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  1. Exmortis

    Brad McQuaid is back - Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Kickstarter

    Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen by Visionary Realms, Inc. ? Kickstarter FROM KISKSTARTER WEBSITE: Hey guys, Brad here. I'm going to be taking some time to go through a bunch of our most frequently asked questions and update the page with some answers. The team has been chatting all day about...
  2. Exmortis

    Quit Folding

    As of today one can remove my folding sign, I have removed the software from all 4 machines I have working. I am tired of Pande group playing favorite camps, working on disease should be fair and even, but Intel and Nvidia get all the glory. ATI has released its newest card and still Pande...
  3. Exmortis

    Enermax Aeolus Review

    Good day all, Today I will be giving a short web review of my new notebook cooler: The Aeolus CP001-B from Enermax http://www.enermaxusa.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=28_57&products_id=154&osCsid=9d7fd27b0dc3e8bcdd2f7fc53d2ef0ec I picked this baby up at the local Canada Computers...
  4. Exmortis

    Interesting little write up

    I know its kinda outside of this thread, but I thought it would be of interest to peopel reading this forum. AMD and Intel trade overclocking records - The Inquirer
  5. Exmortis

    New Build thanks to PSU take out play

    Good day, I am finally back up with my own system after a just horrid Jan. I had a vid card go down, but no biggie I had another, but I think that was my warning, but I did not heed it. A week later my PSU went down taking my DFI mobo, my Mushkin RAM (1 stick) and my other Sapphire vidcard...
  6. Exmortis

    Finally back

    After a Vid card failure followed by a PSU failure that took out my Mobo, ram and my other vid card, I am back up and running. New system is in the sig, will be using FAH CPU for my slow but steady OC testing, then will back to my GPU. So after a very poor performing Jan, My Feb is going to...
  7. Exmortis

    Calling ye olde EQ players

    In Jan SOE will be holding a vote open to all active EQ accounts (or all access pass) for a new ruleset server coming in March 09. So watch eqplyers, you may want to reactivate to vote and play!!
  8. Exmortis

    Want to Sell FS Water Cooling parts

    OK I have the following WC parts for sale, will ship Purolator for cost of shipping to anywhere in US or Canada. I am located in Ottawa Pickup/delivery can be negotiated. I have linked the manufacturer and the Direct Canada link as I purchased almost everything there I am using their price as...
  9. Exmortis

    Pump Issues

    I just finished putting togetehr my new water coolign build and was bleeding the lines all was going well and suddenly the pump just stopped. I used an old AT power supply to run pump, it was going well I had filled lines and was waiting to jsut bleed last air out and it just stopped. I was...
  10. Exmortis

    A horrible run with DC

    Man for the past year + DC has been great, but 2 out of my last three orders where mucked up. The first was the new Coolermaster ATCS 840 case, 4 days after I ordered it, it had not shipped. So I sent an email to find out it was out of stock and would come in stock 23rd of Dec, almost a month...
  11. Exmortis

    Odd part requirement

    I was wondering if any one knew where I could source a bit of a weird request. For my new LCS build up and coming I may have a requirement to replace a few solid aluminum 5.25 bay covers, with grill style covers. I am going to use a 3x4 CM bay converter with fan, but remove the bay cover that...
  12. Exmortis

    Anyone deal with NTCW?

    New Type Computer Workshop? They are a BC based company.
  13. Exmortis

    welcoem to hell Intel

    But of course no one will care, hey this has all happened to them before and did nothing to hurt them. Intel is the teflon company of the IT world. Fudzilla Done beleive? see here: http://download.intel.com/design/processor/specupdt/320836.pdf AMD suffered greatly, wonder if the media...
  14. Exmortis

    thinking of summer question

    Anyone here a serious fishermen? freshwater that is. Fished as a kid alot, but I am recently getting back into the sport with both feet. Pike, Walleye, Bass you name it I love to catch it. I recently purchased a new boat, sold the Checkmate water rocket for a new FishnSki. I love to Bass...
  15. Exmortis

    Coolermaster ATCS 840

    Truely a great looking and well designed case. In fact this will be the corner stone of my new WC system build. ATCS 840 - Cooler Master HC owes it to its readers to get a review up......Can readers demo the product after? :clap: As a die hard Lian-Li lover, its the first case since I made...
  16. Exmortis

    Give me a reason to switch

    Been folding for some time with Team Rage3D, just broke 700k points and in 66th spot on team. Give me a good reason to join my Fellow canuks here....to bad I can't bring my points with me. Or can I?
  17. Exmortis

    Introduction (new to HC)

    Good day fellow Canucks! Just an introduction to a new member, long time visitor to the site. I just finally decided to pull the trigger on setting up a new water cooled system and knew that I may be of need of some expert adive found here. Also been in the geek business for many many years...