2) 750G WD Black 7200RPM HDD Windows 8.1 Have original box, has original battery (1.5yr) and original power cable. Haven't used it in over 4...
  12. Rison

    Want to Buy DDR2 800 Ram 2G

    Yup, that's right. I'm working for a registered non-profit and on the hunt to upgrade our aging PCs. Looking for people with 1/2/4Gig sticks of DDR2 533/800 and what they would want for it. Thanks in advance
  13. Rison

    Help me find a laptop!

    I posted this on NCIX, but thought I should somewhat broaden my search efforts. So i'm selling off my desktop(s) and looking to consolidate to a laptop. Many reasons involved, none that need to be discussed here. I'm looking for any other advice people would have for make/model that I...
  14. Rison

    HPcloud - check your credit cards!

    Hey all, Just wanted to send you guys a quick note on the hpcloud services that a lot of us were part of. I got a bill on my credit card for around $200. I was kind of floored, because I called them at the end of March to close my account. I talked to a rep on the phone, they said everything...
  15. Rison

    Historical Data

    Hey guys, Is there any way to get a list of active HWC users for the Month of January? I'm not doing anything nefarious, I'm just looking for who was active during January for some thing I have cooked up in my head (all positive, no worries!) Thanks
  16. Rison

    If I only had $10k sitting around.

    I tell ya, now is the time to buy here folks. There are three (3!) quad opteron systems for sale.. each around $3k. Could you imagine the folding power of the three systems on one folding username.. *drool* that'd put my old farm to shame! Admittedly, i'm basically out of folding right now...
  17. Rison

    Intel SRT - anyone use it, worth it? - Opinions Please.

    Hey all, I have read around some other forums on the Intel SRT feature in the Z68 boards. I'm just wondering if anyone has actually played around with it to test some of its features. I'm looking to enhance performance in systems sold used for gaming.. in the past when we use SSD's, they...
  18. Rison

    Free Free: Coupon Code for Just Cause 2

    I have an extra coupon code for the game Just Cause 2. I will give this out to a HWC or NCIX folder only. Please message me if you would use it, with your user/team info (if I don't know you) First message in the HWC queue gets it. I wonder who's up early this Sunday morning? :)
  19. Rison

    Changing user names mid-workunit.. didn't know this was possible.

    As long as i've been folding, i'm still learning new things about it. I thought it was not possible to switch a username mid-work and have it send as the new username? Well, I was folding on a machine at home under NCIX for the past few weeks.. and mid-workunit around 60% I stopped the...
  20. Rison

    Taking a break

    All hail (the eventual leader) 4DoorGTZ[HCF]! Yup, selling off the farm. Three SR2s are going out the door come hell or high water. Time to purge out the stuff that just accumulates.. i'm clearing out the garage and selling off a lot of things. Some here, some ebay, some both. I'm preparing the...